Last night.

Voting in the Dáil chamber at the Convention centre on a People Before Profit motion calling for pandemic unemployment payment (PUP) to be restored to its previous rate of €350

People currently receive between €203 and €300 a week if they lost their job as a result of the Covid-19 crisis.

Yesterday: Comply Or The PUP Gets It

24 thoughts on “Compliance

      1. Cian

        15 million what?
        per week? per month? or until April.

        There are 200,000 people on PUP. 15million works out at €75 each.

        €15m per week would cost an extra €420 million out to April (on top of the €1,400 million of the current PUP payments*)

        *assuming 200,000 people on PUP, and an average €250 payment

        1. Bob

          Apologise. Slight maths error

          Approx 100,000 currently on 300. So 5 mill a week extra. So 150 mill till April.

          1. Jonickal

            “a lot of which would come back in direct and indirect tax anyway”

            Ah that old chestnut. So why don’t we just give everyone loads of money, it all comes back anyway. Magic boomerang money.

          2. Brother Barnabas

            yeah, super response, except if you actually read what I said – and not what you wish I’d said – I said “a lot” would come back, which is fact. i didn’t say it all comes back.

      1. SB

        Why does that keep coming up? “We dumped a pooload of debt on our grandkids then so let’s dump another sh*tload on them now”?

    1. Fred

      And the problem is paying it back
      What will happen is businesses will be left to their own fate
      Those who sink will find new owners when the receivers pick over the bones
      Anyone who even considers buying a house on a mortgage is off their head
      Just button down the hatches clear you loans and hold on

  1. Dr.Fart

    everyone should get 500 p/w regardless of what you earned before. 100 pw, 1200 pw, should all get 500 PUP. except doctors. more so private GPs, retired GPs, retired GPs who mostly comment on broadsheet, should get up to 5000 per month. The annex at the end of the garden needs some repair work.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      sure what would be the point ? once the former Mrs Fart got her talons into it, there’d be nothing left for the annexe

      1. Dr.Fart

        gah that blasted woman! she won’t be getting a penny more. unless of course, and if she’s reading this, unless of course she would like to come back, im willing to talk, i always have been. Juliana will still remain in the annexe for as long as she pleases but Kitty need not worry of my wandering eye as Juliana has made it very clear nothing romantically will happen between us yet.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            (although it’s also led to me having 6 children so mightnt be the best startegy on reflection)

          2. Dr.Fart

            good gosh, barnabas! I’m a one woman man myself, apart from that moment of lustful lunacy that resulted in Kitty leaving. and perhaps a few times in the past in medical school, when i was a younger man and the life of the party. If Juliana saw that version of me she’d be tearing down the garden path and into ol’ Fartys chambers in a heartbeat! ho ho!

    2. Fred

      I can imagine the pure utter madness of that
      Imagine the ones on the dole
      God it would be party time

      And when it’s over who the hell is going to pay for it

  2. broadbag

    Yet more bluster and time wasting, this was never ever going to pass, we know PBP are on the side of the downtrodden, we get it (I vote for them!) so why all this nonsensical hot air taking up time when they should ALL be DOING stuff to FIX stuff, sick to the teeth of politics in this country. It’s getting to the point that it feels like we have 2 Seanads, there’s nothing but hot air.

  3. curmudgeon

    Sorry private sector plebs, there’s no money left because the govt spent it all on giving the entire public sector a raise!

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