37 thoughts on “Until We Meet Again

  1. BS

    stay at home

    how hard is it?! close the pubs until after xmas
    ban all GAA matches
    close off licenses

    people have proved they cant act responsibly

          1. Pat Mustard

            I’m not a Shinner you silly boop boop..

            And you making this partisan and answering for somebody else says more about you than it does me.

          2. Charlie

            He’s an echo chamber. A total spoofer hoping to be taken seriously by repeating the predictable uneducated rants he hears at the local ‘chip on the shoulder’ anti America meetings.

    1. Eoin

      …and close all the shops, ports, rail stations, shut down all workplaces, put barriers up outside peoples houses etc. Rubbish. People aren’t buying this narrative anymore. Even the WHO and many medical professionals have seen the writing on the wall and jumped ship. Wake up!

    2. Kim The Cardassian

      Actually Its very hard, cant you wrap your head around that? Humans are not designed to live in social isolation, devoid of human contact or recreation.

      its been 8+ months since lockdown 1.0 and we effectively never truly left it. Old people living in fear, media churning out scaremongering crap, government and NPHET leaking fear. How long do you think it will be before people lose hope and lose faith in lockdowns and restrictions? Even with the best will in the world, people can only endure so much before they crack. Take away hope, take away employment and you’re left with desperation.

      Where are the additional mental health measures to support the longevity of lockdown? Thats right, there is none. However, you dont see the media or government talking about how St. Patrick’s University Hospital in Dublin is out the door.

      With the prospect of a winter in lockdown, dark morning, dark afternoons, rain, no social outlets, no fitness centres, no work for many, is the advice of stay at home now suddenly easier.

      Look around you, are people really obeying the no ‘visitors’ advice and ask yourself why. To suggest its because people cant act responsibly is a cop out answer and devoid of a true perspective on the reality we face.

      1. BS

        I’m adhering to them. Not having people to the house to protect elderly relative. Haven’t had a meal out or been to a gig since feb. Both were very beneficial to my mental health. But I’m still adhering to the guidelines

          1. BS

            which is exactly the reason we’re now facing another lockdown.

            but you drape yourself in the tricolour and go hang outside leinster house with the rip off tommy robinson you sad selfish little person

    1. goldenbrown

      and this will all pass eventually Micko
      it might take 2 years or 5 years, I don’t have the answers
      but we will see a normality again I’m sure of it
      keep the faith

        1. goldenbrown

          lol it was just a turn of phrase…I defo don’t hitch myself to any mumbojumbo storytime dogma anyway :)

          just I was more thinking of all those tough corners we’ve faced historically and yet prevailed through

          I’m starting to see more and more sad upset people out there….I just hope they find a way to see a little bit of bright side now and again y’know?

  2. Praetorian

    To see this and then drive through small towns and villages around the country…it’s soul destroying to drive through a small town at 9pm on a Friday night and it feels like five in the morning…not even a cat on the street….tonight i drove from Enfield to Tullamore via Edenderry,Rhode,Daingean & Ballingar…so sad to see these communities locked up.

    1. Q Celt

      Also because of the numbers of people not living in the towns and villages, but in their once off ranchero bungalows on a half acre down boreens. That is also why we can’t afford to give culchies nice things

  3. Charger Salmons

    As I see it you’ve got two choices.
    Either quit whining, STFU and accept that the BOGOF Brothers believe what they’re doing is in your interests.
    Or get off your arses, man the barricades and start some old-school civil disobedience to tell them it’s not.
    The biggest protest movement in Ireland in recent years was over water charges that might have cost the average household a few hundred euros a year.
    Yet when your civil liberties are being denied, you’re losing your jobs and livelihoods and it’s costing many households and businesses thousands of euros there’s hardly a whimper.
    Which, like it or not, says to me the majority of people back the coalition’s move towards a second lockdown.

    1. SOQ

      Sunetra Gupta really nails it when she talks about the impact of lockdowns along class lines. That it a lot less of an impact on professional people who can work from home and are not financially affected.

      Working class however feel it full on because they usually cannot work from home so either are on benefits or still in shops or as taxi drivers- some of whom are quite high risk, but have no choice. .

      She goes further and says that all lockdowns do is push the burden of community immunity onto a section of society who are ill quipped to deal with it- diet, housing etc.

      My guess is that her background, being from Calcutta, has something to do with it but it is the first time I have heard a solid anti lockdown argument coming from the Left rather than the Right, and is a view WHO support.

      She really is a fascinating woman.

      1. Q Celt

        WC get 350 PUP, an increase on the dole, whilst the home workers generate income for the state to pay for it.
        Time to follow the guidelines and shut up, so that our hospital system does not collapse in the winter.

    2. Charger Salmons

      Being a gregarious sort of fellow the thinking behind some areas of lockdown still eludes me.
      Bars and restaurants have been open all summer across Europe and eventually even Ireland opened up.
      If there was no spike in Covid-19 throughout that time because the hospitality business overwhelmingly followed the guidelines they were given what evidence is there that shutting down these establishments will either prevent or reduce the outbreak of the virus ?
      Likewise, what would be the point in closing off-licences at 8pm ? Surely a determined drinker would have ample time to stock up throughout the day without the need for those businesses losing hours of valuable custom.
      And with travel, it is perfectly possible for Ireland and the rest of the EU to institute a policy for all travellers to acquire a negative virus test result within 7 days of their journey – Antigua, which is a regular wintering spot for Lady Charger and I has such a system in place and they have had zero C-19 deaths.
      BA will organise a test for £93 with results delivered in 48 hours.
      If a small Caribbean country has been able to institute such a response why not Ireland, the UK or the rest of Europe ?
      I have great sympathy for all politicians trying to co-ordinate the response to C-19 and the balance between crashing the economy or crashing the health service must be a hugely difficult one to make.
      But this pandemic has been going on long enough for them not to be still making up policy on the hoof.
      I blame the EU.
      This is precisely the sort of emergency that this organisation is meant to excel at but it has been woefully inadequate.

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