We Need Some Time In The Sunshine


“I don’t wear a mask, no. The whole fucking thing is bollocks. You’re supposed to wear them in Selfridges but you can fucking go down to the pub and be surrounded by every fucking c**t. Oh well, actually, we don’t have the virus in the pubs, but we have it in Selfridges, oh alright.”

Noel Gallgher.

Over to you, Jedward, ‘Our Kid’, etc.

Noel Gallagher Refuses To Wear A Mask (Stereogum)

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“It’s Very Clear People Don’t Want This Conversation To Happen”


A comedian, eh?

20 thoughts on “We Need Some Time In The Sunshine

  1. Andrew

    Whatever about Noel, Jarlath Regan is a comedian? He’s boring and the opposite of funny. Much like many of his contemporaries.

  2. SOQ

    Interesting how those who have made their money can speak their mind while those still selling ‘product’ are so muzzled.

    His point is common sense- a virus spreads equally across all settings.

  3. Frank

    Jarlath forgot helmet, condom and cork in the bum. you simply cannot be too safe out there. protect yourself (and others) at all entry points

  4. Eoin

    People using standard cloth masks around the US wildfires, to stop smoke inhalation, are being informed the masks won’t protect them. Smoke particles are much larger than the covid19 virus is. Bottom line, masks offer very little protection against air born viruses.

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