O’Connell Street, Dublin 1.

An Anti-lockdown, anti-face mask demonstration, with protestors including Gemma O’Doherty (Pic 3), is met by a counter demo supporting restrictions (pics 4 and 5).


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149 thoughts on “Cover Me

    1. Fergalito

      I see Gemma wears sunglasses to protect her eyes from the sun.

      Do sunglasses protect your eyes from all of the component light types, or just UVA light?

      Can the science be trusted or is it just an attempt by the capitalist reptiles to make us all a little bit cooler looking?

      Perhaps the lenses are treated so the tentacles of the deep global “state” can send out their instructions via photonic pulses to control us?

      I mean I just posit these asinine ramblings as they occur but you have to admit it makes sense.

      1. Junkface

        You’re exposed the true nature of ‘Big Sunglasses’, they’ve been looking for a way to enslave more eyeballs for years, and this is their opportunity to push their agenda!

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Ratlicking racist, bigoted traitors, backed by shady brits, pandered to by cops. No wonder the country is in the mess it’s in.

    1. Termagant

      This country is in a mess because of parish pump politics outside the Pale and blind obeisance to corporate interests inside the Pale, which of those do you think Gemma is responsible for

      1. Plumbob

        Or even fair city in general. they had two banners, “RTÉ is the virus” and “the virus is a hoax” which seem to contradict each other, unless RTÉ is a hoax or something.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Nazis hate media they can’t control, same as the Yellow Vests the previous weekend marching on the Journal’s offices and threatening them.

  2. Pee Pee

    You really must have maggots in ur brain to be promoting this filth. Big fan of BS, but with these daily supportive posts of the most vilest of society, that fandom is wearing thin.

      1. Plumbob

        Highlighting wacky conspiracists everyday during a public health pandemic is supporting them. And If you’re in any doubt have a look at their retweets over the past few months.

          1. SOQ

            If you think that anti Mandate is not a left wing issue then you really do not understand what left wing politics is actually about. Take a look at the people who were there before doing such lazy stupid ignorant labelling.

            The people who are suffering most because of this government made mess are the poorest and the most vulnerable so that by its very nature IS a left wing issue.

          2. Daisy Chainsaw

            And marching on media offices, not wearing masks or social distancing is very anti left wing. Who are these donkeys helping? Nobody but themselves and their own stupid, selfish agenda. Bill Gates doesn’t need to microchip those loons, he follows every move through their ubiquitous phones. Nobody is forcing vaccines on anyone and 5G is functioning all over the place without affecting the fragile brains of the donkeys on their phones complaining about it.

            Your sort are an insult to every frontline worker, not just medical staff, but shop assistants, couriers, servers cleaners – people whom the left agenda supports. Why do you hate ordinary workers trying to do their jobs safely?

          3. SOQ

            You didn’t even watch that video from London now did you? Just firing your poo as usual.

            As for front line workers- why in the height of the pandemic when nobody was wearing masks was there no noticeable difference between shop workers illness rates and the general public?

            The amount of people being made unemployed, homeless, bankrupt and developing serious mental health and addition issues is unprecedented, especially amount the poor- but for some peculiar reason that doesn’t seem to matter to people like you

            And the reason it doesn’t matter is because most of what we now call the left are actually quite financially comfortable.

          4. Sham Bob

            And the people worst-hit by the disease itself are also the poorest. If they can be divided and distracted by hysteria over masks and vaccines, job done!

          5. SOQ

            absolutely Sham Bob but do you not think that may be down to housing conditions and poor diet rather than silly masks which have been proven not to work?

          6. Daisy Chainsaw

            Why would I bother? Youtube isn’t a valid source for anything! The people in it may look normal – everybody looks normal, but they hold stupid and/or dangerous views that in the long run will cause more damage and contribute to the deaths of more people.

            Staff in shops have had people social distancing from day one and following strict guidelines akin to medical staff. They go home, strip, put their clothes in the wash and shower before they say hello to their families, but dirty, racist gowls would rather they were dying off too if it would justify their objections. Yay deaths!

          7. E'Matty

            Daisy clearly thinks anyone who isn’t 100% aligned to her nutcase form of “liberalism” is a full on Nazi. How very open minded and liberal of her. Agree with me or your views and opinions have no merit. Indeed, Daisy and her kind would rather silence all who disgaree with their ideologcail driven worldview than ever enagge in proper debate. She strikes me as someone who really doesn’t do much in the way of actual research. She simply adopts whatever is the cause celebre of her cult for that week.

            She says “Youtube isn’t a valid source for anything! ” which is absolute waffle. Youtube, whilst having plenty of garbage also has huge quantities of sound good data and information. She’s clearly one of these fools who has been conditioned to believe if it comes from a mainstream media source, it must be true. If it comes from the internet, it’s rubbish. This of course despite the fact the internet holds just about every book, peer reviewed paper, educational and documentary film etc. ever made…

            “Nobody is forcing vaccines on anyone” she says but ignores the change in msm narrative already going in that direction. Please see the article by Sarah Fulham-McQuillan Mon, Jul 27, 2020 in the Irish Times titled “Strong legal basis for making Covid-19 vaccinations mandatory. Courts might override individual rights in context of contagious disease” for just one example of this softening up of the public on this issue.

          8. Sham Bob

            So the poor can just pretend the disease is a hoax and it’ll go away? And I haven’t come across anything that’s proven to me that masks don’t work.

          9. SOQ

            @Sham Bob- the main proponent of mask wearing in Ireland- Prof Luke O’Neill- now says they don’t work. He is wrapping it around a theory on immunity which has no scientific basis but still- he has by default conceded that his previous advice was wrong.

            Masks cannot work and not work at the same time.

          10. Daisy Chainsaw

            e’Matty, youtube is great if you’re looking for validation of your belief in bullplop and woo, so of course you think it’s a valid source.

            If someone writes an opinion peice, does that suddenly make it goverment policy? Are you that easily led?

          11. E'Matty

            @Shambob “So the poor can just pretend the disease is a hoax and it’ll go away? And I haven’t come across anything that’s proven to me that masks don’t work.” can you perhaps point to evidence to show they do work? How do you think the poor will do once you and your hysterical ilk have killed their livelihoods and bankrupted any State that could have supported them? You’re an uneducated fool who has no understanding of the game at play.

          12. Sham Bob

            eMatty – sounds to me like all you have to say to the lower paid is to get back to work, ignore the virus, and that wearing a mask won’t even protect you! I think you should work harder at not coming off like a Tory.

          13. E'Matty

            @Sham Bob – on the contrary, it is the lockdown/Stay at Home hysteria merchants who are actively destroying countless thousands of lives across all sectors of Irish society, but especially the poorest. The levels of deprivation, poverty and austerity Irish society will be subjected to following this “reset” will make 2008-2018 look like a walk in the park.

            How do people like you think you can simply switch off huge sectors of an economy for months, and then simply just switch them back on again, no harm done. The levels of economic ignorance in this country are astounding. But hey, RTE, The IT, the Government don’t seem worried about the economic repercussions, so it must all good, right?

    1. Sham Bob

      It might be a bit subtle for you Pat, but if you really don’t see it, I’ll take a bit of time out of my day to point out the ways. Since you’re just a random username like myself, it’ll be aimed more at complaining to BS at their subtle bias, which is worthy of RTE, imho. I don’t agree that reporting this stuff is wrong, but it’s clear from the way the articles are framed and headlined, BS is on the side of the marchers, and seems pretty annoyed at the counter-demos. Anti maskers get the headline ‘WE WILL NOT BE MUZZLED’ whereas the aims of the counter-demos are put in inverted commas, as if spurious, or given a 1-sentence paraphrase misrepresenting their views, as above.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        “….but it’s clear from the way the articles are framed and headlined, BS is on the side of the marchers”

        And you can say the exact same approach from the MSM – except not being on the side of the marchers being their instructions.

      2. Pat Mustard

        @ Bob

        So you’re basically saying that BS covered both sides of the coin, and due to the perceived view of the headline and the so called inverted commas, you’re claiming that’s some kind of unfair bias?

        That’s kind of weak tbh.

        At least both marches and views are being covered.

        It sounds like you’re more biased than they are, and the problem is more yours than their’s.

        1. Sham Bob

          Well from the coverage I’ve seen it’s pretty obvious to me where BS’s editorial slant lies. Sceptical of counter-protests and supportive of the anti-restriction marches. And as if to prive my point – check out bodger’s comment below. And giggidygoo’s above. Essentially saying it’s okay to be biased one way, cause the msm are biased the other way.

          1. Nigel

            Yeah it’s not a question of presenting both sides – Bodger’s a bliever. ‘Presnting both sides’ isn’t actual journalism – that’s the perfectly valid sphere of opinionating and editorialising. Journalism would be, as the adage goes, checking outside to see whether it is or isn’t raining.

  3. Micko

    Anyone else think it’s really odd that there’s a seperate protest supporting restrictions?

    Bit weird in’it?

    I mean what’s the end game for them? Restrictions are already in place

    Surely they should just sit at home?

    1. george

      They are protesting against Gemma and Co’s misinformation, anti-LGBT, and racist rhetoric. That is Bodger’s description of them is not their own.

    1. Micko

      So countering people protesting by shouting them down and being violent towards them is what again?

      You do know fascism isn’t an inherently right wing hobby – right?

      1. george

        What violence? The only violence I’ve seen at these protests was when right wing protest shouting “pedo” hit a counter with a wooden plank or stick wrapped in a flag.

        1. bejasus

          the left bed wetter weirdo trench coat unemployables are making a show of themselves.

          they are our best ally.

          The absolute state of them.

        2. Micko

          Yup. The people in the last pics really look like they just want to have “chat” with the protesters. :-)

          Anyway George, yes technically there is no violence in these pics.

          So, i’ll withdraw the word ‘violence’ and replace it with intimidation.

          That alright for ya?

  4. ACI Question

    I thought this article in the Irish Times gave an interesting breakdown of the various groups that have been protesting through town recently –

    The Yellow Vest protests being the most popular while being an unusual coalition of left and right leaning groups shows that idiocy comes in all flavours but that even mongs are smart enough to keep O’Doherty at arm’s length.

  5. broadbag

    Let’s all gather to show our support for these measures telling us not to gather – clever bunch, as for Gemma and her cronies, ugh!

  6. SOQ

    Both of these crews are determined to shoehorn the Anti Mandate movement into a left/right prism when as proved by the demographics in London last Saturday – it is nothing of the sort.

  7. E'Matty

    Anyone who questions the RTE/NPHET/GOV line must be a mad conspiracy theorist far right madman/madwoman/madnonbinary. Sure, in all good democracies everyone obediently and unquestioningly follows government dictats. The media quite happy to try and demonise all who dare step out of line in this Covid hysteria and terrorising of the Irish populace.

      1. SOQ

        The shut it down in a panic and now are afraid that the general public will see the emperor has no clothes, except increasingly- many already do.

        1. Sham Bob

          Doesn’t add up – it’s already a blatant pooshow, with FF in particular hurriedly digging their own political grave – if there was an out, they’d take it.

          1. SOQ

            As below Sham Bob- you cannot just open everything up at once so it has to be phased but- they also need to hold their nerve when the spikes occur- which they will, especially at this time of year.

        2. Rob_G

          If the Irish government parties announced that “pubs restaurants and concerts can all go back to normal tomorrow”, their popularity would triple overnight – so why don’t they?

          How did they manage to get every government in the world* to agree to engage in this subterfuge?

          *apart from Sweden and probably a few sundry other countries

          1. E'Matty

            in the mistaken belief they are saving the world from an even greater and more catastrophic economic and social collapse. The political class (and indeed some in the educated class) know this to be pure BS, but believe it necessary to herd the flock into making changes that are believed necessary. The greater good, and all that. The people would never agree to the destruction of certain parts of their society, culture way of life, so they must be guided by “wiser” souls to make those neceesary changes and take those hard choices. The siecle is ending, the collapse and “Winter” period is here. A new order arises. What form it takes is what is being worked on as we speak. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there really won’t be much need for any of us in the new world…

      2. E'Matty

        You’ll note they are very targeted in their focus. Digital and tech, Pharma and all such major industries are flying right now. Old, labour intensive industries and SME sectors, all crushed. Its called the Great Reset, the moving of the global economy and societies into the new Digital world of virtual non physical interaction. Cashless soc, always coming, accelerated now. Remote working, always coming, accelerated dramatically. Track and trace, proposed by the EU in 2018, now being acepted under guise of Covid. Pubs, ah, they’ve wanted to change Irish drinking culture for decades.

        Small and medium enterprise is to be annihilated, the big boys left standing to sweep everything up. Think Amazon and the death of the retail high street. Oh, and piece of advice, take any holdidays yopu can now. Won’t be many airlines left next year.

        1. Rob_G

          Great – and who be able to buy anything from the resurgent tech giants, once the SME sector has collapsed? It doesn’t make a lick of sense

          1. Nigel

            I mean, we had a massive gobal economic crash less than a decade ago, and they didn’t need to go to the not inconsiderable trouble of faking up a pandemic for it to come about, merely high financial shenanigans nobody understood, but the very first order of business in the aftermath was to put everything back more or less the way it was. Whatever they need a global economic crash to do, they could have done it then just as easily. People demanding things be put back they way they were NOW are more in line with the powers that be than people who want to put lives first.

          2. E'Matty

            oh, it won’t be a normal capitalist society requiring consumers after they’ve finished the restructuring. It will be a centrally controlled system with an energy based, (as opposed to cash based) form of “wealth exchange”. So, a centralised collective (marxist) but ruled by and for the current transnational capital class, and here’s the kicker, it’s into perpetuity. You see, the rich view themselves as a superior breed and the cattle are by and large to be dispensed with. You may have noticed the upsurge in marxist socialstic sympathies amongst the younger generation (nothing new there), but this time it’s been allowed go mainstream by the powers that be. You also have the rise of the overpopulation malthusian myth trending across emedia platforms, gaining a lot of traction in the past year or two, closely following in the shadow of the climate crisis. Global problems require global solutions you’ve no doubt heard them cry.

            For the first time in human history, the ruling class will no longer need the cattle to fight their wars, build their structures, grow their food etc.. People will be militarily and economically useless in the technetronic era. Dead weight holding civilisation back and with the added risk of revolution. UBI is coming to soften the transition but merely creates a population utterly dependant on the State, which itself has been consumed by private capital. It’s really quite grim for all of us actually, but hey enjoy the ride. We’ve lost already.

      3. E'Matty

        Cui bono? Have you seen the wealth increase of the tech sector giants in the past 8 months? Old industries dying. The new digital world rises.

          1. Sham Bob

            Well, you just called me hysterical and an uneducated fool, eMatty, so not adverse to the ad hominems yourself

          2. E'Matty

            @Sham Bob – yes, you’re absolutely correct, though I do follow my ad hominems up with facts and counter arguments as well. Therein lies the difference.

        1. Rob_G

          again: why would the IE govt agree to pay COVID payments to the 150-250K laid-off hospitality workers for the duration – how do they benefit from this growth of tech companies? if they had have allowed pubs and restaurants to reopen, they would be guaranteed reelection on this wave of good feeling.

          1. E'Matty

            This is a transformation of the global economy and the societies within, not just Ireland obviously. The belief is that capitalism in its current form has come to its end. The ponzi scheme method of creating mountains of debt, and when we experience a debt crisis threatening the whole system (2008) we solve this by, guess what? Yes, creating even more debt. So, to avoid economic annhilation when this debt load becomes unsustainable, the narrative goes, the world must be shifted into the new digital economy and the Green economy, which will create the required demand to kick start the global economy in a new “sustainable” direction and avoid a catastrophic collapse (consumerism which has driven much of demand growth over the past half century has peaked). You see, for these politicans and other ruling types, many believe this to be a painful but necessary change to save humanity from much worse. In truth, they too have been duped. It’s the geratest power grab in human history (after we had the greatest wealth transfer in 2008). You see, money is power and true power resides in financial centres not political centres. Politics is subservient to financial power. We are on the eve of the most controlled global community in human history. Soon, the oligarch class won’t even have to pretend to give a toss about the plebs. And there’ll be sweet FA anyone can do about it. Absolute global power is nearly here. But yeah, what’s in it for the rich you say…

          2. E'Matty

            @ Clampers Outside – oh don’t worry, they’re coming and much faster than most realise. What exactly do you think a human can do that will not be done by robotics and automation in the coming years? People always ask what jobs robots and automation will replace. The correct way to look at it, what jobs wil not be replaced. Much smaller list.

            It’s actually bizare when we have drones and robotics enforcing lockdown in different parts of the world today, the battefield is rife with robotics, and the workplace is being gradually automated beyond recogition, that so many still cannot see where this is going. Do you all think the most powerful people in the world are benign or even worse, that they care for your welfare and those you love? As Lord Acton once said “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”. The rest of the quote is well worth reading thoug would likely be lost on many.

  8. Dell

    Let me rephrase the comment that got deleted. Bodger, do you think it isn’t blatantly obvious from the amount of time and energy you are putting into every conspiracy theory believing nut and from the way you are presenting your “news” that you are ever so slightly biased and in favour of those who believe mandatory mask wearing is infringing on human rights in an absolutely shocking and debilitating manner?

    1. Bodger

      Yes, I am very biased against what is happening. Others on the site go the other way. Every single media outlet, including the one you pay for, supports your position and allow no dissent whatsoever. That must be comfort, no?

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        And you don’t question the reasons behind the dissent?

        You don’t question the ambitions of the groups agitating for it?

        1. Bodger

          That’s your battle, Daisy. You are trying to make being opposed to restrictions a right wing issue. It’s not working. You are insulting a lot of left-wingers in the process who must be beginning to realise the left can’t see tyranny when it’s peeking out of the top of a mask.

          1. E'Matty

            Ah Daisy, the supposed Leftie who’s views and opinions perfectly align with the sociopathic global billionaire class. What a fighter for the people and human rights she is. She’s been convinced that fascism comes in some cartoon form but she cannot see the wood for the trees. Kind of sad to see. I’m sure she means well but she clearly has no idea of the agendas she is supporting, only seeing the veil, the facade of everything.

          2. Nigel

            ‘the left can’t see tyranny when it’s peeking out of the top of a mask.’

            Trump never wears a mask.
            The anti-mask pandemic-denying agenda has come from the far right, mostly a culture war response to support and cover for Trump’s mishandling and politicisation of the US response, characterised by the conspiracy-theory fever-dreams of his more cult-like followers in Qanon. It’ll also serve as a useful model for preventing action against clumate change, by the way. People who go along with it but who do not regard themselves as of the right, and who try to express themselves in more reasonable tones, are, I believe the term is, ‘useful idiots.’ Their posture is mostly one of perpetual aggreivement that their reasonable tone isn’t sufficent to distance themselves from the movement’s far-right origins.

          3. Nigel

            Speaking of the agenda of the global billionaire class:

            BREAKING: The CDC now pulls down language saying COVID aerisolizes.

            Remember: when people here talk about information and voices being suppressed and censored and silenced and opressed, they’re talking about YouTube videos being taken down and twitter accounts suspended, not the US government politically interfering in the running of a once globally-respected federal agency with responsibility for public health and safety.

          4. Daisy Chainsaw

            You can’t call any of the donkeys protesting left wing. Yellow Vests have picketed Ballinamore and Oughterard to stop refugees and asylum seekers being accommodated there. Stood with known bigot Gemma O’Doherty outside Google, intimidating workers and people who live in the area and then we have the antics of the other weekend where they marched behind known racists and threatened a news outlet for fact checking them.

            Nothing left wing about them. Actual left wing groups protest against them.

  9. Dell

    Every other media outlet supports the idea of the public making changes and doing whatever is necessary during a pandemic to keep our elderly and vulnerable safe on the advice of the vast majority of scientists and doctors in the world, I dont find that comforting, I find it logical and what I would expect of media sources and everyone to be honest. What I find not so comforting is anyone glorifying those who would gladly put those folk at jeopardy.

    1. Bodger

      Any doctor here that raises questions is investigated and potentially struck off or simply removed from positions after decades of service. This is not normal. Decent, intelligent, thoughtful people are scared to speak out because they believe they have too much to lose. As somebody with nothing to lose, the least I can do is support the efforts of those willing to lose everything. And I’ll not stop.

      1. E'Matty

        Spot on. People cry shrilly “listen to the experts” but they really mean, listen obediently and unquestioningly to the government approved experts (and not even those sometimes as we saw with Heneghan from Oxford and his repudiation of the mask theory). Actual medical experts, virologists, disease control experts etc that fall outside the narrative (and there are many) are dimissed completely. It’s actually frightening just how easily so many have been willing to accept without ever applying their own critical fuculties to the subject, the pronouncements and dictats of these utterly incompetent politicians and the yes men at NPHET. It is extremely disturbing to see thsoe professionals and experts who bravely deviate from the consensus have the cancel culture applied them.

        1. Vanessanelle

          Former Garda Commissioner Callinan might have been considered an expert opinion on an ongoing internal investigation concerning a member of his own staff
          as it were

          Just saying folks

          We might as well get used to the idea of another Tribunal now anyway

          Same players too
          Government Depts, and arms of and their own quangos
          Government Ministers
          An AG

      2. Dell

        The last “expert” you gave voice to wasn’t a doctor or anything like one and any of the other stuff you are “reporting” has nothing whatsoever to do with doctors opinions. Doctors being removed from positions because they are literally advising people to do things that the vast majority in his profession consider dangerous and is contrary to the guidelines being given by his employers, is nothing to do with repressing an opinion and a lot to do with preventing potential harm. If a doctor were to go around saying that people should inject themselves with windowlene, he’d also be removed, and rightly so. I know you are hoping to see yourself as some kind of trail blazing journalist by doing these things but really all you are is a puppet for those who are organising and creating as much discord as possible so they can get more to follow their far right agendas. And when they get their claws in, you will know all about people’s opinions being suppressed not to mention people’s rights.

        1. E'Matty

          “but really all you are is a puppet for those who are organising and creating as much discord as possible so they can get more to follow their far right agendas. And when they get their claws in, you will know all about people’s opinions being suppressed not to mention people’s rights.” so you’ve decided to just skip the preliminaries and go straight to suppressing opinions and rights then? Oh, but wait, you’re saving lives, the government say so, the WHO says so, and RTE says so, it must be true so. Anyone deviating from the truth as bestowed upon us by these wonderful instituitons simply cannot be questioned. And you think yourself reasonable eh?

          As an aside, if you want to see divisive agendas just go back and check out irish medias coverage of meat plants, direct provision, young people, pub goers, the Dubs, working class people having a neigbourhood get together or any number of attempts by the media to stoke division and turn one sector of irish societ against another. It’s almost like these guys don’t realise what’s coming next.

        2. Tony

          +1 Dell

          In fairness ol Bodge is promoting the contrarians for clicks which is a good publishing instinct. Doubt he gives a toss about their theories – just that they’re being ‘controversial’. I stand to be corrected of course

          1. Bodger

            I hope you are standing. We don’t do click bait (and I can prove it) and we would probably have a much wider following now if we fully supported the government measures. The vast majority of people are behind the restrictions.

          2. Tony

            I mean ‘clicks’ as in post/comment attention. My point being that itd be a lot less interesting around here if Bodger didnt publicise the contrarians. Solid publishing instinct

        3. Bodger

          ‘I know you are hoping to see yourself as some kind of trail blazing journalist’

          No, you don’t know that. You know nothing about me or this site. Fearmonger all you like, you’ll be welcome here by many, but don’t spread lies about me.

          1. Dell

            @bodger I’m fear mongering but repeatedly pushing for people who believe that masks are some kind of conspiracy, that they cut off oxygen to the brain, that doctors are being fired left right and centre for having opposing opinions, that their is some kind of huge new world order conspiracy going on, that’s not fear mongering at all… Sure.

      3. GiggidyGoo

        +1 Bodger.

        What your pen pal above doesn’t get is that this is one of the very few media places where both sides of a discussion happen without much need for removal/redaction or whatever of comments. It’s also out on its own in reporting, for instance, the scurrilous attempts of agents of the state to discredit Maurice McCabe ina far fuller manner than the MSM.

  10. Dell

    @giggidy goo.. Pointing out things BS did in the past that were correct doesn’t account for them blatantly ignoring the rheoteric of those leading these marches and their agendas. Also in your lame attempt at ridiculing me by calling me bodgers pen pal, are you not yourself, trying to stop discussion?

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Not as hot as you accusing bodger of putting people’s lives in jeopardy by glorification. Rhetoric is part of the ammunition of the State, it’s servants, and it’s media arms. You’re using it. But at least you have an outlet that allows you to do so. That facility isn’t afforded to us in a similar format (i.e. ongoing to and fro discussions) in the MSM.

      1. Dell

        @giggidy goo.. Expressing my opinion that by being biased towards those who are pushing for people to not follow health guidelines will eventually jeopardise lives is not rhetoric, its pointing out the blatantly obvious. I’m to be grateful that I can express an opinion about bodgers biase towards groups being led by people who would gladly suppress the opinions of anyone who is not white, straight and pro life? Sounds legit alright.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Your “ blatantly obvious” is “rhetoric. You’re discounting the views of professionals (the doctors that Bodger refers to) claiming that other doctors views are correct. You don’t know if either are, but in a manner similar to what you accuse Bodger of, you’re peddling a different line and expect people to row in behind you – why should they?

          How biased are the doctors on your side of the argument that dictate less treatments / time to be available for people with other illnesses? Cancer victims for instance, whose appointments have been pushed back and back because some of your heroes dictate that they do.

          And the secret decisions that NPHET make. How biased are those?

          Bodger’s guests are actually qualified in their field. Are you qualified in their fields?

          1. Dell

            @giggidy goo love how you got around the fact that they are not always qualified in fields that have anything to do with epidemiology by saying that they are qualified in their fields… I am very much qualified in my field of work and experienced in it, however that doesn’t make me qualified in the field that relates to giving out infornation/misinformation with regards to a virus, not unlike like some of bodgers guests. So I rely on experts in that field to give advice on that. And yes there are a handful of experts, and we are literally talking about a handful, who disagree with the majority of experts, but when you look into a lot of these people and what they are saying or have said in the past, they often have agendas of their own.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            I’d think, for instance, that a qualified doctor who would have had to study all facets of that calling would be better placed that you to comment (unless of course you’re a doctor yourself, but it doesn’t sound like it). You’re down to ‘my doctor is better than yours’ basically then.

          3. Dell

            @giggidy goo no.. More a case of 99.9999% of all doctors and scientists versus bodgers non scientist or indeed Doctor who made a YouTube video

          4. GiggidyGoo

            So, Dell – you reckon that someone who is a qualified doctor and who makes a video should have his views discounted and not given a voice? I’d love to know how you came up with the 99.9999%. No minutes of the part of that 99.9999% who make up NPHET.
            Obviously you’re in contact with them all.
            If you must try to make a point, why not be a bit more adult about it?

          5. SOQ

            @ dell

            One of my future husbands- Cameron Kyle-Sidell MD- made an impassioned video out of frustration on YouTube because so many patients in his NYC hospital were being ventilated and subsequently dying- I posted it on Broadsheet at the time.

            It changed the way CoVid-19 patients worldwide were being treated and saved many lives. It also inspired a series of other doctors to speak out and spurned a series of other brainstormed videos around the world.

            Sniff all you want but the digital age is with us.

    2. SOQ

      I have a question for you Dell- why is that in Britain and Germany the anti Mandate movement has support from right across the political spectrum but in Ireland there is an insistence that it must be only far right?

      Don’t you find that peculiar? Because I certainly do.

      1. Dell

        @soq oh I don’t know… Maybe because the marches are led by people who are far right? Did you even look into the guy who led the last march? Or some of what Gemma says on a regular basis? Or any of the other self acclaimed “patriots” who are organising and supporting these marches? Anyone I know who went, and I do know some, are either anti vax, anti 5g, anti immigration and pro life, anti Bill Gates, anti LGBTQ and some are all of the above. Every single one of them are into all or some of those things. And they are all living in different areas so I wouldn’t say that it’s just the people where I live. Maybe none of those things seems out of the norm or right wing to you but they sure as hell do to me.

        1. SOQ

          Yes I certainly think the far right have took the initiative on this but when you look at the absolute state of the Irish left with their arguing that the state can do no wrong- I don’t think people feel they have a choice.

          As for allowing that Donegal nutcase lead the last march, I am pretty sure that in private at least, Yellow Vests would admit that was a big mistake.

          1. Dell

            @soq the yellow vests have more to worry about amongst them than just the donegal nut. They werent exactly painting themselves as anything more than far right wing extremists before this. As for the left arguing that the state can do no wrong, that’s utter bs, most people don’t think the government can do no wrong, they just agree with them following the health guidelines of the majority of experts in that field. I can’t speak for everyone on the left or anywhere else but my own views would be that the government have left the mess that is the hse in such a state that it could in no way deal with an influx if severe cases. I think they have had 6 months to organise things so we could protect and care for vulnerable people and have done nothing on that front and therefore it is up to us to make sure that the vulnerable are taken care of by suppressing the virus as much as possible so it doesn’t run riot and infect those who would not survive it.

          2. SOQ

            But is really the majority of experts in the field or just the one who hold the levers of power?

            Is it not the case that they drove us all up a cul-de-sac and are now doubling down because they don’t want to loose face?

            We all have eyes and we are all looking at Sweden- a country which did not hit the panic button and led it’s people out the other side.

            A country who’s EXPERTS followed the science and are even more resolute now than ever.

            A country whom I believe will be proven to have taken the appropriate measures- history will judge.

          3. Dell

            @soq we would literally have 1000 more deaths if we had done what sweden did. Their deaths per million is much higher than ours. Remind me again why we should aim for that?

          4. SOQ


            Round and round we go.

          5. Dell

            @soq no need to shout… Round and round indeed.. 60% of their population live alone yet they had those high numbers and also we are talking about a race of people who act completely differently to irish people. As a society they took on the personal responsibility of being more careful etc. So apple’s and oranges. Why not look at another country that either ignored lockdown or didn’t do a lot of it, say America? I don’t see you all screaming praise for them, oddly.

        2. SOQ

          “As a society they [Swede] took on the personal responsibility of being more careful”

          And there we have it- Ireland’s citizens cannot be trusted by it’s leaders- who got it completely wr0O0NG WRONG WR0O0NG- wrong- WRONG .!.

  11. V AKA Frilly Keane

    What an absolute .hit show this thread is

    I intended pointing out a few things along the way
    Like to SOQ – who deftly reminded people that Luke O’Neill, who is as compromised as any one with millions at stake, has changed his mind on Face Masks; that ironically enough- so has Ivor Cummins. Funny that those that pick on his credentials and his appearance on Answer A Broadsheeter found that easy to ignore

    Whatever your views
    Or wherever your loyalty rests
    None of ye
    Are recognising – with any decent conviction anyway
    That our Government, current, last and Inbetween and all our State Agencies / Groups, Committees, talking heads etc
    Who are charged with managing how the Country deals with the Pandemic
    From testing to schools, to local restrictions to ICUs, to the dissemination of information and keeping the population informed, to travel & transport, meat packing plants to private hospital beds, to the bloody cost of the billions of wastage
    (And I don’t consider the Social Welfare PUP/ Employer Payroll Support wastage btw )
    Have made a hames of every step, every aspect, every emergency / temporary arrangement
    Not one thing have they got right since February
    In fact tis worse, as if that were possible
    Yet it turns out it is

    Nobody knows what they’re doing
    There is still no exit strategy
    And we are into a Nuclear Winter that’s going to make the bank bailout look like Butlins
    While everyone responsible for the mismanagement and mistakes will sail off with their lump-sums and benchmarked pensions
    And then some

    Masks v anti- Masks
    Would ye give over FFS

    Some of ye have got so entrenched in yere arguments ye don’t realise how profoundly undemocratic your arguements have become

    Meanwhile, lads are making out like bandits,
    And not one person behind the decision making, or engaged in following through with them, or benefiting from them will be held responsible, or put out of pocket

    Not one
    They are riding us into the ground

    Think about that for a change

  12. Alexander the Great

    The times are tough now
    They’re getting tougher
    The whole world is rough now
    It’s getting rougher
    Cover me!

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