Caring About Other People Is The New Not Caring About Other People


A PSA encouraging considerate, unselfish behaviour among his fellow millennials during the pandemic by actor and certified young person Paul Rudd (51) commissioned by NY governor Andrew Cuomo.

The mask drops at the end. But in a good way.

In fairness.


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17 thoughts on “Caring About Other People Is The New Not Caring About Other People

  1. Commenter #1

    Nobody move! It’s a confirmed sighting of a post that appears to advocate the wearing of masks! They startle easily, and are very rare! We only get one of these every 9 days or so, in between acres of Covid-denialism (i.e. the de facto editorial position of Broadsheet) day after day.

    1. Tom Six

      No denialism here, Commenter. We’re just asking questions and posting vague opinions which are difficult to pin down either way.

      FIGHT! Anyone?

      1. Commenter #1

        Sincere apologies! You’re absolutely right. Now; might someone make an argument that when the balance of vague opinion is tilted very very very significantly towards the Covid-denialist side as opposed to Chompsky occasionally remembering to include a gently mask-favourable tag on their posts about funny dogs, that it constitutes the editorial position of a webpage?

        I suppose they might.

        1. Chompsky

          Commenter #1, Broadsheet Towers accommodates a range of mutually respected positions on myriad matters. Broadsheet does not have an editorial position on mask-wearing. Individual contributors do. For good or ill, the so called anti-mask lobby is more colourful, exciting and controversial than we, the compliant pro-mask sheeple. Sure, we cough up the occasional dusty fur ball of agitprop like the post above but generally, we hope that most folk will take our message as read.

          That’s how boring we are.

          1. Commenter #1

            Lolol Bodger thinks people who wear masks are happy to be “muzzled” and you think yours is a respected position?

          2. Commenter #1

            I suppose that if I contributed posts to a website where other lead contributors exhibited contempt for my views, I’d be inclined to think it was “mean” when that contempt was pointed out. But it comes from a place of love.

          3. ian-oh

            Doing the right thing is usually boring, hard work so thank you Chompsky.

            Glory seekers all want to the little guy who stuck it the man and in movies that makes for a charming narrative. In the real world, not so much.

      2. millie madonna

        Ah, the old just asking questions standby.

        I think the tone around these parts has gone well past that now.

  2. Col

    Pedantic, I know, but Millennials are around 26-38 at this stage.
    People still use the term to refer to teenagers. There are more important things to worry about, but this still annoys me.

    1. millie madonna

      It’s as annoying as people who use the term ‘boomer’ incorrectly too.

      I didn’t mind being called a millennial ten years ago when I was a skinny, sexy, avacado-toting twenty something year old.

      1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

        You put the Millie in Millennial (and if there was another A you’d put the anal as well)

  3. Art Vandelay

    I can’t believe if they went to the hassle of getting someone to do a video of a certified young person they didnt get Steve Buscemi instead. For shame.

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