It’s The Trajectory, Stupid


This afternoon.

The Acting Chief Medical Officer has said “it’s unfortunate that the plan was published at a time at which the trajectory of the virus is changing in this country”.

Also speaking at the Global Ireland 2020 Summit, Dr Ronan Glynn, said they’ve “tried to be more nuanced and we try to be as proportionate as possible in the measures” but as part of that “it does lead to confusion”.

He said he believes the messaging is very clear: “We don’t want you to mix with any more than one other household, quite simply, now is not the time for wet bars to open in Dublin and equally if possible, and this is the nuance, this is the proportionality, we’re asking people if possible to avoid travel outside of Dublin for the coming couple of weeks”.


Coronavirus ‘driven by people not taking precautions’ (RTÉ)

5 thoughts on “It’s The Trajectory, Stupid

  1. GiggidyGoo

    “we’re asking people if possible to avoid travel outside of Dublin ”
    No harm in asking I suppose. Good luck with that.

  2. Brughahaha

    “The message is very clear ” … “a couple of weeks” .Only increases my belief that far from being more intelligent than the rest of us they hold their positions due to the endemic class system built into the education system .

  3. John Smith

    I haven’t heard the rest of the interview but this bit does NOT make the message very clear. He says the message is for ‘people, particularly people in Dublin’. This can only be interpreted as meaning that it applies to EVERYONE but is of especial importance to people in Dublin. However, he then gives excerpts from the measures for Dublin, which don’t apply to people who are not in Dublin (eg meeting up with only one household, but doesn’t say these are only for Dublin).

    I suspect that this is a confusion that will continue whilst there are places at different levels and there are also questions like if I go to Dublin from where I live, can I meet up with two other households there who’ve also travelled there from elsewhere or do Dublin restrictions apply? After all, Dublin people are supposed to stick to Dublin restrictions (meet only one household) if they go outside Dublin.

  4. Formerly known as

    I am in lockdown Melbourne, Victoria. There is a fine of $5k, about 3K Euro, if a Melbourne resident attempts to leave the metropolitan area, without a valid reason. There is a limited set of valid reasons. Our case numbers are now very low – about 40 per day, down from 700 per day. The target is zero community transmission, so the borders with the other Aussie states are opened by them. The federation has been tested, like never before.

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