Are You A Lisa Or A Vanessa?


Sisters Dr Lisa (left) and Vanessa Creaven, founders of Spotlight Oral Care

This month.

To celebrate Spotlight Oral Care’s 4th Birthday, the Irish oral care company is giving away over €4,500 worth of free personalised sonic electric toothbrushes to people called Lisa and Vanessa.

Sophia Heather writes:

Spotlight Oral Care was founded in 2016 by two certified dentists, Dr. Lisa and Vanessa Creaven (hence the giveaway names), and since then, Spotlight has grown from strength to strength. To celebrate their birthday, the Galway-based sisters have created this unique and fun way to give back and toast to four years of business.

If your own name is Lisa or Vanessa, or you know someone by the name of Lisa or Vanessa, you can nominate them to win a personalised sonic toothbrush. The birthday giveback launched on Spotlight Oral Care’s social media channels today, with people being encouraged to tag and nominate a Lisa or a Vanessa….

Nominate a Lisa or Vanessa on Instagram.
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Nominate a Lisa or Vanessa on Twitter.

Spotlight Oral Care

Irish-made stuff to marked ‘Irish-Made Stuff’. No fee.

13 thoughts on “Are You A Lisa Or A Vanessa?

        1. scottser

          i would be wary of letting BB know what causes you pleasure, especially if he’s wielding an electric ‘toothbrush’.

  1. AssPants

    Really………so only females get this wonderful toothbrush….

    That is fine; of course if it were just males, then it would be r@cist, s3xist, ageist, toothist, and any other ‘ist which will impact on some sort of minority who must claim hardship and suffering.

    In the meantime, it suggests to me that maybe the female tooth is not as well maintained as the male tooth and so the giveaway to females only.

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