This morning.

Further to the voting down of a Dáil motion on Wednesday night calling for a ringfenced insolvency fund to be established which would facilitate all payments due to workers (including recently laid off Debenhams staff) if a company goes bust…by just three votes.

Ciara G writes:

Our Fianna Fáil/Fine Gael/Greens government voted 24-21 AGAINST a motion that would see Debenhams workers getting their redundancy that is owed to them. Above  is a list of the TDs that voted against the motion.


Ah here.

Ciara G adds:

Fianna Fáil are performative, they do not care. Fianna Fáil TD Padriag O’Sullivan (above) stood on the picket line only to vote against workers in the Dáil. Taoiseach Micheál Martin came to the picket line in Cork over a month ago  for a photo op and has done nothing to help since.

Debenhams workers march on Taoiseach’s Cork office demanding he ‘step up to plate’  (Irish Examiner)

15 thoughts on “Behind You

  1. Q Celt

    Workers rights were never a thing that FG or FF would worry about, see meat plants, BAM, etc. Would expect better from the Greens, can’t worry about the environment is you’re struggling to clothe and feed your kids

  2. eamonn

    Just taking our foot off your throat, while we change our boots.
    Honestly, we are here for you.
    More of that action speaks volumes.

  3. :-Joe


    The greatest word to describe F-f/g and the spiraling descent of politics into the control of banking over the last half century.

    Miserable f-ing b-turds..
    – Remember this next time when you vote.


    1. Rob_G

      While the governance of FG (and most certainly FF) has often left much to be desired, it really does bring me joy that the electorate keep selecting them to govern, to Joe’s eternal consternation.

  4. Joe

    One would expect FF & FG having a record of being nothing less than two faced lieing hypocrites but for the Greenwash party to do the same has really brought that joke party to a new low. The Greenwash party are truly FG on bikes, a pox on all their houses!

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