Sligo students (mainly blokes) having it large.

Gurning to the dance of DEATH.

We’ve all been there.

40 thoughts on “Herd Impunity

  1. Janet, dreams of big guns

    And then you see gobpoos posting this kind of thing of FB,

    I think it is necessary you know what is going on in the EU:
    Belgium is adopting a regional color code system and when a region goes yellow, everyone will be forced to get tested. And the only way the region gets out of the lockdown and goes green is if everyone is vaccinated.
    1 October is the day the system is adopted and also the day quoted by the WHO for all of Europe to go into that super 6 month lockdown until the vaccine is ready.
    A journalist attending a who or wef meeting overheard some higher ups talking about this. He published the entire conversation on his social media in April and everything he said he he overheard has happened. Basically all of Eu will be in a second lockdown from 18 September and 1 October. Already Spain, Austria, UK, Israel. France is trying but facing resistance.
    Netherlands is also pushing through an emergency law to give the minister of health authority to run the country without input from parliament.

    And they will announce stricter laws in the coming days.
    Please be aware

    1. broadbag

      Similar to the ”da army will be on da streets tomrow, full lockdown” crap that was floating around in March/April.

    2. SOQ

      Yeah the problem with these plans is Janet- no or very few are actually getting sick and people are getting wise to it. All you need to do look at one of the many graphs doing the rounds which show rises is ‘cases-‘ meaning PCR swab positives- but very little actual fatalities and nowhere near the same level of hospitalisations.

      And besides, whatever their plans- the technology has just not happened as it should- those trace apps are a disaster and there is no sign of a vaccine anywhere soon.

      I was reading a community face book post recently about an outbreak up north and the comments below it were very cynical. Three people had died screamed the official story but it turned out they were all men over eighty- and then a long list of people asking did they die with or from.

      Although I have read a number of prominent tweets saying something similar to you- that something mad is coming.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        you’re entirely missing the point soq: there has been a massive- explosive – in the number of deaths in the last 2 months. so much so that we’re not even bothering to record them. simply can’t keep up. just putting a big fat zero in the column, but everyone knows what’s happening

    3. alickdouglas

      Er, Janet, that’s a complete misninterpretation of the Belgian guidelines. The colour code system announced for Belgium is for the education system. All places of education are now classified as yellow. If there’s sustained transmission in a particular school/uni they will move to orange/red and look at systematic testing. If it’s somehow possible to halt transmission (the example of a vaccine is used as nobody can currently think of another), then schools can be classified as green if all students are immunized. The situation in Belgium for education is further complicated by the FR/NL/DE language ministries, each of which will be adding their own spin in the language regions. The national situation remains complex. As of next week, the most visible restrictions on daily life are being somewhat eased (no longer obliged to wear masks outdoors in most areas), and a general appeal has been made for people to act more responsibly, with the stick of ‘possible further restrictions’ being dangled, somewhat listlessly.

        1. alickdouglas

          Arse, I didn’t read the first line. I shouldnh’t have had that beer with my lunch.

          Apologies, it didn’t seem like your usual tone, I thought you’d had a stroke or something.

          1. SOQ





            We won’t be having that questioning right wing racist homophobic stuff.

            Meanwhile undertakers on TicTok?

  2. V AKA Frilly Keane

    I’m starting to develop a growing regard for shindigs like this

    Lads getting on with living
    At the one time of their lives that they’re entitled to

    There’s going to be SFA for them to dance to soon enough

    1. goldenbrown

      “There’s going to be SFA for them to dance to soon enough”


      and nowhere for them to emigrate away to either

    1. Junkface

      Standard young fellas into their Sports do look the same. I find that when they are into the Music/Art scene more they look quite different, or try to be more individualistic.

  3. spud

    So when is anyone going to mention Christmas?
    Our yearly festival of meeting up with family and friends en masse, and indoors in our homes mostly?
    Gonna be a real mess this year.

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