One For The Purists


A moment of sporting brilliance.

Tanya O’Neill, of KCS Sports, writes:

Check out my new t-shirt design celebrating [Cork Hurler] John Fenton‘s 1987 ‘”goal for the purists”…only 19.95

Fenton tee (KCS Sports)

Irish-made stuff to marked ‘Irish-Made Stuff’. No fee.

17 thoughts on “One For The Purists

  1. Kate

    Biggliest Effin funeral ever for legend Tommy Quaid after he fell from scaffolding in Charleville’s Credit Union some 10 years after this match. R.I. P.

    Nice design ,Tanya!

    1. Vanessanelle

      Already ordered
      And I’m delighted, cause I was talking there a while back about digging out my Ts from the 80s, now with Jimmy coming on board as a BS.telly regular, I thought t’would be a bitta fun

      Pretenders, Clash, Cypress Mine, 4 of Us, Psychedelic Furs, probably a Belson one – jaysus knows what else is in that old pillow case.
      Anyway- sad. Talk about trying to squeeze into something
      Just picture – Phil Hogan trying to get back into a School Boys geansaí

      Yep is was that ugly

      1. scottser

        i have noticed a disturbing trend myself where i’ve kept all my decent clothes from when i was skinnier which are stored away. now i only buy poop clothes because they’re only supposed to be temporary while i decide to get of my botkins and exercise but they’ve been temporary for diddly years now.

  2. benblack

    I did, with a couple of equally stupid sixteen year-olds, a knock and run on his door one time.

    He chased us for what seemed like forever until I found a wall to jump over and hide behide.

    Man, I do not want to be a teenager again.


  3. Vanessanelle


    I’ve his jersey
    and that was the very top I was wearing the night did a Pride special

    My favourite hurler of all time
    so you can imagine how rotten it tastes when some of ye here refer to someone else, a person most of ye all but build a grotto to one time, as GOD

    Little known fact
    On the ’99 Up for the Match, John was sitting next to me – or maybe second next (LHS) and Billa on the other side
    There I was stuck between the two of them for the whole show, with a pair of Tipp minors behind us trying to crawl under their seats without the cameras catching them
    The KK crowd barely got a look in, only for the producers the cameras would have – and should have IMO, stayed on us – the craic, proper pure old school Cork sca
    Especially at t’was our first outing for a final after what was then considered a famine

    Dessie and Mary talked about “that goal” – and within hurling people, all over the Country, hurling strongholds or not, that’s what it is known as “that goal”
    But didn’t show the clip for the viewers, and in fairness I was the only one put out about it
    Although John F did say to me he was told they were going to play it and have him talk them through it
    anyway doesn’t matter, we got the result we were all there for

    The craic from that row only got better when we went back to the Green Room, and in fairness RTÉ weren’t a bit careful with their hospitality
    My old friend, school mate and caravan park neighbour, Cara O’Sullivan, gawd help her today, life has been its most brutal to her, won’t say why, made sure we won the singsong n’all that weekend.

    The KK lads were already crying, so t’wasn’t just after the final whistle or back at their own homecoming
    Tynan had no stamina for the Rebel, just like their players (●’◡’●)

    My favourite Hurler, on and off the pitch, of all time
    John God Fenton
    Fent0n8 was my password for years, ’till one of the Tipp heads got at it and took control of for a whole afternoon, ran riot slagging of DJ n’ the likes. There was murder. The good old days now I suppose

    John God Fenton is the classiest man ever in a Cork jersey
    and forms part of the greatest hurling conspircy ever
    Bigger than Galway telling tales on a poor Tipp lad in ‘Merica

    Ta lads, delighted with meself now.

    If anyone from John F’s club or family catch this, tell him that glass sliotar we got as the one for everyone that night in RTÉ is still proudly displayed in my mother’s house

    and yeah, ‘course I was there that day v Limerick

    Hon ‘Cork

      1. Vanessanelle

        I would dispute that
        but have it your way, couldn’t be ar5ed making a case

        I’m just too delighted with myself that I’ve been able to talk about John God Fenton

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