You May Remember This


Sack – Laughter Lines

Continuing our series of underrated Irish music since 1960 (unearthed by our recent Golden Discs competition), reader (and Zappa fan!) Andy Pipkin has a soft spot for 1990s Dublin indie guitar stalwarts Sack who were led by Martin McCann (now an ace DJ).

Andy says:

“From the opening unforgettable line to the brilliant chorus, the fantastic Sack and Laughter Lines…”

Nick says: The best medicine.

14 thoughts on “You May Remember This

    1. Hank

      I remember I saw them in Whelans one night and Morrissey was there leaning against a wall, nobody hassling him.

      1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

        I (still) love Morrissey, but I’d hate to meet him.
        Do you remember in The Importance of Being Morrissey when he met the fan backstage?

        1. Hank

          Yeah, but I always think, as a fan of his, that’s what you should expect if you were to meet him!
          The night in Whelans, I was coming out of the toilets mid-gig (back then, the venue toilets were beside the stage so you had to walk through the crowd) and I caught his eye and we kept eye contact for my walk from the toilet. It was like a jolt of lightening through my adolescent self! But I never even entertained the idea of approaching him

        2. Andy Pipkin

          In one of my previous roles, I had the task of looking after Sir Moz at an in-store signing for his first solo album.
          He had a very detail rider, including a particular water brand and food requirements.
          He also stated he would not sign any Smiths albums other Smiths merchandise.
          Come the day the guy couldn’t have been nicer, signed everything and spent a lot of time with the fans, some had queued overnight!

    1. Charger Salmons

      You know what hasn’t dated too much either ?
      Sat here in the man cave with a nice glass of red and listening to the howling gale outside for some reason I decided to put on Tubular Bells a while back, which I haven’t played in 20 years.
      Christ it brought back lots of memories of feeding stoned totty my special hash cakes and getting plugged into the vibe.
      And it stood the test of time as well, although I probably won’t play it again for another 20 years.

      1. Joe F

        Can you please check your spelling and grammar clown man? Obviously, typos are fine, everyone makes those, but when a clown like you lectures people about their writings……..

  1. Django O'Reilly

    Astoundingly good band, Martin McCann is a huge talent, but the Brereton brothers, John and Tony, are still some of the finest, and soundest, heads knocking around the Dublin music scene. As well as dj-ing, I believe Tony got into curing his own ‘Nduja in recent years. Think he’s living up in the mountains somewhere but comes down every now and then for a gig.

    1. Alfie H

      Probably my favourite irish band of all time, first time I went to see them in Charlies of aungier st the band were in the toilet before going on of the lads kicked the toilet door in while Martin was taking a dump always brilliant live .Cant believe they were not bigger. Brilliant vocals,lyrics and a band with great stage presence.
      Still among my most listened to band on spotify

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