Is He On A Different Level?


Now then.

What have we here?

At risk Dublin resident Michael D Higgins and his wife Sabina enjoys lunch among friends in Galway seemingly disobeying the plea from Taoiseach Michaél Martin for people to stay in the capital.

So, when did he leave Dublin?


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32 thoughts on “Is He On A Different Level?

    1. Qwerty123

      No, wrong The word yesterday is fake news. Wake up sheeple.

      Welcome to the world of cutting edge journalism.

  1. Dr.Fart

    its a recommendation and not a rule. and also leave him alone. hes more at risk than anyone, the absolute age of him.

  2. Tom

    “Asking” a stranger to pose for a photo 30cm away from you is against the spirit of Covid guidelines, no? The waitress may be serving that table anyway, but the photo is unnecessary extra time spent very close to a non mask-wearing customer.

  3. Brughahaha

    On hand attendant standing ready to server their master like some Monarch or Lord which is what MDH thinks he is these days . Let them eat cake eh?

    1. Rob_G

      That’s mad, because waiters serve me also when I am eating a plate of cheese that costs €5 – guess I must be some sort of minor noble as well.

  4. Gabby

    The President is on official business supporting Galway arts etc., so his trip was legitimate. Nothing much to see here. Enjoy arts events on Friday.

    1. Hunter

      Covid 19 is on official buisness
      It’s job is to become so infectious and target the old especially those in care homes that do not have all expenses paid outings
      Nice to see the president setting such an example during the time so many are facing ruin

      But mind you a good friend was buried the other day and we could not even celebrate his life

    2. Brughahaha

      Oh there’s lots to see with the Galway Arts scene , start with the “Art House” cinema debacle and work your way back …but of course , the irish media arent interested. Criticise Higgins or call him out on his various gombeen behaviour …never happens

      1. Gabby

        While a cabinet minister Michael D Higgins actively supported the arts. He invited foreign film companies in and created grants for Irish film makers. If art galleries and other buildings have been ineptly administered it’s not his fault. His wife Sabina was actively involved in drama. It is quite natural therefore that the President should go Galway during its sadly interrupted City of Culture year to boost the morale of artists and other workers involved in the arts scene.

        1. Brughahaha

          Yes Im sure the sight of a man with 3 public pensions worth over 100k a year(before his presidential pension kicks in) on top of a salary higher than that of the President of France and holding a property portfolio of 1.5 million will warm the cockles of starving artists …well, the more gullible of them anyway

          1. Gabby

            The President does not personally own Arus an Uachtaran and its gardens. All who work at the Arus are paid salaries, thus supporting many families. In normal times thousands of visitors go there as individuals and in groups. I doubt whether you know any starving artists. The President knows many artists and writers and constantly reminds the government that the arts sector needs government help. To paraphrase Samuel Becket: many politicians don’t give a fart through their corduroys about literature and the arts.

  5. Smith

    He owns a house in Salthill and often stays there. In fact, he’s been there for a while and has been spotted walking the prom over the last few weeks. What a stupid post.

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