‘They Have The Evidence Of Their Own Eyes’


This afternoon.

Activist Izzy Kamikaze says she will not speak to gardai investigating an incident on Saturday on the outskirts of a rally against covid restrictions outside Dail Eireann until she sees a garda ‘Investigation actually exist” or when an “arrest has been made”.

Saturday: We Will Not Be Muzzled


53 thoughts on “‘They Have The Evidence Of Their Own Eyes’

  1. Rob_G

    I’m very sorry to hear what happened to her, but not cooperating with Gardaí sounds quite counter-productive

    1. George

      If the Gardai witness a crime and have it on video including high-quality CCTV why do they need someone else to tell them a crime was committed? And why didn’t they arrest the criminal?

    2. SB

      They’re not investigating a complaint, they’re investigating an assault, a crime. They saw it, they don’t need someone to “complain” about it

      1. newsjustin

        Yeah. In a criminal case, its not the victim that takes the case against a defendant, its the State.

        But, obviously, tell the guards what happened, from your point of view.

      2. MacGafraidh

        Legal and medical.

        You’re just everything to all people SOQ.. How many masters do you actually hold?

    1. Commenter #1

      Yup! More than a week now since one of Chompsky’s gentle “here’s a photo of a sign outside a coffee shop with a humorous pro-mask slogan!” posts. Bodger used to be better at maintaining the plausible deniability.

      And then I looked at the tags at the bottom of all of Chompsky’s posts today…

      1. Commenter #1

        Lol, if you are going to edit my comments after the fact you could at least be open about it. To clarify, I did not write “And then I looked at the tags at the bottom of all of Chompsky’s posts today…”. That’s Bodger or someone having their little joke because they are rattled.

        That said, it’s adorable that you think including a winking reference in the tags of Chomsky’s posts constitutes plausible deniability for Broadsheet’s obvious editorial position.

    1. Bodger

      A makeshift bandage to try and staunch, without success, the flow of blood? I’m no nurse so cannot definitively say. We may never know.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        given your evidently innate compassion, tenderness and patience, you’re more that half way to being a very fine nurse

        if I may say so

        1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

          I said that after last week’s BS on the Telly and he gave out to me….
          oh sorry, I thought you said halfway to being a fine horse.

          1. White Dove

            A caring thoroughbred, nervy on occasion and inclined to paw the air if the screen share doesn’t work first time but ready to jump Beecher’s Brook at a moment’s notice for any commenter in trouble.

            We are lucky to have you!

    2. George

      Dunno but its on video and there are photos of her being attended to by paramedics. She was struck with a flag pole or plank wrapped in a flag. You clearly see in the video that one of the fellas in the group that rushes over has a plank of wood around which a flag has been cable tied. Then someone in one further back knock her to the group with a flag wrapped stick of some kind.

  2. Junkface

    Violence against women is absolutely horrible! No matter what you are marching for, respect everyone’s right to a peaceful day. I hope they catch the scumbags who did this very soon.

  3. kerryview

    what’s her problem? Seems good to me if a garda is following up…….how many times do we hear of no follow up?

    1. George

      Probably not happy that this happened in front of gardai and nothing was done. The man is on video and has been identified but not arrested.

      1. George

        They also told her at the time that they had all the evidence they needed to make an arrest. The man was on the street holding the weapon but was not arrested.

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          And the Gardai originally said there were no confrontations, so it’s understandable that Izzy isn’t going to jump to their tune.

          1. Vanessanelle

            ‘could definitely see the point in that alright

            It makes no sense that the person(s) that swung at Izzy like that weren’t taken off the street by AGS

            Even if they (AGS) didn’t give a you know yourself about Izzy Kamikaze
            They must surely have been concerned for their own safety if lads there were swinging planks and causing head injuries

            like that’s a serious head injury
            Received on a public street
            In broad daylight with a strong Garda presence

            If t’was a Leinster Rugby game the goy would be stretchered off, someone holding his handie
            and a vigil put around Blackrock Clinic
            and be a main news item on the 6one

  4. Neil Murray

    Lesson 1. Don’t go to protest marches if you’re gonna go to the cops after someone hits you.

    Lesson 2. Repeat lesson one.

  5. Pee Pee

    Some of those at the anti mask march were saying she faked her injuries. Everything is fake to those loons. Especially their ‘patriotism.’

    1. SOQ

      Aren’t aggressively political lesbians great? I have a few munching down my back field.

      No wait- that is just a couple of old dumb ponies strip grazing inside an electric wire.

  6. Eoin

    If you are going to counter protest a protest don’t stand next to the guy bullhorning the crowd calling them ‘fascists’ and ‘racists’ and ‘Nazis’. You call people foul names and you can expect an angry response.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      And yet nobody took umbrage at the mob baying “paedo” like a gang of Brit football hooligans. Seems the brit backed new Black and Tans have anger and violence issues.

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