Win Nick’s Voucher [Extended]


Thank Felicity it’s Friday.

That means it’s time for another music competition.

If music be the food of love…

This week I want to know what’s your favourite song whose lyrics mention a fruit.

Here’s mine.

Reply below for a chance to win a succulent €25 Golden Discs voucher.

The winner will be chosen by my food taster.

Lines close at Saturday 11am.

Please include video link if possible.

Nick says: Good luck!

Earlier: Misheard Immunity

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104 thoughts on “Win Nick’s Voucher [Extended]

    1. Will

      Was gonna suggest this one. Crush not least for its Trumpian relevance. What a tune. What a terrific period of REM.

  1. Dermbob

    Couldn’t choose between Banana Republic The Boomtown Rats – or Orange Crush – R.E.M. either way both good songs

    1. Boj

      Thats one of my misheard lyrics songs. Used to think that song was called Pigeons…
      “millions of pigeons…pigeons for free…” :-)

  2. Charger Salmons

    I ALWAYS sing this when I’m happy drunk.
    Back in the day when songs were only two and a half minutes long this was a classic and perfectly captures Dean Martin’s soulful voice that wowed the ladies but later in life as tragedy struck turned into something more maudlin.
    The only song in the history of popular music that contains a key change that doesn’t make you shudder.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      good choice

      trying to figure how it would sound in a thick brummie falsetto but cant quite

    1. Will

      GREAT choice… fits in to last weeks theme as I would have been slightly worried about singing that line out loud for fear of having actually misheard the lyric and some cooler person laughing at me
      “Wha’?! You think it says, “Twistin’ my melon man?!! Hahaha” but yeah good song. A lot of people who like that band are knobs though, let’s be honest here.

  3. eamonn

    US3 – Cantaloop.
    I may be straying off the path of absolute correctness, in so far as I don’t know does cantaloop get a mention in the lyric, but the tune is called cantaloop, I am fairly sure a cantaloop is a fruit ? I did know folks who used to call mushrooms cantaloops but I think they were misinformed.
    Back to the old grind stone for eamonn now. I will be thinking of fruit for the rest of my day now – cheers Nick.

    1. Rosette of Sirius

      You did and I was going to but decided against it as it doesn’t reference ‘a fruit’. But man I adore this song.

  4. alickdouglas

    “Mind the oranges, Marlon!”

    Stump, Buffalo

    And that’s a band that shurely should be in the forgotten Irish bands since the 1960s. Er, I mean, not in the forgotten bands, but are. Oh whatever. I like them.

    “How much is the fish?! How much is the chips? Does the fish have chips, does the fish have CHIPS!”

  5. axelf

    as the late, great Sean Connery said “there can be only one (song with fruit in the lyrics)”

    and that song is Strange fruit by Billie Holliday; a damning indictment of the brutality of the southern states which still carried out the barbaric practice of lynching. many feel that it was the start of the civil rights movement in America. as important as it heartbreaking

  6. Ben Madigan

    Frank Black at his lyrical best:

    I told the tale of a girl but I call her a woman
    She’s a little bit older than me
    Strong legs, strong face, voice like milk breasts like a cluster of grapes
    I can’t escape her ways she raised me

    Pixies – I’ve been tired

  7. Charger Salmons

    Deep in the Charger man cave with a log fire and a nice peaty single malt on the go I invariably play at least one John Prine song most evenings.
    An early victim of Covid-19 his passing didn’t get the attention it deserved – just a brilliant songwriter who walked the walk and lived the life.
    I figured I’d find fruit mentioned somewhere in his output but bizarrely the one song title that did – Bruised Orange – didn’t have it in the lyrics.
    But then I remembered this track which mentions apples once which I reckon is enough to get him into the competition.
    This version even has a young Steven Bannon on mandolin…

  8. millie

    Yes, We Have No Bananas by Louis Prima

    I might be taking it too literally, but this immediately came to mind. Can’t help smiling when I hear it and it always gives me an awful urge to watch Humphrey Bogart and Audrey Hepburn discuss Paris on a yacht in one of my favourite movies of all time.

  9. Niall

    This version of Summer Wine sung by Andrea Corr and Bono and is a reworking of a 1967 Nancy Sinatra / Lee Hazlewood number.
    My heart skips a beat Every time I hear Andrea sing:
    “Strawberries, cherries and an angel’s kiss in spring……….”

  10. Otis Blue

    “I wonder of our future and where it will lead to. I wonder if you’ll be laying there 10 years 20 years 30 years down the line. I’ll still be staring out at the street confused about love and life.
    It’ll be interesting to see if anyone ever bought those songs of mine. If anyone heard those words that I never got quite right. I think I can be honest in presuming the world is not exactly going to be leaping out its bed to make me rich using my songs in adverts
    selling oranges or lemons…”

    Woozy with Cider – James Yorkston

  11. Johnny

    …the backdrop to the Brooklyn’ ‘scene’ is/was Blonde Redhead,the coolest hipster NY band.
    they first came to peoples attention with the release of Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons,evoking comparisons to that other great NY band Sonic Youth.
    they quickly became the purveyors of all things avant-garde and chic in the NYC indie music underground, the group’s hipness quotient is horribly precious.
    with Japanese vocalist/guitarist Kazu Makino and Italian twins Amedeo (vocals/guitar) and Simone Pace (drums), Blonde Redhead’s self-consciously arty clang made them THE hip “no-wave” New York band.

    this is ballad of lemons.

    …but the real reason is to plug lead singer KAZU debut album Adult Baby with Ryuichi Sakamoto, Greg Saunier.

    what better way to start a Sunday:)

    KAZU – Come Behind Me, So Good!

    1. Johnny

      Sunday morning Japanese influenced playlist for slow Joe, its a fabulous sunny 70’s in NY-graet mood great vibes everywhere,a new dawn,a new morning has broken in America, the NY sound on the streets,actually no, not at all…about hit beach, take a long fast drive, meet friends for brunch, normal things…have a great day locked up like filthy animals:)

      Minami Deutsch – Can’t Get There


      -brooklyn based

      -i’m sure they all have songs with fruit in their back catalogue ….

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