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    1. Joe F

      Any chance of you commenting on your hero Bozo old boy? Of course not, just when he does a complete U-turn on a lockdown you feel commenting on an Irish rugby loss is more important. Every time you comment, clown man, you convince me more and more that you worked for the Daily Express.

    2. Charger Salmons

      My biggest surprise from yesterday’s match was learning the French had a player called Dylan Cretin.
      I thought all the idiots were playing in green.

      I’ll get my beret.

      1. Janet, dreams of a steamed clootie

        Beret, the fashion choice of American teenage girls and older American ladies trying to look young.
        Do you pair it with weird jeans and oversized bright runners ? :)

    3. Charger Salmons

      Good to see big Paul O’Connell wearing the poppy during the BBC’s coverage of the Ireland game.
      Shows great respect not only for the country in which he was working but also the many thousands of brave Irish people who gave their lives in the defence of freedom.
      Top man Paul.

      1. Johnny

        I know people who’ve had,or claim to have had near death / afterlife experiences,like Borris it changes them.
        The yanks thinks he’s gone soft,doing a wobbly.
        What’s up ?
        Not inspiring much confidence,for the heavy lift ahead with a new yank,pro Irish,POTUS.
        Cmon Brexit go hard.

  1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    So, Boris is part of the New World Order, or is it the Global Reset? How about him and Bill Gates being good chums. Seriously, the virus is deadly and will overwhelm the health system of all countries if it is not acted against. I got about 30 seconds into Ivor’s YT video from August…”like all viruses” – what a sad joke. I am disappointed that he was given any time on this site. He has no idea how viruses work. I will follow the experts who have worked in that area for decades. Four days of zero cases in the last week in Victoria, Oz. Six million people, a long hard lockdown but it has worked. There were 650 in hosptial in August, now less than 10.

      1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

        @Pat — interesting article.

        “The extent to which a positive PCR result correlates with the infectious state of an individual is still being determined.”

        — I think everyone knows this.

        The author of the article doesn’t mention the 650 people that were in hospital in August, nor the over 700 deaths in Victoria.

        1. Pat Mustard

          “I think everyone knows this..”

          Knows what? That the testing is wrong or inaccurate?

          450 deaths is normal for a given month in Victoria. Last year in Victoria a total of 5700 people died. 450 is right on the average.

          Did you look this up before commenting hysteria on a daily basis?

      2. Formerly known as @ireland.com

        @Pat – This was the first year that 650 people were in hospital with COVID-19.
        What happens every other year is not relevant.

        I don’t promote hysteria – oh, the irony. I state facts. Idiots come on here and pretend there is no virus and promote the hysteria of “casedmics” and a “great reset”.

        Nice pseudonym, btw, just like your others.


        1. Pat Mustard

          The death figures are no different to previous years so those numbers you’re stating are irrelevant.

          The messy testing is enough for any sane person to be dubious of the numbers.

          The only person displaying hysteria here is you.

    1. SOQ

      @ formerly – It is interesting that you sit here waiting for the papers to go up in order to get your shall we say, authoritarian opinion in first- but anyways.

      Collective natural immunity is the tried and tested means of dealing with seasonal viral outbreaks since time began but instead, you advocate this social experiment of locking healthy people down, which has never been tried before- despite way more deadly viruses in circulation.

      Ivor’s analysis is correct- so far, we have not seen anything out of the ordinary for this time of year. The justification for our lockdown was that we were on the cusp of what happened in March- but that has not been reflected in hospital admissions because they have remained in the low three hundreds, and the speed of increase is nowhere near the same- despite an average of only 5 days before symptoms appear.

      “None of those who have denounced The Great Barrington Declaration have come up with such an alternative, as they surely would have done, if it existed.”- Lord Sumption.

      So what is your alternative formerly? Just keep killing people by lockdown because of a dodgy PCR test and wait for what? A rushed vaccine with a 50% efficacy rate and God knows what side-effects?

      That is not a strategy- that is criminal negligence.

      1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

        @SOQ – I am in Oz, we are 11 hours ahead, so the middle of your night is my morning. I like to see the news headlines and comment if I have something to add.

        When I see a project engineer talking rubbish about a deadly virus, I feel I should call it out. Community natural immunity does exist, not necessarily for CV19. Ivor thought we had it when he made his video. The reality is that most people have not been exposed to the virus and do not have immunity. Hence, the second wave. I will listen to people who know about viruses and immunity, not a bloke who makes YT videos.

        I am not making silly videos on YT, or attacking those that disagree with me on Twitter. I am guided by the Victorian Chief Heath Officer. He is working with a smart team. They modelled how the lockdown would suppress the virus here and got it bang on.

        For Ireland, there are tough choices. I know the way to beat it but I am not sure it is possible. Lockdown the island until the virus numbers are low. Force all arrivals into 2 week quarantine, until the vaccine is found. That is what is happening in NZ and Oz. That will work but is probably impossible. Obviously, NZ and OZ are not in the midde of Europe, with a highly mobile population.

        As for protecting the 25% of the population who are vulnerable, how do you do that? Long Covid – how do you fix that? ICU and hospital capacity being overwhelmed – how do you stop that?

        1. SOQ

          It is well established that immunity for CoVid-19 does exist- the only question is for how long. It has also known that people exposed to SARS-Cov-1 have some level of immunity which may somewhat explain the low incidence in Australia. 17 years later immunity exists for SARS-Cov-1- why would that not be the case for a variant of?

          Ivor’s work has of course been endorsed by Carl Heneghan of The Centre of Evidence Based Medicine at Oxford University- a fact you conveniently ignore in your personal attacks. You don’t need to a world renowned expert in infectious diseases like Dr. Sunetra Gupta to ask common sense questions like- why no extra overall fatalities?

          As for your solution- it is completely unworkable and like all lockdowns only delay the inevitable- meaning natural immunity. It is basically saying ‘the beatings will continue until morale improves’. That is not a strategy- that is making it up as you go along.

          Long Covid- or as it really is known- post viral syndrome- can occur after a number of viral infections and so far, there has been no evidence that post CoVid-19 is any more common than others. POP- another fear bubble burst.

          ICU and hospital capacity in neither Ireland or UK were overwhelmed last time around with a very sharp near vertical rise in infections- so why would they be over whelmed when so much slower rise this time ? POP- again.

          1. Lilly

            ‘Long Covid- or as it really is known- post viral syndrome- can occur after a number of viral infections and so far, there has been no evidence that post CoVid-19 is any more common than others. POP- another fear bubble burst.’

            You continue to downplay Long Covid, SOQ. Oddly enough, I’ve known plenty of people over the years to have had a bout of flu but rarely encountered anyone with ME (or other post-viral condition) as a result, whereas I know several people plagued with debilitating symptoms months after contracting Covid. So just because you have no evidence that it’s more common doesn’t mean that is so. It’s not called a novel virus for no reason.

          2. SOQ

            I am not downplaying it Lilly- current estimates is that one person in 50 have some sort of post viral syndrome- near all of which have cleared the infection so it is not ‘long CoVid”- it is post viral. But even assuming that 1:50 ratio is correct- is that any higher or lower than others? Do you know? I don’t.

            Let’s wait and see is my point because there has been way too much hysterical nonsense already.

            Oh and btw- if people previously infected with SARS-Cov-1 or other corona viruses have some level of immunity- which is looking increasingly likely- then by definition it is not a ‘novel’ virus.

          3. Formerly known as @ireland.com

            @SOQ –

            “ICU and hospital capacity in neither Ireland or UK were overwhelmed last time around with a very sharp near vertical rise in infections- so why would they be over whelmed when so much slower rise this time ? POP- again.”

            Exponential growth! Look any any graphs, look at the numbers in hospital. CV19 numbers have doubled in 5 weeks in Europe.

            “Ivor’s work has of course been endorsed by Carl Heneghan of The Centre of Evidence Based Medicine at Oxford University- a fact you conveniently ignore in your personal attacks. You don’t need to a world renowned expert in infectious diseases like Dr. Sunetra Gupta to ask common sense questions like- why no extra overall fatalities? ”

            — It is not just the fatalities. I give up.

            “As for your solution- it is completely unworkable and like all lockdowns only delay the inevitable- meaning natural immunity. It is basically saying ‘the beatings will continue until morale improves’. That is not a strategy- that is making it up as you go along. ”

            I am waiting for your solution. Herd immunity is not a strategy. It lasts four months, they reckon. It also ignores that it means lots of deaths, full hospitals and long Covid. But, hey, that must be a strategy if you support it. Oz and NZ had done it. It is possible. The current situation is not a strategy – that I agree with.

            Check out the data here:

          4. SOQ

            The current trajectory in Ireland is NOT exponential growth or anything close to it. There is no instantaneous rate of change to either hospitalisations or ICU admittance either here, or anywhere else in Europe. I suggest you check the definition of exponential growth before using it again.

            No it not just fatalities- Ivor’s work also includes hospitalisations so not sure what your point is apart from trying to have a go.

            What you call herd immunity is the ONLY solution and is going to happen one way or another. Whether you like it or not, that is exactly the stragey being pursued by leaving schools and universities open- just like Sweden.

            Under no circumstances could the Australia or New Zealand polices be pursued here because we are an island of two jurisdictions close to Britain and Europe.

            And, more importantly, the virus is already here, in every corner of the country.

          5. Formerly known as @ireland.com

            Ivor’s YT vid:
            Crucial Viewing – to truly understand our current Viral Issue #Casedemic

            “The title says it all – absolutely crucial that you see this, realize the reality – and share widely. You must understand that our epidemic has waned – and has been replaced with an irrational, unscientific Casedemic.”

            That hasn’t aged well.

            “A reminder that my extensive research efforts and interviewing/video/sound editing and much more does require support – please consider helping if you can at my Patreon Link: – thank you!
            For monthly donation to support me directly, or give a one-off payment – simply use the following link: ”

            He needs to have something to sell, so he can’t just say ‘listen to the experts’.

          6. SOQ

            But it HAS waned? The figures to date are nothing out of the ordinary for a autumn seasonal upturn. It is behaving exactly as expected for a virus settling into a equilibrium while natural immunity builds.

            Near ALL people who operate in this new media sphere do so on a voluntary funded model- it is the only way they can remain independent.

            Whether you agree with him not, Ivor clearly believes in what he is saying and taking such cheap shots while sitting a full income stream yourself- is more than a little disingenuous

  2. Politico

    So the Mail is ignoring the Leo story on its front page. Even a little section devoted to it at the top? No.

    1. Tommy Bohan

      The Mail sells less than 50,000 in Ireland now.
      It has fallen well behind the Sunday Times and the Sunday independent sells about 3 times as much.
      If it hadn’t turned into the Harry & Megan ( & Kate & Boris….) cheerleader it might be in a better position

    2. V aka Frilly Keane

      And that’s what caught your eye Politico?

      Not that it’s a Debbie McCann owned splash – and obviously from Garda sources inside and around the scene of that family tragedy

      The same Debbie McCann who gave conflicting evidence to Charleton,
      Who himself cast doubt about the authenticity of her sources
      The expression ‘ ether,’ being used if I remember right
      About a close family member being a high ranking Garda at the time

      Ha! Same kinda carry-on that Leo was at with his pals
      Sharing insider info

      Jesus all this ironing on a Sunday morning isn’t good for me

      Btw Broadsheet, one of the archive threads appearing this morning under Popular Posts features a heavy handed series of claims, that were never backed up, and proved, or denied by ye
      therefore, afaic, they are mistruths, that continue to age and mature. And hurt.
      Just some of many from that poster here about me btw
      Would you mind either correcting that poster
      Or dealing with it
      If not on my behalf, at least on behalf of Lil, who doesn’t deserve to be tagged nor dragged into that mess, that is clearly still resurfacing
      In which case, you might also – for once and for all, state who does and who doesn’t Moderate. Maybe actually provide the personnel behind the Their Gaff Their Rules from Day 1

      Thank you

  3. GiggidyGoo

    How deep will Leaky Leo dig a hole for himself – will he dig it deep enough for two, or more even? Was Simon Harris aware (as Health Minister)

    Is this payback time? Hogan, for instance, always kept his fingers in the pie and was a driver behind election planning and probably other ‘planning’, so would know the ins and outs of how ‘things are done’. Varadkar hung him out to dry.

    FG. put a lot of pressure on FF regarding Cowen (who resigned as Minister) and Calleary (who resigned as Deputy Leader) for actions that were nowhere near the act of leaking of government documents.

    Varadkar’s timeline doesn’t stand up. A leaking of State document that wasn’t even in the Dail domain, and which hadn’t been debated in the Dail, is a lot more than ‘not best practice’. To my mind it’s a crime. Maybe Varadkar will define ‘best practice’?

  4. Charger Salmons

    Contrary to some wild speculation on here I’m no fan of baked beans with my breakfast.
    I like my fry dry.
    Grilled Clonakility black and white pudding, SuperValu Traditional sausages, a fried corn-fed free range egg, some grilled tomatoes and fried mushrooms form the basis of my usual Sunday breakfast.
    And whilst I generally eat healthy toasted bread during the week Sunday has to be the wangiest white bread possible, usually Brennan’s.
    So you can imagine my surprise when Lady Charger just suggested some porridge,berries and nuts abomination to start the day.
    Apparently this lockdown is going to be healthier than the last one.
    I am not happy I can tell you.
    I know the country is suffering but some things just go beyond the pale.
    This is just going to be a crap Sunday from here on in.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Sunday is usually my day for letting standards drop.
        And anthropologically speaking I like to keep up to speed with the common people.
        But Lady Charger appears to be on some sort of a mission.
        No gin before 5pm !
        On a sodding Sunday !
        Gadzooks.This day really couldn’t have got off to a worse start.

      2. goldenbrown

        Brennans white sliced has one permitted job in my house – crisp sandwiches

        from years of trying nothing exceeds fresh Brennans + butter + King Cheese n Onion

    1. Brother Barnabas

      none of us like enforced change, charger – your disappointment is understandable. you have my empathy. however, try to remain respectful and polite. and grateful, too – those community home helpers – sorry, “lady charger”, I mean ; ) – are on next-to minimum wage. it’s no fun going into some cranky old lad’s hovel to feed and clean him, knowing full well he’ll be leaking wee down his leg as soon as you’re done with him. be nice and be happy – there’s a connection between the two.

      1. Johnny

        -extended Trumps.
        States most likely flip go Biden,I’m going with Trump gets wiped out,replacing Carter as worst,most unpopular president.

        1. Nebraska’s 2nd CD
        2. Michigan
        3. Arizona
        4. Wisconsin
        5. Pennsylvania
        6. North Carolina
        7. Georgia
        8. Florida
        9. Texas
        10. Maine’s 2nd CD
        11. Iowa
        12. Ohio

        1. goldenbrown

          not sure how that fits in with my terrible but I thought decentish Varadker joke Johnny but as we’re on the subject….

          the €50 bet I laid a while back for a Trump win @6/4 will be money well lost/spent if he’s completely annihilated

          but when you have scenarios brewing like yeehaws in their pickup trucks with gun racks on the back window surrounding and attempting to force Biden’s election bus off the road a Trump wipeout could lead to some major reactions…so maybe him losing a close-ish contest would turn out better, I dunno

          although who needs legitimate votes when you can steal instead?

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Daffy digging himself into a hole too probably. “Donohoe said that Varadkar had only shared the IMO GP contract after negotiations had concluded and after the details had been broadly circulated.” Radio 1, This week.

      Broadly circulated. Obviously meaning FGs friends, but not the public, and not members of Dáil Éireann. I know if I were in any FGers shoes at the moment, I’d be keeping my mouth shut. Varadkar is the bad apple in that basket case of a political party.

      1. V aka Frilly Keane

        Given the range of tenders and goodies dished out by the Confidence & Supply Government
        Rural Broadband and National Children’s Hospital are just two multi billion examples

        And the Acting Government
        Private Hospital Beds say

        This is school boys getting an advance copy of their Christmas Irish test stuff

        While it’s the beheavior and the act that is the issue, and a measure of Leo Varadkar’s calibre of both a professional Politican who was a senior Government Minister that held a number of portfolios, as well as Taoiseach
        And as a one-time GP
        Lemme tell ye there’s are 100s and more – far worse under the Oireachtas / Government Dept roofs

        And they’re all going to make sure this gets treated like a lad getting caught cogging his homework

        1. GiggidyGoo

          No doubt it’ll be attempted alright. Varadkars career objectives though will have taken a hammering. Any notions of a nice cushy ‘sail off into the sunset’ post with him being bowed to have well been scuppered.

          1. V aka Frilly Keane

            He just has to get to 50 and retire
            On his benchmarked Ministerial
            Or maybe he gets a Taoiseach top up
            I dunno
            C!an will be along – he’ll correct us

            + Whatever paying Board/ Chair gigs he picks up
            Still doing better – up to when he heads off to his eternal reward than most GPs from his year

          2. GiggidyGoo

            Even his best friends wouldn’t trust him with anything confidential after this. Cian is very quiet.

          3. V aka Frilly Keane

            But you see
            Directors – before the sit for their very first meeting
            Or even get a sight of any Board pack
            Has to sign a Confidentiality Pledge

            Directors of regulated organisations
            With good Governance and a track record of Compliance with Fitness & Probity standards

            Unless he gets an official Sanction
            From the CRO, or the ODCE
            Or some other Regulator
            Or gets adjudicated a Bankrupt
            Or stuck off some register for conduct unbecoming or whatever
            Gets charged and convicted of something really scummy but white collar,
            Like tax evasion, fraudulent trading, pulling numbers out of his bum, lying under oath, bouncing cheques, dodgy insurance claims, swearing false statements, Cheaters Cheat Us All stuff

            Wouldn’t worry about Leo
            I’m pretty sure he isn’t

            What you need now is for Maria Bailey to kick off
            Claiming One set of rules for her etc etc
            Double Standards etc etc
            Lads minding lads etc etc

          4. benblack

            Your posts, of late, V, are quite the thing.

            Are you an imposter, or has this Covid debacle transformed you?

            What has precipitated this transformation?

            Hopefully not the loss of income as compared to the increases afforded to others.

            Just trying to understand the motive for this obvious tonal change.

            A hymnal page change, perhaps?

  5. Joe F

    So you’re just going to totally ignore your pal Bozo’s complete U-turn on a lockdown? Joking on an Irish loss in rugby is more important old boy? You really are some clown.

  6. GiggidyGoo

    Can’t wait for the follow up book from Philip Ryan and Niall O’Connor. The first one ‘Leo Varadkar – a Very Modern Taoiseach’ was so good that Time Magazine just has to run a front page on its european issue.

    Titles of the second one would be very interesting. “Oops I did it again”, dedicated to Britney maybe.

  7. GiggidyGoor

    Miriam steering well clear of Varadkar.

    Katherine Zappone up first. To see how she’s getting on living if the US and her (forced) retirement from Irish politics.
    Diarmuid Martin on his upcoming retirement.
    Dolly Alderton on a book.

    Pre-recorded presented as live?

    1. V aka Frilly Keane

      + bill board campaign for that tool Brendan

      In Dublin lads – shurely that must run to 30 grand
      At least

      Grand for some huh

      1 November, and still no 2019 Annual Report
      So they’re probably going for a Double AGM
      Same for the FAI

      What are the odds the GAAs 2020 annual report will be published before we see anything for 2019 from the other pair
      Pretty slim now I’d say

  8. SOQ

    There IS another way to beat coronavirus, PM – and here it is: Oxford experts DR TOM JEFFERSON and PROFESSOR CARL HENEGHAN reveal the blueprint they have handed to Boris Johnson


    The references made here between the two numbers of 96000 and 56000 cases in the past 48 hours is the difference is I assume between Imperial College and Kings- as the two do not match- AT ALL. Kings uses data from the CoVid symptom tracker while Imperial just stare into a crystal ball I guess.

      1. Johnny

        So what you do during lockdown….some people me included get great joy out growing orchids,all the evidence (bodies) in states,supports science.
        I’d say the projections in England which had be verified and double checked were terrifying.

        1. V aka Frilly Keane

          Hey Johnny
          In one of my olde old recipe books I found an Irish Soda Bread recipe adapted specially for the ‘Merican cook/ palette

          And it allows for the addition of a ‘flavouring’

          Mebbe you’d be up for trying it out and reporting back etc

          1. Johnny

            Hi V,it’s Bond,Johnny Bond today:)

            The plan is to launch a baked brownie competition in new year,as part launching a online weed college,well a hybrid,some small in person and onsite.

            It’s for social equity to upskill minorities,prepare them for working in cannabis industry,

            There are some great free classes online in how to make cannabis butter,lash that on the bread.

            One the teachers / instructors treats his wife who has MS,and does not smoke,with amazing healthy edibles.

            Noticed – Leo’s hubby a consultant for Dennis at Beacon,quite the conflict sorry revelation!


            -first snow here in mountains-bit early but I’m off grid till after election,no way brooklyn

      2. Cian

        Hmmm..he is using out of date numbers me thinks. “Covid is 15th in the causes of deaths “.

        Lets see: 1,700 covid deaths last week in the UK.
        He saud 40,000 deaths per month = 10,000 per week.
        COVID was the cause of 17% of all deaths.

        COVID can’t be 15rh. It must be at least 6th, if not higher, this week.

    1. MacGafraidh

      Carl Heneghan – “There is no evidence of a second wave”. I’d like to draw his attention to Northern Ireland where they are currently going through a second wave and having to implement a ‘circuit breaker’. Stating that the cases no more exceed the typical volume of flu cases annually despite the fact that in both the predominant flus (H1N1 and H3) there was a slow down in cases presenting from 2017-2019, lower community and hospital activity relating to same.. Yet.. More cases of covid presenting currently and a sharp incline in the numbers versus both the seemingly non-existant first wave in March – July 2020 and versus last year. He’s looking at the whole of England and not considering that there are spikes and a second wave in some areas where other areas are seeing a decline in cases due to their local proactivity. Overall the numbers arent jumping up to evidence a second wave.. Because it’s not happening everywhere at the same time. Look at northern Ireland!!!

      1. SOQ

        Northern Ireland had a very low rate of infection last season- so much so that a few of the unionists were gloating at the difference between the two parts of the island.

        Stop thinking in waves for a minute and start thinking about percentage previously exposed- there you will find that communities which had it bad last time tend to have easier now- and vice versa.

        This is how natural immunity works- if a virus cannot find enough hosts then it will slip back into an equilibrium until enough new ones are available.

  9. Lilly

    Mail on Sunday taking a stance on the Kanturk killings but how could willing a farm to one brother while cutting the other out – where both are in careers outside farming – promote family harmony?

  10. GiggidyGoo

    The week in Politics cancelled.
    News at one leads with…..England’s lockdown for 90 seconds, followed by Ireland’s Covid report 30 seconds, and then Next up is Varadkars item – 15 seconds.
    Now it’s 2 minutes on how there’s as many sheep in ireland as humans.

    Varadkar is in deep doo doo. You can smell the fear. Question is who will he bring down with him? No one is safe. Even Mr. Boo Boo?

    1. V aka Frilly Keane

      No he’s not
      Nothing will happen

      If they do anything at all – beyond a nixer for some retired Judge, or a friendly SC who has had loads of cases put back to dickie up an investigation
      They’ll propose some new set of standards
      For Conduct in Office and for members of the Oireachtas
      Probably via the Ceann Comhairle’s office
      Like in-house training
      Ethics etc, that’ll go nowhere anyway
      And that’ll be the height of it

        1. MME

          Unless there is more to come out, I am not exactly moved about this “scoop”. Aside from the hilarious window-dressing and OTT padding in the Village article, it boils down to showing mates a contract which they didn’t really even benefit from? Am I missing something? Irish politics is riddled with patronage and cronyism? Shock horror.

          Not a popular opinion no doubt in these parts but unless he fupps up on Tuesday, I am not sure Leo is going away for good on this.

          Also, I am not that bothered TBH. Nail on the head by Frills: Varadkar’s offences are teeny tiny compared to the serious systemic dysfunction she references in a previous post above, about which nothing will ever be done.

          As, I say my view is no doubt not at all what your average BS enthusiast wants to hear. Lol!

          1. MME

            Guffaw – all a conspiracy to wind you up Giggidygoo! Because you matter.

            Still, you could do with a bit of delegation yourself Giggs. Sure, aren’t you desperate for a rest. ZZzzzz.


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