Maps via John Rocque’s Dublin: a guide to the Georgian city (Irish Historic Towns Atlas)

4 thoughts on “Gadzooks

  1. Fergalito

    Not unusual in times of yore for street names to aptly describe the activities associated with a particular area. I draw this assertion from a book I read aeons ago, written by Bill Bryson. He mentioned a street in London know as a thriving outlet for the oldest profession in the world called “Grope C*nt Lane, ” mercifully renamed since then.

  2. wearnicehats

    To be fair I’d wager that large areas of any capital city in the 16th Century were probably fairly lawless. Ironically Murdering Lane was renamed Cromwell’s Quarters.

    1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

      Some were just blandly sanitised.
      Hangman’s lane in Smithfield became Hammond Lane.

      + There’s an lovely little estate in Coolock developed about the time of the Apollo 11 mission. Roads briefly named after all the astronauts, until poor old Michael Collins was swapped for Woodville Court. I think in that case at least the residents of nearby Collins Avenue may have wanted their post back!

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