This afternoon.

GPO, O’Connell Street, Dublin 1.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin with An Post employees Laura Fitzsimons (left) and Keith Lally launches the National Framework for Living with Covid-19 Information Leaflet, which is being sent out to households this week.

Where are your masks?

Julien Behal Photography/RollingNews

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16 thoughts on “Any Iodine?

  1. scottser

    you know, i was just thinking that what we need to deal with the stress of covid, unemployment, potential homelessness, our civil liberties being eroded?
    a leaflet.
    yes, a leaflet would sort me right out.

    1. Andy Pipkin

      Hopefully it’s as successful as the first one!!
      Brilliant way of spending tax payers money in a time like this!

      1. ce

        leaflets are amazing, stop complaining – good if you run out of firelighters, toilet roll, need to stuff if your clothing to keep warm after you’ve been evicted from your house, etc.

        1. Andy Pipkin


          I’ve always found government leaflets are so full of poo they’ve already been used as toilet paper!!

  2. John Smith

    One type of business that’s done well out of covid is sign-making and printing.

    How much has been spent by Government, councils and businesses on the innumerable signs, posters, leaflets, etc? And how many of them are read? The more there are, the LESS likely they are to be read. Most people are long-past the saturation point. Haven’t the the powers that be worked that out yet? Everyone knows about social distancing, etc, and the signs make no difference to whether people ‘obey’ – except, perhaps, that some people get so sick of them that they deliberately disobey! I will never use yellow for any kind of notice in future!

    And now there’s leafet a about a Framework which has already been shown to be variable and adaptable beyond what is in the original design. Why bother to print all those leaflets about something that is not set in stone? More wasted money – but I suppose it helps An Post to keep going!

    1. Micko

      Screenguards, hand sanitizers, masks, visors, automated door machines, COVID compliance officers, complex procedures, wash stations, handbooks, leaflets, BIG YELLOW signage everywhere!! etc etc

      All for safety

      But a few extra dozen ICU beds?

      No, we couldn’t quite manage that one.

  3. Micko

    “ Where are your masks?”

    Jeez Bodger, Mehole is on official government business (promotion) and the virus knows and respects this.

    Get with the program man!

  4. Truth in the News

    What is the charge for admission to the ‘ Explore Modern Irish History’ exhibition in
    the GPO, the leaflet would be better spent in housing the homeless sleeping rough
    in the vicinity of the GPO

  5. Spelling Bee

    Do Laura and Keith actually work for An Post? They are exactly the same in every promotion for years, and it’s always Keith in the van and Laura out walking.I think they are immaculately teethed robots, and don’t require masks.

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