A Limerick A Day


Taoiseach Micheál Martin is to move the entire country to level three restrictions for the next three weeks, rather than the Level 5 requested by chief medical officer Dr Tony Holohan

So Martin has gone on TV
To move us all to level three
But there is no way
He’ll do what the docs say
As five’s not where he wants to be

John Moynes

Julien Behel Photography/RollingNews

5 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. goldenbrown

    Varadker throws Holohan directly under the 46A
    Mehole and Conehead nowhere to be seen
    nobody interviewing Holohan
    Terry Prone (yes, that witch) in her PR clowncar all over the radio this morning lauding the in-touch saint Leo and over-explaining the leak

    PS are ye enjoying the Trump Show so far?

    1. ian-oh

      Absolutely, its starting to look like our useless politicians are the best useless politicians in the world and its not like they don’t have some strong opposition out there.

      But none of them have a conehead (tee hee hee) or a Monty Gurns (typo deliberate) so I think we’re well ahead of the pack thus far.

  2. paul

    didn’t the ‘Level 5’ leak from NPHET come after they spoke with Varadkar on Sunday? Did Leo set himself up to kick Holohan into touch? Wouldn’t be surprised.

  3. frank

    This is proof positive the first total lock down didn’t work. But we know that anyway because it didn’t protect the elderly and vulnerable that were already contained in homes while simultaneously decimating healthy society. The difficult choice at the beginning of this was lockdown and contain or let the virus run through us and cull the herd. Back load or front load.
    The wrong decision was made and now that’s being corrected (sort of but not really) when it really should have been corrected over the summer rather than going into winter.

    Sam McConkey was 100% correct on Claire Byrne last night. We are now indefinitely in a holding pattern. Neither one thing or another. We are in purgatory cast adrift in a sea of indecision and bad decisions.

  4. Lilly

    If three weeks at Level 3 works, why is Dublin being asked to do it again? Shouldn’t we be moved to Level 2 now?

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