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A PSA encouraging considerate, unselfish behaviour among his fellow millennials during the pandemic by actor and certified young person Paul Rudd (51) commissioned by NY governor Andrew Cuomo.

The mask drops at the end. But in a good way.

In fairness.


Behold: the S1 Project – a hypercar from Ares – an American company best known for creating bespoke versions of luxury performance cars and SUVs.

A showcase of computational fluid dynamics and track-hugging carbon fibre, the 715bhp, V8 S1 accelerates to 100kmh in 2.7 seconds. 24 will be made next year and the price of yours is available on request.


A nostalgic short with the distinctly 1970s aesthetic from New York animation studio Dress Code in which legendary Arsenal goalie Bob Wilson reflects on his gruelling and often surreal experience as the “only individual in the team game”.


But have you ever heard the wolf cry to a blue one?

Never mind.

Moonrise can be a stunning sight. But there’s nothing quite like a rising Corn Moon. To wit:

A rising Full Corn Moon was captured early this month in time-lapse with a telephoto lens from nearly 30 kilometres away — making Earth’s ascending half-degree companion appear unusually impressive. The image was captured from Portugal, although much of the foreground — including lights from the village of Puebla de Guzmán — is in Spain. A Full Corn Moon is the name attributed to a full moon at this time of year by cultures of some northern indigenous peoples of the Americas, as it coincides with the ripening of corn. Note that the Moon does not appear larger when it is nearer the horizon — its seemingly larger size there is only an illusion. The next full moon — occurring at the beginning of next month — will be known as the Full Harvest Moon as it occurs nearest in time to the northern autumnal equinox and the northern field harvests.

(Image: Zarcos Palma)