Yeah, well.

I mean, are they happier?


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    1. SOQ

      They are rubbing it in our faces now.

      History will judge but I think that if not the world then certainly Europe will be grateful for their management of CoVid-19 because they are the living proof that all of this lockdown bullpoo was not necessary.

      And before the usual culprits start about high initial fatality rates- they fully admit to having made mistakes- just like everyone else.

      1. Cian

        they are the living proof that all of this lockdown bullpoo was not necessary.

        bad choice of words:

        Sweden – 583 deaths/million
        Finland – 62 deaths/million
        Norway – 51 deaths/million

        But yes, history will judge.

        1. Micko

          Cian, you can’t play Covid Top Trumps with countries. It’s too complex and too many variables.

          Like Belgium for instance. A similar pop size to Sweden, but 880 deaths/per million. Explain that, is it population density, lifestyle – who knows?

          You can’t look at one metric and decide what is correct. It’s too simplistic.

          Like, what’s Sweden’s suicide rate right now? What’s the mood of the country, how are their depression rates?

          It might be anecdotal, but I know of three people in the last two weeks that have killed themselves.

          The policy here is not working. You have to see that man!

          We need a change.

          1. Junkface

            Sweden already had a higher than normal depression and suicide rate, according to my Swedish friend. I think it’s a bit like that in Nordic countries, especially in winter. They can get sick leave for up to a year for depression up there, they have a vast social safety net due to much higher taxes. Not sure how much covid 19 has changed that type of suicide statistic,

            Belgium is tiny in actual area size compared to Sweden, so not sure comparing them is any use. Comparing with Norway, Finland and Denmark is more reasonable I think.

          2. Micko

            Look, I think that we can all agree that comparing countries is a completely pointless task.

            As @Junkface said there Sweden has more suicides anyway. They’re 32 in the world if anyone is feeling morbid to check the data, it’s below – guess where Ireland is!


            Sure the other Nordic countries have populations similar in size to ours. (5mill ish) What’s our excuse and why can’t we extend that excuse to Sweden?

            Anyway, it’s too complex was my point. Too hard to blame on a single factor.

            All I know is that they have a sense of normality while we’ve terrified our population into a kind of ‘fear limbo’

        2. SOQ

          @ Cain

          According to John Hopkins University- Belgium, Chile, Spain, Mexico, US, UK and Italy ALL have higher deaths per million than Sweden and ALL had lockdowns- but you are saying that the only countries Sweden can be compared to is Nordic?

          Not only are you ignoring the additional deaths lock downs will cause, you are using a very crude metric in a very selective manner to reach a conclusion that suits your narrative.

          Sweden’s strategy is much more of a long-term- proactive rather than reactive, which means a lot less social disruption and that is very popular with its citizens.

          Can the same be said of Ireland?

          1. SOQ

            Oh sorry I forgot Peru- the hardest lockdown known and also the highest number of deaths- IN THE WORLD.

          2. Cian

            Haha. You are the one that are being selective.
            If you choose to compare Sweden with the absolute worst countries – it looks kinda okay-ish.

            – The UK and US started off on a “no-lockdown, lets go for herd immunity, and see how this pans out”. And as the death rate rocketed, went into lockdown.
            – Italy was the first country to be badly hit by Covid, and didn’t go into lockdown until well after it was rampant. Other countries learnt from Italy.
            – Chili and Mexico and Peru are developing counties, not really comparable to Norway in any way.

            But as you keep saying, you can’t just compare Ireland to Norway – you need to compare like-with-like. So I am.

            Sweden Vs Norway Vs Finland.

          3. SOQ

            Again- with your selective prism.

            The per million metric is just silly anyways- its like saying that 5% of adults in Ireland are pregnant when half of them are men.

            But the Nordic country angle has been repeatedly pushed by a very hostile media who just do want to accept the obvious- that Sweden followed the WHO guidelines which were in place up until March- and ignored what came afterwards.

            The problem is- if Sweden is right, then when are the rest going to admit they were wrong? WHO is already softening its cough but that is probably because they know they are in a legal line of sight.

          4. Micko

            Ah Cian, you’re avoid my points chief. ;-)

            “ you can’t just compare Ireland to Norway – you need to compare like-with-like. So I am.”

            You CAN’T compare any of them. It’s way too complex for any of us.

            Honestly one of the worst things offences levied on us was to give the public access to the data.

            Here we are squabbling about data NONE OF US are in a position to analyse properly.

            I can’t think of any other dangerous public Heath measures that the public had the live daily data for – can you? Why do we have it?

            And you’re avoiding the point and playing back and forth with SOQ because you know I’m correct.

  1. Janet, dreams of big guns

    ah here, as far as the offending removed comments go, as a lady I didn’t find them offensive

    1. Junkface

      Its ridiculous, ye can’t say anything complementary about wimmin’s no more here. I like jugs so there!

        1. Junkface

          It’s natural genetic programming and all of that, some days you see a photo and just can’t help it.

          1. Janet, dreams of big guns

            this sexual repression is all going to explode somewhere else in a far less healthy manner

  2. ian-oh

    Niall Boylan.

    Nobody who ever wanted to be taken seriously tagged that lad.

    He is simply tabloid slime – and no, I detest Ms Arrogance personified Dr. Ciara Kelly, another Newstalk numpty.

    FFS is there any decent media commentators in this country?

    Anyone? I used to have a bit of grá for the Bodger lad but he is too much of a sneaking regarder of Trump these days so my love has waned, alas!


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