Burn Before Reading




Yesterday: I’m No Clown, I Won’t Back Down

Titiana McGrath?

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40 thoughts on “Burn Before Reading

    1. Charger Salmons

      And why not ?
      Serial losers in every competition they entered.
      Ireland loves a plucky loser.
      We’ll take billionaire success story JK Rowling as one of ours if that’s okay – even with her misguided views on Brexit and all.

          1. Charger Salmons

            We welcome all sorts Brother.
            Even ageing nonces like yourself.
            Come on, give us a hug you old tart.

      1. bisted

        …sorry Charger…JK has chosen Edinburgh and even her billions won’t halt the inexorable gallop towards independence for our fellow Celts who voted remain in the referendum and rejected Boris in the election are heading…democracy in action…I know you are a big fan of democracy…

    1. scottser

      i had no idea, so i had a quick goo at her feed – there’s some howlers there alright..

      ‘Cisgender menstruators claim that we are ERASING their identity by banning the word “women”.

      Actually, “womxn” is SO much more empowering for womxn & gxrls & femxnists who wish to celebrate fxmxninity and dxsmxntle mxsxgyny so thxt xx xxsh xxxoux xx xxxax xxxck xxxx xxx xxxxx.
      Raised fist’

        1. scottser

          a little humility goes a long way charger – it’s why you have no friends and still live with your mammy.

  1. Neil Murray

    Pathetic and embarrassing. They must have a CD due out and are hopping on any bandwagon that stops for refueling. No doubt they’re ignorant about book burnings let alone even read an actual one between them.

  2. NobleLocks

    Love how the insane left teaches it’s leftiebots that book burning is good… cancelling speakers, shouting people down, destroying businesses, wrecking careers of those who disagree with them, pulling statues down, attempting to re-write history, poisoning the media…

    We used to have a word for people like this… Cazi’s… Fatzi’s ?

  3. Vanessanelle

    couldn’t tell ya
    they blocked me

    and all I said was that they were no Trinity Schols themselves

    Pretty thin skinned for a pair that like to lash out themselves

    I reckon they’re going on Ant and Dec wherever tis the Jungle is going to go on this year
    racking up their followers like

  4. GiggidyGoo

    Planet Jedward recorded combined losses of €234,000 in two years, 2014 + 2015. Universal records dropped them in 2013 (I wonder why). latest accounts are 2018? As of that date they had trade debtors of €148k and a negative on the assets side of – €72k.
    Mammy can’t be managing them too well.
    Did someone here say they were worth $8m?

  5. Micko

    The Jedwards visited my old workplace once.

    They bounced around the place like two lemmings, tickling each other and trying to joke with the staff.

    Everyone in the office either loved them or hated them from that day. There was no in between.

    The human equivalent of Marmite.

  6. SOQ

    I’d reckon someone else in charge of the twitter account these days- new record coming etc.

    No better man than Andrew Doyle to take them on mind- he’ll run rings round them.

  7. Vanessanelle

    that new book is 15 pounds sterling

    x 200 Titiana is 3 grand

    well isn’t it grand for some

    Especially JK’s Royalty pot

    as for the other two, they were probably referring to her latest kids book
    Here boys – burn this https://www.theickabog.com/
    ye’ll have to print it off first
    then light it up, quickly
    before Greta notices

  8. Eoin

    Tatiana McGrath is a fictional comedy character based on the blue haired, constantly outraged, woke, social justice warrior, PC ‘antifascist’ type. Jedward….well I just wish Jedward were fictional comedy characters (instead of real life comedy characters).

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