To my little friends.

Gardaí seized four firearms, including two rifles, a handgun and a sawn-off shotgun, ammunition and €18,000 of suspected cocaine during an intelligence led operation in Finglas, Dublin yesterday evening.

Helluva drug.

Name those ‘pieces’, anyone?


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  1. alickdouglas

    The cartridges in the top right are blanks, specifically for ‘blank’ firing (or ‘alarm guns’). Legal in some parts of eastern europe, (but not Ireland, if not obvious) and guaranteed to result in brown pants (and possibly nasty burns and ruptured eardrums) if discharged at close range. Somewhat hard to tell what the pistol is, but given the blanks, I’d say it’s a Bruni GAP, a pretty convincing replica of a Glock 19. Looks like 2 cartridges of presumably 9×19 live ammo on the paper. A blank firing gun wouldn’t be able to do anything with those.

    Not sure there’s any way to reliably identify the rifles, they are some sort of modern bolt action, but could be rim or centre fire. Patterning on the handguard of the upper one, and the cheek rise suggests it’s decent, probably a Sako Finnfire which would be a rimfire in likely .22 (or .17). If that’s the case it’s a high end rimfire rifle, super for target or for hunting ‘varmint’ (for those that like that sort of thing). No iron sights though, so the fuppers who nicked it probably couldn’t hit the side of a barn with it.

          1. Janet, dreams of warm feet

            I have had to shelve my big gun dreams as I don’t trust myself with my neighbors kids during midterm, know thyself

  2. Johnny

    (If you’ve any pics the blow,I can probably add some color,what’s a eight ball in Dublin cost during Covid,weed up 50% a pound in NY,in general, gone from 3,000 a pound to 5,000- transport costs/ Cali fires but mostly demand)
    Ireland should just legalize it,great industry.

    1. Johnny

      Cannabis industry contribution to Canada GDP, (Chained 2012 $).

      $8.15B – Aug 19
      $8.11B – Sep 19
      $9.67B – Oct 19
      $8.78B – Nov 19
      $7.89B – Dec 19
      $7.68B – Jan 20
      $7.98B – Feb 20
      $8.10B – Mar 20
      $8.16B – Apr 20
      $8.78B – May 20
      $9.51B – Jun 20
      $8.85B – Jul 20
      $8.64B – Aug 20
      -StatsCan GDP figures show Canada’s cannabis industry has grown by 6% in August from a year earlier. The legal market’s contribution to GDP rose by about 25% in that same time. The illicit market represents about 44% of the pot industry’s contribution to Canada’s economy.

    2. paver

      Recently there was a report that the guards had found €7m of cannabis it was 352kg so roughly €20 a gram

      A pound is nearly 454g
      So if it costs $5000 because you are talking about America for some reason

      That works out at about €11 a gram, which is about €9:50
      They are still getting it cheaper then us

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