Ask A Broadsheet Reader



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8 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

  1. Rosette of Sirius

    Those posters….. lordy, that takes me back to my late teens…… Ron and Ron(gawd!), Quo, Fleetwood Mac, George Michael, Erasure and behind the post box, That Petrol Emotion….

    Can’t make identify other two tho.

  2. Darren

    It’s the corner of Bridgefoot Street and Thomas Street West. Looks like it was demolished when Bridgefoot Street was widened.

  3. Rob_G

    I really don’t understand the dewey-eyed nostalgia about ‘auld Dublin’, the Liberties in particular: it really was an unmerciful kip, back before gentrification began.

  4. Sure Jaysus You Know Yourself

    I watched them knock that building. I worked in the tyre shop seen on Bridgefoot Street in the background. When they demolished it, to widen the street, the entire project was held up when they discovered large basements under the building. 1994 if memory serves me correctly

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