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  1. f_lawless

    This is worth a read –

    `Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson are leading candidates for the completion of a Covid-19 vaccine likely to be released in the coming months. These companies have published their vaccine trial protocols..close inspection raises surprising concerns. These trials seem designed to prove their vaccines work, even if the measured effects are minimal.

    ..These protocols do not emphasize the most important ramifications of Covid-19 that people are most interested in preventing: overall infection, hospitalization, and death. It boggles the mind and defies common sense that the National Institute of Health, the Center for Disease Control, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, and the rest would consider the approval of a vaccine that would be distributed to hundreds of millions on such slender threads of success’.

    What are we to make of that? From my perspective it’s an indication that the priority here is to get the blockchain digital identity apparatus rolled out ASAP and protecting public health is a secondary concern. Perhaps others have alternative interpretations?

    1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      I have no concerns about blockchain id, 5G or Bill Gates, etc. I definitely want to be certain that the normal drug tests have been completed and that the vaccine works. This is another reason to want Biden to win the US election.

    2. Steph Pinker

      I lost another friend yesterday to suicide; that’s two lovely sensitive people within three weeks, not to mention a relative who died from cancer 2 months ago and I couldn’t go to visit any of the families except to offer my condolences through a window.

      Sometimes people troll on sites such as BS, but for the most part, I think people are decent and genuine in their compassion. Since March I made my opinions known regarding lockdowns and how unnecessary and illogical they are because we can’t ‘be in this together’ when we’re separated from each other. Loneliness kills more than a virus ever will.

      1. BS

        With all due respect and sympathy to you for your loss, loneliness does not kill more people than this virus.

        People can be supported in other ways if they are feeling isolated

      2. Hank

        That’s awful, really sorry to hear that Steph.
        So many people underestimating the devastating consequences that lockdown measures are having on mental health.

      3. SOQ

        My sympathies Steph. I know of one to cancer and one to suicide myself- both at least party lockdown related- and I fear it is only starting.

        This is an interesting comparison between the Czech Republic and Sweden- Czech Republic had a draconian lockdown and Sweden as we know did not.

        “Covid-death rose much more in Sweden initially and the Czech Republic was celebrated by many as an example of how to avoid death – just lockdown the country.

        However, now things are changing. New daily deaths in Sweden remain very low, while they are rising fast in the Czech Republic and the country seems to be heading for another lockdown.”

        “What is different is the timing – Sweden allowed the virus gradually to spread through society (as we normally do with the flu) and consequently ‘front-loaded’ the deaths.”

        “The Czech Republic through draconian lockdown policies ‘postponed’ some Covid-deaths, but now it is coming back. Governments cannot micromanage a virus. The Swedish health authorities realized that. The Czech government did not.”


        1. Charger Salmons

          Latest 7-day moving average Covid stats from Sweden:

          New cases Daily:
          Oct 10: 611
          Oct 17: 469

          Daily Deaths:
          Oct 10: 3
          Oct 17: 2

        2. Oro

          Yes Sweden are rly hitting their targets

          “At this point, whether herd immunity was the “goal” or a “byproduct” of the Swedish plan is semantics, because it simply hasn’t worked. In April, the Public Health Agency predicted that 40% of the Stockholm population would have the disease and acquire protective antibodies by May. According to the agency’s own antibody studies published Sept. 3 for samples collected up until late June, the actual figure for random testing of antibodies is only 11.4% for Stockholm, 6.3% for Gothenburg and 7.1% across Sweden. As of mid-August, herd immunity was still “nowhere in sight,” according to a Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine study. That shouldn’t have been a surprise. After all, herd immunity to an infectious disease has never been achieved without a vaccine.”

      4. Slightly Bemused

        Steph, my sincere condolences to you, and especially to your friend’s family. Too many people have been lost, and left behind. I would love to think no more will be, but I am not that naïve.
        Maybe the best I can offer is that as long as we remember, our loved ones will never be forgotten.

        1. Clampers Outside

          Lovely Slightly, nicely put.

          Steph… sorry for your loss, and your friends family too. :/

    3. alickdouglas

      Dr Haseltine may have been a virologist and drug developer, but just in that quote there, he’s exposing that he doesn’t understand vaccine licensure. For vaccine licensure, it doesn’t matter what ‘people’ think, it matters what the regulatory agencies think: That’s EMA for us and FDA for the Americans. NIH, CDC and NIAID will have no role in *approving* a vaccine. They will have a role in determining how it is used if it is approved and there is supply. A vaccine might be *licensed* by FDA, but not recommended by CDC. Furthermore, the actual endpoints are not in themselves that important, it is the data that is used to inform the endpoints that is important.

      Also, he misunderstands how endpoints are analysed and used by trial sponsors and regualators. Primary endpoints have a generally give you an a/b answer (although there’s a bit of gray). Did the vaccine have a positive impact or not?If the primary endpoint is passed, the regulator can consider the others (how did the vaccine impact). if the primary is failed however, the trial is sunk, and the secondaries are irrelevant other than in order to inform another trial or a redesign of the next vaccine candidate. Passing primary endpoints is not a pathway to licensure, it is just a bar that needs to be exceeded to permit the submission of the dossier.

      Vaccine licensure is not a yes/no business based on the phase III endpoints. A successful license is based on the entire dossier, considered by a panel of regulatory experts. One of the reasons those of us who have done trial licensure are so horrified by the current situation is that we understand how big these dossiers are, and how long it takes to get into the data.

      Finally, the regulators are not idiots, they understand full well that the sponsors write the endpoints. When considering the license, they are not bound to look only at the data as it’s presented by the sponsor.

    4. Charger Salmons

      Whoever thought that in 2020 we’d all have our favourite medical expert like having a Premier League football team to support ?
      I’m a Professor Karol Sikora man myself.
      I like his positivity in this relegation dogfight. I suppose when you’ve witnessed so many people die at close quarters from cancer it helps.
      But he’s like the West Ham of medical experts – he’s not yer ManU and Arsenal glory-hunters like Whitty and Van Tam but he’s been in the game so long he’s bound to hit the back of the net.
      There’s only one Karol Sikora. One Sikorrrrrrrra.There’s only one Karol Sikora.

  2. BS

    We need a proper lock down like New Zealand. They closed airports and restricted all travel and had proper quarantines in place. they are now back open with zero mask, social distancing and even gigs happening.

    Close Pubs/off licenses
    Close airports
    Go to level 5 and enact strict penalties for gatherings

    we could be like New Zealand by January

    Fupp this crap about people “needing” the social interaction of pubs and the GAA. people can have all the social interaction they need with virtual meet ups for a few weeks.

      1. bisted

        …put it under the protection of the EU…increase pensions and social welfare to Southern levels and send EU cheques out to farmers…send in Chris Patton to negotiate 30 year Hong Kong style agreement with South, Brits, Yanks and EU…should take about an hour to put those heads of agreement in place…wallow in all-Ireland pestilence…

        1. Charger Salmons

          What’s your view on Dublin being put under EU protection to safeguard the rest of the country ?

    1. GiggidyGoo

      New Zealand’s cases are mostly due to overseas travel, meaning the increase in cases seen there is still due to how many people are arriving with Covid-19, not how it is spreading in New Zealand.
      The nearest country to NZ is Australia. Approx 2100km.
      NZ is not part of an EU-Type union, where travel comprises a lot of the commercial actions between states.
      Easy to close down NZ Airports.
      Not like ireland in those areas.

      1. scottser

        Ireland’s cases due to overseas travel are virtually nil. Our spikes are due to close community transmission. We don’t have to shut everything down, just keep socialising to a minimum.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            That tells its own story doesn’t it? Vaccine not fully tested, vaccine not approved, yet billions of doses being stockpiled. Just waiting on the signal.

        1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

          I am in Australia. We have been in a long lockdown, our second, in Melbourne. 1 new case yesterday, 2 today. We had over 700 pd in August. We are lifting restrictions, slowly. There are very international arrivals into Oz and they have to quarantine under supervision, for 14 days. This is similar to NZ. I can’t see the point in an Irish lockdown unless you have something that means there is a reward at the end. As suggested above, control international arrivals. I can see it is very hard when the DUP control part of the island. The amount of travel between Ireland and our near neighbours makes it a much harder option.

      1. SOQ

        Plus NZ has a very low incidence of respiratory illnesses in the first place- not sure why that is but probably climate.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Time Magazine? That’s the one that had Enda Kenny on its European issue front cover, heiling him as some type of saviour of Ireland? Or the one that told us Varadkar was one of the post influential people in 2018?

      And now you’re saying than an article by Kelly Bjorklund who is a writer and human rights activist who has worked on public policy and advocacy with elected officials, civil society and media for two decades but not a medical person, and Andrew Ewing who is a professor of molecular biology and chemistry at the University of Gothenburg and a member of the Swedish Academy of Sciences but is not an epidemiologist is one we should take note of?

        1. GiggidyGoo

          They sure do. If they’re to be considered as experts though and their writings bolstered in some format by a professor in a subject that’s not they’re subject, that’s a different story.

          1. Oro

            I think you’re trying to discredit the story because it’s unhelpful to your, let’s say, worldview. Their positions acknowledge a proficiency in dealing with these kinds of stories on behalf of the journalist and then local scientific handling of facts. I’d hope Sweden’s epidemiologists are otherwise engaged (Altho based on what’s contained within this story maybe they’re not).

          2. Oro

            I honestly have no idea what is being suggested or who you’re suggesting this username is an extension of. I think I may have commented two or three times around 7years ago under a diff username which has been long forgotten- and then just a handful of times using this one over the previous month. There is malheureusement no mechanism to establish proof of this but the suggestion of this has always struck me as a symptom of a comment section that is in trouble (whether or not your comment was made in good faith Jan).

    2. Kate.

      So they are saying the fact that 1.5 million of the elderly /at risk went into isolation was the largest factor in slowing the virus in the summer? Defies logic. It’s nonsense.

      1. Oro

        No is says that 1.5m ppl (largely comprised of the elderly and those that were at risk) voluntarily self isolated and that was the largest single factor that slowed the spread during summer. Read all of the words in the sentence to make sense of said sentence.

    3. f_lawless

      Article doesn’t pass the smell test. Eg. Not a single mention of preexisting immunity from cross-reactive T-Cells. It makes reference to a statement made by Sweden’s Public Health Agency from way back in April predicting that “40% of the Stockholm population would have the disease and acquire protective antibodies by May”. But this was before various studies had been done indicating the significance of preexisting immunity from cross-reactive T-Cells. The realisation now is that antibody prevalence studies are a poor marker of immunity levels in a population. People with mild or asymptomatic infections haven’t needed to generate antibodies to fight off the virus.

      The authors of the article surely know this and are attempting to mislead the reader by quoting the Swedish Public Health Agency from way back in April and putting the focus on antibodies alone

      Worth a read:

      1. SOQ

        This is an interesting thread roll from Mike Yeadon- he who wrote the ‘What SAGE Has Got Wrong’ piece for Lockdown Sceptics site on 16th October.

        “-there have been NO excess deaths since June. This is utterly inconsistent with the narrative that there’s a lethal pandemic stalking the land, killing nearly 1% of those it infects.

        Next, you’re hearing huge numbers of people being hospitalised. That’s not true.

        There’s the normal numbers being admitted. Normal in autumn is an upward trend for respiratory admissions. What they’re not telling you is that DISCHARGE rates are unusually high. People are being admitted for fear of covid19 but many get sent home a day or two later, because they’re not ill enough to be in hospital.

        General, oxygen & intensive care bed occupancy is fine at national level. Tight in a couple of main hospitals only.”

        He then pulls apart the PCR tests. A very telling comment is-

        “One confession that PCR testing is now wildly unreliable, is all that’s needed. All the evidence that’s there’s conspiracy exists without knowing anything about PCR. But as that’s the central, technical tool, it should be “bagged as evidence” & STOPPED the very next day.


      2. Oro

        Whether or not you think the journalist or one section that you’ve chosen is not passing your smell test (you’re a gatekeeper of sorts?) the amount of evidence that is based on very simple established facts must cause some doubt in the “just look how amazing Sweden is” crew not least the high death rate per pop? Also the items about the misinformation being provided to teachers, something not right afoot.

        1. SOQ

          Never count the bodies until the war is over.

          And counting the bodies of the 2020 ‘war’ will take the most of another year when this particular corona virus has reached an endemic equilibrium, meaning- low levels of fatalities and just hanging around like the other four.

          The ‘bodies’ are ALL of course- not just CoVid-19.

          1. benblack

            But what’s to be done, SOQ?

            Months of highlighting these facts on social media and news media platforms such as this is not changing public policy.

            They have a plan and that plan would appear to be unstoppable now. The scientific information to counter public policy is out there and is being ignored.

            I mean, seriously, if Google and Reddit’s first response to the Great Barrington Declaration was to suppress it, then how is the anti-lockdown message supposed to achieve the required critical mass to exact a change in public consciousness?

            We’re just providing content, at this stage – some would say always.

    1. wearnicehats

      There are some sensible in-betweens though. You could move the country to Level 4 but move cafes and restaurants etc to their level 5 status of takeaway/delivery only.

      1. benblack

        I’ve seen that Channel 4 show and there were no sensible Inbetweeners.

        All I saw were grown adults acting like adolescents.


        Hat tips are included near the end of this thread.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    An innocuous tweet you may think,

    Sinead O’Carroll
    Replying to
    Argh, actual final point. I’ve deleted a tweet from this thread because it was being misinterpreted as me trying to get someone in trouble with their employer. Which is not what I was doing.

    But anyway, it’s gone now. And my mentions are what you’d imagine“
    The Journal did a ‘factcheck’ on the ad in the times during the week regarding statistics relating to coronavirus.
    Someone on twitter made a comment that the fact-check was ‘weird’ ( as the fact-check didn’t discount and of the facts, but tried to)

    Sinead O’Carroll replied to the man, but added his employer (tagged the employer) in the response.

    What a low life eh? The fact check on that is easy.

    1. SOQ

      Journal fact checker is a joke- they checked that anti lockdown advert in The Irish Times and could find frig all wrong with it.

      As for this stunt- it really shows what calibre of person you are dealing with. Attempting to get someone into trouble with their employer just because they disagree with you is as low as it gets.

        1. SOQ

          Oro- do you actually have an opinion on something or is your objective to just get under other people’s skins?

          You are failing badly if that is the case btw.

      1. benblack

        Comments were disabled for that particular Fact Check article, also.

        I think it’s not a simple case of one person’s view conflicting with another. It’s much deeper than that. This is a media organisation(most popular online platform in Ireland) censoring views which don’t adhere to the official narrative and stifling debate and discussion.

        The same media would condemn some Asian media outlets for doing the same.

        Also, the article did not disprove any of the claims, the facts, highlighted in the ad.

        It was a context check, not a fact check – and that failed too.

          1. benblack

            More like an auction. Whatever topic received the required funding, that’s what the monkeys on typewriters would write.

            Carraige return – ‘Ding!’

      2. Charlie

        The Journal IS a joke. Never understand why people read that lazy trash online bile. Sensationalism, childish polls and heavy moderation is about all it does.

  4. Clampers Outside

    That was a lovely interview this morning with Dawn French on the Andrew Marr Show :)

    Fair play to you Dawn, good look with the book, write the characters you want. And yep, cancel culture is a threat to comedy and comedy writing, well said.

  5. V AKA Frilly Keane

    Sunday Bake’Sheet wk 1
    Soda Bread with notions

    500gms Plain Flour
    100 gms Sultanas tip (I use Golden – Eastend Brand, Asia Market Wholesale off Ballymount Rd. Telling ye cause that’s what I also use for my scones)
    50 gms Demerara Sugar
    1 tsp Bicarb
    1 tsp Cinnamon
    1/2 tsp Mixed Spice
    25 gms dried apple pieces – this is one of the best local sources great value and shipped in no time + Five Star Frilly rating https://www.nutsinbulk.ie/product/dried-apple-pieces-diced
    If you’re stuck – local Health Stores like Holland & Barrett’s etc
    *100gms White Chocolate bits (only cause t’was chocolate week in the tent, but the result was enough to make it a permanent addition into the mix)
    450 mills Butter Milk – BUT START WITH 430

    All your dry ingredients into a bowl. And mix well with spoon or whatever is in your hand, I use a spatula
    Add 430 mills Butter Milk. Ok I use a good old fashioned plain Kenwood with a dough hook, at medium pace, 3 or 4 ish minutes, but only so that I can go off and whatever, put the kettle on. But you do just as well with a good wooden spoon.

    If the dough is still cracked and dry add 10 mills BM
    If it’s too wet, a tblsp of plain flour at a time
    repeat in these ratios as required – but remember you may need extra oven time if your bread mass increases noticeably

    Your dough should be sticky and claggy
    But still in one big glumpy lump

    Tip out on to a very well floured surface – if your dough is right, with the help of a spatula it will falumpaglump out in one piece
    Flour up your hands and fold over in soft movements. No deep massage heels of your hand needed
    North to South, East to West
    South to North, West to East
    Repeat –

    By now your dough should feel soft and floury bappish
    Easily held and maliable with no sticky bits on your fingers
    And independently form it’s own roundy ish shape

    Have a baking tray or – pie dish ready and well floured
    (I use the cast iron base of an old tagine I got in the Aldi/Lidl one time)

    Cut in, and right to the bottom, a North to South, East to West.
    Rest it up for 30 mins
    Then into a 200° hot oven. For 30 mins.
    Check it, because of the fruit content it might look wet and juicy
    Don’t flinch, it will look splochy anyway but should be a good golden brown and shiny ish in patches
    You can either pop a sheet of tinfoil on it and leave in for another 5 mins you don’t want it to catch too much more colour
    Or do what I do. Turn off the oven and leave it in (door slightly open) for about 15 mins
    Do the knock test on its undercarriage – a dull but solid thud is what you’re looking for
    Out onto a cooling tray


    Decided non this one for ye as it combines two Bake Off features from this season. Soda Bread & Chocolate
    But also to get to say one of the features that I real appreciate this year, is that Signitures really are homebaker staples. Soda Breads in bread week. Brownies in Chocolate week.
    No special kit needed and they can be as simple and everyday or as extra as you like


      1. V AKA Frilly Keane

        Don’t hesitate
        And if you’re someone who is very careful over their food intake
        Counting points and sins etc

        Soda bread breaks up into quarters naturally
        Treat yerselves to one as it cools on the cooling wire
        Freeze the others into separate bags/ clingflim
        They defrost in no time, perfect tea n’toast breakie / comfort food.

        1. alickdouglas

          OK, mission accomplished. I didn’t absolutely follow your recipe; my gran and mother were of the more liquidy bread mix cooked in a loaf tin, so I added more buttermilk than you, and an egg. I didn’t have dried apple, so used a crusty looking aul thing from the fruitbowl, and added about a teaspoon of caraway. I also slightly tuned down the sweetness, slightly less sugar, fruit and chocolate.

          The white chocolate was extremely successful (as was the caraway). I’m not sure I’d eat it with smoked salmon, but would stand up to salty cheese I think. Could tolerate the full dose of chocolate that you have in your recipe.

          BS needs more of this! Thanks for sharing V, I’ll keep this on my repeat list.

          1. benblack

            Because you’ve licked everything else that wants to be licked with that post.

            Your other posts are quite interesting. High level of knowledge and intelligence.

            And, no, I’m not playing on your username – that’s just a coincidence – is there such a thing?

            That, or I’m being trolled on a level beyond ordinary comprehension.


            With regard to V’s post, where are the photos of the baked product?

            Please, share.

  6. Charger Salmons

    Ooh V – you’re like a cross between Fanny Craddock and Paul Hollywood today.
    A Fanny Hollywood so to speak.
    You can knead my falumpaglump any time.

  7. GiggidyGoo

    I see the boy who would be Health Minister is telling us what the actual Health Minister should be announcing. If only Harris has been made Health Minister eh?

    Maybe he should stick to 3rd level education, and concentrate his corona microscope there? Maybe ask why some universities are asking students living on campus that have corona, to keep it under their hat?

    1. benblack


      There’s nothing in that. The woman obviously took it in her stride and responded accordingly.

      Or, am I missing something?

      1. V AKA Frilly Keane

        That’s known as Manning Up
        As in
        Man the f@@@ up
        Explained and demonstrated perfectly by the character Selina Myer in the last season of Veep

        Well played btw Ben

        Meanwhile, I’ll proffer that the line Official maintained incredible professionalism
        And didn’t take her eye off the ball

        1. benblack

          “Meanwhile, I’ll proffer that the line Official maintained incredible professionalism
          And didn’t take her eye off the ball”

          That is her job, V.

          Any man would have done the same.

          The world’s gone bloody mad!

          BTW, why is it so quiet in here? Has eveyone stopped posting, or, did I not get the Memo?

          1. benblack

            Let’s not be disingenuous, V, it’s what you implied and meant to convey.

            “Wind it in lad
            And wonder what would have happened if say
            One of the US Ladies team put her arm around a match Official”

            I certainly can see that happening, if it has not already happened and been captured on camera.

            No harm in it.

          2. benblack

            How about two human beings – randomly – in close proximity during a sporting event – One, an official – female, the other, a player – male.

            End of.

            Or, the player had been concocting his devious plan on the unsuspecting female official for the past few months and was absolutely thrilled that all his planning had, finally, paid off.

          3. benblack

            The grown woman responded like a mature adult.

            She is not a six year old and does not need or want your outrage.

            Another topic, please.

          4. Nigel

            Yes, she did.
            No, she doesn’t.
            It was still inappropriate touching and out of order.
            Help yourself to whatever topic you’d like.

          5. scottser

            You don’t put your hands on official, full stop. Aguero hasn’t heard the end of it but should have been carded straight off. They won’t make it a gender issue, neither should they.

          1. benblack

            It was accidental, not planned, and completely natural – not unnatural behaviour, GiggidyGoo. And, not to be frowned upon.

            If it were a man, nobody would blink an eye.

  8. BS

    SOQ is the new GO’D

    Poor chap really isn’t able to handle not being out on the town. Get a jigsaw mate and stop spouting nonsense

    1. V AKA Frilly Keane

      Ah no
      A big fan of hers alright
      Did all sorts of fighting talk on her behalf

      But definitely not channelling her

      And it has to be said he’s putting all his research together very competently
      Clearly and in fairness, generously
      I also sense he is sincere in his empathy to those that are really suffering and struggling with this bloody lockdown

      I see it as his response to helping those that are scared

      Not so much anti maskers
      More anti scaremongers

      1. BS

        I agree he does put his opinions across well, and has done on any discussions ive had with him.

        I also agree that lockdowns and isolation harms mental health, mine has been affected a lot. it would be great if people would socialise responsibly, but they are not. The numbers of new cases dont lie, and the numbers of the age groups dont lie, it is primarily 20-45 age group, and we’ve all seen the pictures of why its happening, celebrating gaa matches, going to the pub. i was in supervalu yesterday and there was a group of lads in their late teens buying boxes of beers, were they going to sit in a garden and drink and socialise responsibly? maybe. but it was pissing rain and freezing last night so im guessing not.

        its because of people doing this, that i need to limit what i do and where i go even more, because i live with someone at high risk of death if they contract the virus.

        unfortunately because some people arent responsible, everyone will need to suffer regressive and severe lockdowns.

      2. SOQ

        Thanks V- I appreciate that.

        I do my own reading and while not afraid to voice an opinion, am quite happy to change my mind if proved wrong. But, the further on this journey people like me go, the more convinced we are that something stinks to the high heavens.

        I don’t think some really appreciate the damage being done- health, employment, finances etc- and I am of the opinion that in years to come- what is happening right now will be regarded as an act of malfeasance.

        Anyways none of that is relevant to the person above, he or she is more interested in playing head games than actually discussing the topics at hand.

        Except that just motivates old queens like me- because we will never give in to bullies.

        1. V AKA Frilly Keane

          No worries

          But I have to tell you
          I have doubts about one of the lads you regularly plug here

          Not his interpretation of facts and data
          Or his credentials, or your honest faith in him

          His motives, I’m not convinced they’re altruistic and in service of the wider community
          Self promotion may lie beneath
          Just saying

          1. SOQ

            I get it but right now- anyone who shakes the lockdown tree is a useful comrade no matter what their aspiring celebrity status may be.

          2. Cian

            If, hypothetically speaking, the number of cases/deaths in Sweden started rising and they decided to go down the lockdown route – would you then think lockdown is a good idea?

    2. GiggidyGoo

      But, still, no actual opinion of your own, apart from an opinion on the actual people posting. I think a jigsaw may be about right in your own case. They make them with a small number of pieces – 10 or 15. Just about right for you.

  9. benblack

    Of all the websites in the world, I’d have to choose this one to have a direct connexion to, and they with me.

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