Fruits Of The Lockdown


Enjoy art?

Fancy a coffee?

‘Broadsheet on the Telly‘s Luke Brennan writes:

My brother animator and visual artist Fergal is showing some work in the Fumbally Cafe [Fumbally Lane, Merchant’s Quay, Dublin 8]this week.

Due to restrictions, he won’t be able to have an opening, but anyone passing might like a look!

His work can be seen on Instagram here….

Lockdown Drawings by Fergal Brennan, Fumbally Cafe, Dublin 8  September 23-28 2

7 thoughts on “Fruits Of The Lockdown

    1. Brother Barnabas

      curious item on the menu there called ‘Harry’s Nut Butter’ – described as being slightly sweet, very salty

      perhaps you could try it and do a little write up?

      1. V AKA Frilly Keane

        Well I wish you hadn’t said that Brother

        My mouth was watering thinking about
        Rocked in
        After circling around the Tenters looking for a spot
        Paid my on street
        Dublin City prices

        “We’re not open today”

        So feck it
        Heading out to Tallaght now

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