The Distance Between


This afternoon.

East Wall, Dublin

Anti-lockdown protestors march from O’Connell Street along the quays until they are stopped by gardai from entering the Port Tunnel.




20 thoughts on “The Distance Between

    1. Gabby

      “Ireland is calling on her people.” They neglect to define “Ireland”. Who/What is she? Is she the wild hag of Beara, the black pig’s dyke/dike, Queen Medhb of Connacht, the fir bolg, Granuaile, that atheist chap Wolfe Tone… Or is she a postmodernist meta-concept? Was it for this the wild geese fled?

  1. MME

    Ah Jaysus, a lovely bunch of lads who put on their best trakkie bottoms, fake Canada Goose clobber (and erm, masks?! – wonder why that is?) to gather in town for a “peaceful” anti-mask demonstration. They definitely do not look like watrels and neer-do-wells who dragged their angry asses into town for a fight.

    We’re blessed to have these freedom fighters in our midst.

  2. f_lawless

    There seems to be a certain few setting a really nasty tone on many of Broadsheet’s posts. I think there’s nothing wrong with expressing your views – even those that might be perceived as extreme or angry -as long as you are commenting in good faith and back can up your reasoning. But attacking people based on their physical appearance or perceived social status is crossing the line -and along with the constant infantile name calling, is just tiresome and drags down the general level of discourse.

    1. Nigel

      I think there can be everything wrong with awful people expressing awful views, and with handwringing about their freedom of speech instead of standing up to them, opposing them and speaking out against them. Everything else in your comment is spot on.

      1. f_lawless

        This is interesting. Can you articulate why exactly it is you view the people in the videos as “awful people expressing awful views” (assuming that’s who you’re referring to)?

        I saw a couple of banners saying saying “no to lockdown” “no to forced vaccinations”.

        I heard snippets of two people talking to the Gardai. “What these politicians are telling you to do, does not supercede the constitution” ,… “too many people that have to deal with suicides in Ireland, all of you men and women of our nation are the ones who have to clean up the mess the establishment are the first responders , we need you on board with stand with the Irish and what this means to us ”

        In light of the devastating effect these continued restrictions are having on lives and livelihoods across the nation; with increasing numbers of Irish health professionals speaking out against government health policy; again why exactly do you characterise those in the videos as “awful people expressing awful views”? I’m sure their accents wouldn’t have anything to do with it, as that would simply be snobbish.

        1. Nigel

          I have no clue what their accents are. Anti-lockdown protests in the middle of a pandemic are awful. If they get their way they will make things worse.

    2. Kingfisher

      Yes. Horrible classist abuse. I absolutely disagree with these protesters and hate the fact that they are obviously endangering people by their unmasked gatherings, but the class-based sneering here is horrible.

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