Last night.

Aerial view of Tallaght Stadium, home of Shamrock Rovers and host of AC Milan in the Europa league.


Liquid football (and commentary), in fairness.

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5 thoughts on “The Sham Siro

  1. Arthur

    Shamrock rovers did Ireland proud
    And a team that is valued at less than one half of a ACMilan player

    In all seriousness the Italians should of won by 100 goals to justify their wages but alas came across a team well within their league
    Maybe the FAI need to look at a team made up of national league players that play with heart

  2. d

    gas the way the gardai decided to do an air patrol in tallaght on the night of the match. nothing to do with at least one of the gardai being an ibrahomovic or AC Milan fan.

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