Death In Isolation


This morning.

The discovery of a woman’s body inside a tent at Lynch’s Lane, Ronanstown, Clondalkin last Saturday brought to more than 50 the number of homeless people who have died this year.

Via The Irish Examiner:

As of Monday night there were 133 homeless in Dublin and we are not even seeing the full extent of what is happening,” explained [Independent councillor and CEO/ Co- Founder of Inner City Helping Homeless] Anthony Flynn

He revealed that homeless people don’t feel safe in many privately funded hostels and shelters, “as many are the scrapping of the bottle of the barrel with too many people sharing sleeping arrangements.

Cllr Flynn added: “Despite advice from the Chief Medical Officer Tony Holohan for homeless people to seek shelter due to fears over their health and Covid-19 they feel safer on the streets because of poor conditions being provided.

“They don’t want to raise their chances of contracting the virus living in cramped and overcrowded conditions and they genuinely feel more secure going back out on the streets.”

Two bank holiday deaths bring to 50 number of homeless to die this year (Irish Examiner)

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12 thoughts on “Death In Isolation

  1. ian-oh

    How utterly dreadful, her life will now be reduced to a statistic and outside of those who knew her, very quickly forgotten.

    Who knows what led her to such a life but you can be fairly certain there some trauma that was never addressed because she wasn’t considered important.

    Maybe she had an emotional or mental health issue, possibly substance abuse.

    Maybe she had a home and was thrown out due to not being able to afford the rent anymore, maybe she lost her job during the pandemic and she was perfectly sane and healthy?

    Who knows, who really cares?

    But we will have the platitudes and turn the page.


    Desperate stuff.

    Ireland 2020. Where people are still dying in tents on the street. What are we now, just an economy?

  2. Enn

    You know, on this cold day this one just hits home so sadly. This girl was the same age as me. To think of a person dying alone like that, so young, is unbearable. RIP.

  3. Joe

    FF & FG are “keeping the economy going” and for the GP bluebots it’s “We got bicycle lanes” do they give a flying V about the poor individual dying on the street? No they will hold their nose as they step over them….

    Time to chuck these wasters out of government!

  4. Owen Evan

    The Left are far too obsessed with Trump, Transgenderism, and Cancel Culture to pay heed to any of this. It doesn’t generate enough likes and re tweets. The Right just doesn’t care. Both different sides of the same coin.

    1. scottser

      i think you’ll find that housing and homelessness was a central pillar of Sinn Fein’s last election campaign and goes some way to explaining their success in the same way it explains Fine Gael’s losses.

      1. scundered

        the party responsible for the absolute destruction of so much property in the past, now wants us to think they care about housing… the irony.

  5. Junkface

    The inhumanity of modern economics continues, pushing people out of homes into tents. That poor girl, jesus! RIP

  6. The Masked Raider

    Homeless people haven’t got a vote.
    Politicians have priorities.

    What do you not understand?

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