25 thoughts on “Like A Crime Scene

    1. Eoin

      I do wish I could celebrate a ban on Christmas tat until at least the end of November……but the government have ruined it for me, coz it’s part of their inept, illogical, authoritarian and downright insane attempt to completely destroy a virus (for the first time in human history).

      1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

        If Ireland wanted to destroy the virus, the borders would be closed. Ireland is just trying to save some lives.

        1. Janet, dreams of warm feet

          if Ireland was trying to save lives they could start by taking some practical steps like addressing care home set ups and add ICU beds

      1. Janet, dreams of warm feet

        I have seen lots of people go with their trees up etc already, few reasons I think, to hasten in the end of a bad year, because some people love the cosy look and want to cheer up lockdown, to ease internal fears ” there will be no Christmas ” , because it’s predictable and reassuring to some and people want that. My take.

          1. millie

            Can’t get a pumpkin this year for love nor money. There was talk of nicking one off someone’s doorstep earlier in a fit of desperation.

          1. millie

            Are they nice? I have a mad fascination with them ever since GBBO but steamed pudding type things are a bit of squick for me so I’ve never even attempted them.

          2. Janet, dreams of a steamed clootie

            mind you I like steaming things, tibetan dumplings, fish, buns, the curtains etc

          3. missred

            Steamed the clootie, hehehe *giggles*

            I have made a barm brack this week then someone’s birthday cake with Halloween sweets on top

          4. Janet, dreams of a steamed clootie

            oh did you put in all the bits ! I wanted to make one but I’d be the only one who:d eat it so I did an almond yogurt cake last night to scratch the itch as it were.

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