Win Nick’s Voucher [Extended]


It’s Friday!

OK, we could all do with a lift this weekend. What better way to take our minds off the lockdown than with another music competition?

This week I want to know what song [1960-2020] by an Irish artist is the most underrated?

Reply below and you could be in with a chance to win a golden-leafed €25 Golden Discs voucher.

Here’s mine.

The winner will be chosen by my parish priest.

Please include video links if possible.

Lines MUST close at Saturday 6am.

Nick says: Good luck!

Golden Discs

183 thoughts on “Win Nick’s Voucher [Extended]

    1. Cú Chulainn

      Sure, if I told you the answer to this one, well, then it wouldn’t be the most underrated song anymore..!!!

    1. benblack

      Another good one. Saw her live in the back of a pub in Kilkenny many moon’s ago.

      Name that pub, anyone?

          1. benblack

            A photo finish – Time: 4:17pm – unless Bodger has the seconds, or nanoseconds, as the case may be.

            Don’t worry Mr. Madigan, I’ll send you a €25 voucher that will never arrive.

          2. Bodger

            Ah now. If anyone is owed a voucher please write to me or Nick at There was a long delay with the lockdown but a bunch has been sent out to winners. I’m sure some here can, er, ‘vouch’ for that.

          3. GiggidyGoo

            Never in Cleere’s. Had a few good nights in KK though. Stayed in the Club House Hotel a few times. You needed a GPS to find the room though. Langston’s and Matt’s were the lovely ones at the time.

          4. Janet, dreams of warm feet

            I just finished the dusting so ready to go ! Got to get through this lot see if I’m inspired !

        1. Lilly

          I saw them a few years ago in Whelans, down to just two, the brothers Declan and Brendan. Still brilliant.

  1. eamonn

    Nick,am very curious to hear your choice, sympathy for the dishevelled, great name, will have to wait until later.
    tell the priest to stay safe, and don’t leave the parish.

    1. SOQ

      Really nice- drums on a bad reverb at the start for some reason.

      Was that video shot in RTÉ studio 8? I had a blazing row with my last girlfriend while recording in that studio- we had too much in common- she liked tall skinny men and while recording- she found out that so did I.

      Seriously that happened- poor Phil Cooke didn’t know where to look.

      1. Lilly

        SOQ, girlfriend? I thought your username stood for Some Old Queen!

        Ha, I should have read to the end of your comment before I typed that.

  2. Charger Salmons

    Hard Street – Energy Orchard.

    A staple of London’s Irish pub rock scene for years Energy Orchard were a fabulous live band who never quite matched their early promise thanks to terrible management by their record company.
    But on a Saturday night when the Mean Fiddler was jammed and they were on fire there was no-one better.
    Happy days.

  3. Nicorigo

    Fight like apes – Jack Summers-

    Off their first album, Jake Summers features the feel good flavor of FLA’s signature sound. Included in the package are the witty and hilarious lyrics delivered with urgency by singer May-Kay.
    Those guys should have big and not fading away after three (excellent) albums.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Great choice.
      (We used to jokingly call them ‘Tears After Midnight’) The hall in the video is Dun Mhuire, Wexford.

  4. benblack

    Everything from Jack L.


    The Stunning.

    Underrated, defined as not as globally popular as U2.

      1. Burgess, snip, snip...

        As per last week’s post, Jack L and the Black Romantics live in the DA club was one of the highlights of my early 20s….

        1. benblack

          Halley’s Comet passing through the Pleiades was mine – 1986, I think!

          In fairness, some serious roses there.

      1. Andy Pipkin

        Cheers Papi,

        Well worth checking out,
        in a similar vain the brilliant,
        And So I Watch You From Afar – S Is for…

        Unbelievable live, and completely underrated!

        I’ll hopefully be back later with some evening tunes!!

  5. Rosette of Sirius

    The supremely gifted songwriter, Sean Milllar aka Dr Millar released an album called The Bitter Lie in the mid-nineties. Almost every song tells a tale of growing up in the aftermath of Dev’s Ireland from the 60’s to the 90’s. A Good Little Country and St Stephen make me rage ever so slightly. Alcohol Problem lives true even today and Your Not Paranoid speaks to his humour.

    But Happy Can Be is a quirky but gorgeous little love song that is so perfectly Irish. – for a more recent live recording.

    Check the album out here….

    The fellah should be a household name.

  6. axelf

    An emotional fish: grey matter

    an infinitely more cerebral (couldnt resist) little brother to the puking and fighting in the pubs “celebrate”.

    a lovely early 80s video of a snowy dublin and lyrics like “i drilled a hole in my head to let the sun shine through.”

    whats not to love?

    1. benblack

      I think that’s a great tune, hell, even ‘Celebrate’ is a good tune.

      However, I believe someone here really – and I mean really – hates Gerard Whelan.

        1. benblack

          Shouldn’t detract from the quality of the earlier tunes.

          Perfect anthems for an emerging Ireland.

      1. Friscondo

        The genre isn’t really my cup of tea, but I’ll never understand how Mama’s Boys didn’t have a UK or US top ten hit with Needle in the Groove. Great tune, great video (for the time),and great hair. Fermanagh never sounded so good. Far worse bands found success.

  7. benblack

    Disconauts should not be forgotten.

    Can’t find an appropriate deep house track on youtube.

    Perhaps someone else may have better luck.

  8. johnny

    Public Image Ltd -The Flowers of Romance-Banging The Door.

    A defiant tour de force,the pivotal forerunner of techno and industrial music and ‘uneasy’ music.
    A spare and mesmerizing album,with no Jah Wobble,described as ‘Arabesque’ due to its tonalities and chants,often sounding Middle Eastern or from another world.

    The cover features style icon and edgy rock n roll chic, Jen Lee with a red flower between her teeth a la carmen and the pestle from Vivian’s then stylist Yvonne God’s kitchen.Lee went on to become one most influential and powerful women in music as co-owner of Rough Trade.

    Banging the Door has been described as remorseless,starting out with…Lydon spitting at you.

    “What do you want? You’re irritating, go away/It’s not my fault that you’re lonely.”
    “Why worry now? You’re not dead yet/You’ve got a whole lifetime to correct it/You’re wasting, admiring hating…


    1. Papi

      “This week I want to know what song [1960-2020] by an Irish artist is the most underrated?”
      Good shot, sniper.


      Don’t you hate these competitions?

      1. johnny

        you spilt something on yourself again, Lydon is in Venice Beach today probably having his cup morning joe strolling the boardwalk,he wrote that song after M15 raided and wrecked his flat again in London for supporting the IRA,you’d better let him know he’s not Irish as he emigrated to La over getting harassed for being “Irish”.
        Banging The Door is sometimes described as the sound of the cops knocking-but given you still live with your elderly mother in a little village, wtf would you know about being “Irish” in London or music…..

          1. johnny

            ..oh his mum Eileen was from Carrigrohane,his dad from Tuam but i let him know next time i see him having a smoke and a cup coffee outside The Green Goddess,that his seminal groundbreaking work, doesn’t quite qualify for the ‘sheet weekly song competition…as he’s not “Irish” enough for you!

          2. V AKA Frilly Keane

            His mam was well known and very much part of the London Cork/ Co Kilburn / Dagenham Yank scene in the La Salette club

            My Aunty Sheila (by marriage to my Uncle Bernie ) and her sister Maureen who never married but all but lived with the Foran’s in Kilburn, now long gone, rip, but all very much missed, were great pals with Eileen.
            They’d bring over and back parcels etc for each other. Aunty Maureen had her own car so was always over via the Inishfallen with news and stuff.

            Not sure about this, I do remember talk in the house on-time about the Lyndon’s living in the same estate as Bernie and Sheila
            Massive fabulous flats in fairness

            I’ll ask my Dad – if not him
            My brother definitely as he lived with them for a while in the early 80s and to this day is still over and back,
            Himself and their two sons, my cousins, are all season ticket holders (Chelsea)

          3. Johnny

            Limericks Apex Twin has a bit Rotten in him,Lydon’s a fixture and has been in the LA post punk art and music scene for years, in my opinion he is by far the most gifted and influential Irish musician of his generation.

            “When police carry out wishes from government, without any law being in place, you are living in a police state and it is no longer a democracy. When you are held under house arrest, when no crime has been committed, you are living in a police state and it is no longer a democracy. You didn’t think this could happen did you? Do you know what rights you could lose next, can you guess? You have been warned.”

            He just released sorry ‘dropped’ some new tracks here)


            Aphex Twin – Stone In Focus
            There is a ten hour version, but if you have a chill Saturday ahead, this is not worst way start,with nice cup coffee and a spliff.An old friend has a NY weed deliver business, went from 2,000 a day to 10,000 a day,high grade flower/grass.

            Have a great weekend V,sorry hear about the pubs but cannabis sales are off the charts:)


          4. Brother Barnabas

            someone was spoofing you, frillz
            holloway all the way, as he says himself
            and an unapologetic arsenal fan

      1. Papi

        Fun fact, I once accidentally headbutted the guitar player. Intentionally headbutted Roy Keane once too.

    1. Otis Blue

      And on vocals?

      Dr Niall O’Flatherty, Senior Lecturer in the History of European Political Thought, King’s College London.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          talking of underrated Irish bands / songs, you could include a few Toasted Heretic ones. never made it beyond cult status even in Ireland. maybe a little ahead of their time.

          1. Otis Blue

            “The sun goes down on Galway Bay
            The daughter goes down on me
            Her dad’s not due till one or maybe two
            And I’m as happy as I’ll ever be…”

            Good Man, Julian Gough.

  9. fez

    Stoat – Oh Happy Day

    How this song has only had 1300 views on youtube in 8 years I’ll never know, it’s unbelievably good. It’s criminally underrated, it’s an amazing song, not just an amazing irish song. It’s catchy but lyrically gifted.

    I’m also happy to see it’s not the only song by Stoat nominated!

    1. Gorugeen

      Stoat. Criminally ignored and under appreciated. Such a pity. I too was chuffed to see I was not the only Stoat fan.

    1. Charger Salmons

      By jove Brother he’s a new one to me but that’s a cracker.
      Lady Charger just wandered into the man-cave to ask who was singing that gorgeous song.

        1. Charger Salmons

          As you know yourself Brother even the roughest of diamonds has some smooth edges.
          In my younger days I often wooed the gals with some lachrymose bedsit music but the beast in me was always caged by frail and fragile bonds.
          A cad and a bounder will always be a rotter.

          Two of my favourite Irish voices.I wish Juliet Turner was still making music.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            I once saw brian kennedy in the queen of tarts cafe on dame street

            I watched him consume his own bodyweight (at least) in cake in the span of not more than 25 minutes

          2. SOQ

            As a homophobic homosexualist I need scale before I will converse any further- imperial or metric is fine- preferably with pics.

            Also agree with your comment on Bap Lilly but neither were very helpful to up-and-coming artists back in the day- rude in fact.

  10. Tarfton Clax

    The Idiots Pinned from the 1993 Demo on Dirt records A lovely ditty about sharing a squat with a heroin addicted Rentboy who overdosed on a number of occasions.

    Into paradise:- Gently Falls
    Another lovely tune about suicide. and a failed love affair.

    Dublin Bands of the 90’s. Great Tunes, Miserable lyrics. No money. Little hope. Hand rolled cigarettes. Cans. But we were young. God we were young.

    1. Andy Pipkin

      The Idiots were a great band! Brilliant live, first time I ever saw a bass player using pedals!

  11. Brother Barnabas

    Le Galaxie – Midnight Midnight

    knew nothing about la galaxie but ended up at a gig in the workmans. had reluctantly taken an e; kicked in as this got going – that moment when, before you realise it, your eyes are closed, your head’s swaying gently – and this tune is on loud. it was great.

  12. eamonn

    This one used to rattle the windows up and down our street back in the day.
    Been known to upset car alarms too.
    Oisín Lunny the Irish connection and DJ one.
    Halcyon days
    From the underrated album 33 revolutions per minute
    All about eve

    1. Ross Mac

      I had a bit of thing for Marxman and “Sad affair” back in my teenage days…. I think it was banned on radio (unless I’m mistaken……)

  13. eamonn

    The Gorehounds
    Ten pair of shoes, from the album semtex
    I am open to correction on the Irish aspect of this,but I am going to chance my arm anyhow. I saw them once in the backroom of a wexford pub,it was a massive night.

  14. The Tec Dr

    As my favourite detective Columbo would say Just one more thing. This is a great number 1 by No Sweat from 1989 produced by Joe Elliot from Def Leppard. Sadly the band is no more and the lead singer Paul Quinn is now a wedding singer.

  15. eamonn

    That Petrol Emotion
    Creeping to the Cross
    The last time I got a bloody lip in a moshpit was leaping around like a lunatic to this lot this lot,you know what happens when you meet yourself ?
    A fairwell gig in a venue who’s name escapes me now. In the Angel, london.

    1. benblack

      Good times.

      Loved ‘That Petrol Emotion’ back in the day.

      Preferred trying to harmonise rather than moshing – albeit from the safety of my walkman.

    1. Gorugeen

      I remembered this one just after I submitted my Stoat pic. Supremely listenable song. I’ve lovely memories of bopping to Speed to my Side in Fibbers many many moons ago.

  16. Jonboy

    4 Rhythm – Maniac (Sound Crowd)

    An absolute classic, absolutely trashed in the years since release by plonkers shouting over it. This mix in particular by Mark Kavanagh and Tim Hannigan brings me right back!

    Grab your white gloves, your whistles and a tub of vicks for the backpack.
    Whats your name? What have you had? Reach for the lasers. Oi Oi.

  17. Papi

    I honestly don’t think these are underated, at least not in my house, but they definitely should be up there with the greats,
    Kila, glanaidh mé
    And when you see these live, with up to thirty people on stage giving it socks, you’ve seen a bloody good show.

  18. Clampers Outside

    It has to be the last May release of Living For The Lockdown by Gama Bomb :)

    Recorded by the band members in lockdown in Dublin and London. This is a fun, energetic, topical ride!
    Explosive from the start with a proper deadly old skool thrash metal sound that Gama Bomb do so well it will have you bouncing off the walls of your living room, kitchen or wherever you are bound to in the confines of your own house.

    This sound really takes me back to my early days of thrash metal and having a proper laugh without a care in the world.
    And lord knows we all need to shut off for a bit and let loose now and again… Put away all the delicate ornaments, whack it up to eleven and go mental :0)

    (proceeds went to Dublin Simon Community for this too… Great bunch o’ lads, they’re the bomb!)

    Lyrics… GAMA BOMB, Living for the Lockdown!

    Nowhere to go
    Nothing to do
    Drinking in the daytime
    Living in a curfew

    Watching the news
    How long can it last?
    My personal hygiene Is a thing of the past

    I don’t know when I can get out
    But when I do we’re gonna paint the town
    Drinking, dancing, and messing around
    ‘Till then we are Living for the lockdown

    I am on Zoom
    You are on Zoom
    Asleep on the bog
    Eating in the bedroom
    You’ve run out of hash
    Fifteen viewings of Tango And Cash

    The hardest thing
    Is usually the right thing
    I’d go insane
    If it wasn’t for The Tiger King

    Dreaming of a pint
    On the other side
    A small price to pay
    For saving a life

    1. Clampers Outside

      Yeah but did they do it with a thrash metal soundtrack… Hmmmm.

      I’ll have to find another link to see that special :)

  19. Otis Blue

    “…a hymn book skimmed my ear
    but I was only grazed
    I dived for cover
    as the sawn-off Bibles blazed
    in the gore I gasped
    “Was it something I said?”
    then a solid granite altar
    hit me on the head
    a collection plate plunged deep into my groin they marched off discussing
    the Battle of the Boyne…”

    Skewering the North’s religious dysfunction since 1985.

    Andy White – Religious Persuasion

  20. Andy Pipkin

    And finally from me, a song that is perfect for bedtime, the amazingly underrated Hidden Highways, these guys should have been massive.

    What they did in studio they easily reproduced live, absolutely loved them.

    As always thank you too everyone who contributed today and more then likely tomorrow (looking forward to the picks)
    Makes my weekends!

    And to Nick and Golden Disc for their continued support for Irish music!

    If these are some of the underrated songs it’s fair too say we’ve a pretty good standard of artists in our little ol country.

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