17 thoughts on “Tender Loving Kerr

  1. scottser

    i love brian kerr’s accent – it’s a dub accent that you don’t hear much anymore, especially those ‘liverpool’ R sounds; ‘Terry’s gorra lorra bour’im’

  2. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

    When we were coming back from Liverpool v Bournemouth in March, (the last league game before a crowd) myself and my Da were sat beside Brian on the flight home.
    You don’t like hassling people like that so we just said hello but I was reading When Saturday Comes and he asked where I got it and that led to a long chat about football and the then impending Covid crisis.
    He was an absolute gent with a genuine interest in what we had to say when you’d imagine most would rather be left alone.
    (maybe he lost his headphones) :)

  3. Ger

    Anti Dub or anti Brian Kerr?

    Kerr is the most knowledgeable football people on this Island, the way the fai treated him is a scandal, replaced as manager by the village idiot

    1. Happy

      you could say it is anti-dub, and we all hate them really (they even hate themselves a lot), but a lot of people just don’t like strong accents

    2. seanydelight

      Well said. North Dublin (though not confined to that area) accent is discriminated against.

      I guess broadcasters and these idiots commenting find it too easy to lampoon.

      But to challenge Kerr’s knowledge shows their ignorance.

  4. eamonn

    I really enjoy Brian’s commentary and his analysis.
    His knowledge and passion for the game shines like a light.
    Another thing that I love is that every now and again I learn a new word.
    Steumer (howler) is the most recent.
    Thanks Brian

  5. markdcp

    Met him once outside Bruxelles, didnt want to bother him but then my (extremely) drunk and loud mate came back from the toilets and made a holy show of pointing him out. I was mortified but Brian came up with a smile, had a few words and posed for a photo. I took away an impression of a gentleman and a very blurry photo.

  6. Ronnie

    Brian Kerr is the best football commentator in Ireland. Interesting, funny and knowledgeable. A proper football man. God spare us all the usual pundits/commentators with their inane cliches. Good man Brian !

  7. topsy

    Brian Kerr is a living legend. Witty, knowledgeable and extremely good football analyst & commentator.

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