At A Fair Clip


This afternoon.

Mountview Road, Dublin 15.

Bit of a squeeze, but progress spose.

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12 thoughts on “At A Fair Clip

  1. Jimmy TwoShoes

    The people who design these cycle lanes in Dublin have never sat on a bicycle in their lives.

  2. Shayna

    I’ve never been overly enamoured by cycle lanes. In the 90s, I cycled in central London, the cycle lanes were the bus and black cab lanes. Cycle couriers, who clearly had no regard for their own life/safety would weave in and out traffic and hop onto side-walks with people having to move aside. Not a great optic for the regular cyclist. In Brighton’s expansively wide and extensive seafront promenade, there’s a clearly marked cycle lane, yet pedestrians/tourists who are eating their fish ‘N’ chips/ice-creams, who battle with the swooping, marauding sea-gulls mill about in the cycle lane. I got my HGV1 licence nearly 20 years ago. The number one safety rule whilst driving a 65ft long vehicle, was look out for cyclists. There’s an additional mirror on every HGV vehicle – it’s called ‘The Cyclist Mirror’. There are so many blind-spots of a long vehicle – cyclists can be alongside the truck – beside the kerb, I promise you, it’s not a good idea. Also, anyone driving behind an artic – occasionly the truck will display the rear sticker on the trailer – “If you can’t see my wing mirrors – I can’t see you!” THIS IS COMPLETELY TRUE – YOU’RE TOO CLOSE! In 2010ish I drove a truck for Westlife on their UK tour – after completing a two week tour with David Gray – I wasn’t that great at following bridge weight restraints in Oxford. I went over a 3.5T bridge in a 18.5T Artic, I couldn’t reverse – it was a one way, someone called the cops – it was a palaver, altogether. I think my point is, cycle lanes aren’t respected, however wide. I hope this new scheme works out.

    1. Kingfisher

      It’s very weird that the single most useful device for saving pedestrians and cyclists is seldom used: transparent doors on trucks.
      It’s also strange that giant trucks are allowed to drive through highly populated areas.
      And speed – Amsterdam has just legislated to make the whole city a 30km/h zone, That would save so many lives in Irish cities and towns.

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