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    1. Micko

      Brilliant! Good to see

      Holohan & muppets destroying our society because 0.03% of our population died.


        1. Micko

          Well, we already sacrifice 0.06% of our global population to pollution caused by our actions here on the planet. 4.2 million a year according to the WHO.

          But they are mostly brown and Asian people. Are they surplus to your requirements?

          But the second ol Whitey is endangered. Particularly old white men, well then it’s



          1. Charlie

            Nobody is surplus to requirements Micko. Get a grip of yourself and stick with the problem at hand. The majority are adhering and it’s saving lives. No amount of pints of porter are worth their lives. Behave.

    2. bisted

      …edgy…but I’m with the Co…these pics just show what a tiny minority the pro-sickness crowd are…don’t worry though…we’ll probably have the latest surge surpressed in time for the 12 pubs…

      1. Micko

        Maybe edgy in your opinion, but true.

        Also, Bisted you never answered my question from last week.

        How much of our culture and society and economy are you willing to sacrifice to keep everyone alive?

          1. Micko

            No Cian, you guys pull that question all the time and it’s designed to give you the moral high ground as any answer makes me out to be a murderer ;)

            So how about you answer me first. ( I’m guessing you won’t)

            How much of our lives and society and culture and all the things that make us who we are are you willing to sacrifice to keep everyone safe?

          2. jockey

            Q: How much of our lives and society and culture and all the things that make us who we are are you willing to sacrifice to keep everyone safe?

            Jockey Answer: For a few months, absolutely all of it.

          3. Micko

            Jockey, if it was for a few months, I’d go for it mate. I’d be 100% on board too.

            But as it goes right now, this is going to go on for a very long time. The goal posts keep moving

            How did ‘Flatten the curve” become “Flatten the economy and society”?

        1. bisted

          …maybe Micko you could stop answering a question with a question…but I’ll try…we don’t know…this is a new virus…those of us who didn’t miss Modelling101 learnt about exponentials were shocked…the health experts presented their figures based on models and eventually they were accepted…there was amazing solidarity in this country as in others…ok…a few partied…planeloads of tourists arrived in the West and Keeling fruit pickers in the East…but…the streets were empty and until a vaccine arrives the virus may not be defeated but solidarity will continue to supress it…

          1. Micko

            So all of our culture and society it is then. Coz a safe vaccine ain’t coming anytime soon pal.

            Ye know the well known archaeologist and TV presenter Neil Oliver said the other day that the parallels of you guys and a cult or religion were astounding to him.

            He thought that the Vaccine was very similar to the Eucharist in Catholicism.

            It’s an interesting watch – you won’t watch it of course, but other might.

          2. Micko

            Don’t like the truth so you resort to insults, eh Charlie?


            I’m 100% Sober old boy ;-)

          3. Micko

            Did ya watch that video above Charles?

            It talks about your new religion. The one you didn’t even know you were a part of. ;)

          4. Frank

            well said Micko. but your wasting your time. there is a cohort that never want this to end because they’re either
            a. getting paid not to work.
            b. working from home but not really working.
            c. doing very nicely from the pandemic eg. GPs
            d. doing the maximum of minimum in a state job.
            no argument you can make will stop this gravy train. any fool can see whats going on at this point.

          5. Charlie


            e. Working as hard as ever without any pandemic handout.
            f. caring for the vulnerable in our society.
            g. Dying for the day this all ends and finding a holiday somewhere…anywhere!

            Oh, and sorry Micko, I didn’t watch whatever cherrypicked arguement you posted to bolster your anger. Wash your hands!

          6. Micko

            Ta @Frank

            And Come on Charlie

            You wouldn’t watch a 10 min interview with a well known and well respected archaeologist because it disagrees with your beliefs? Are they that weak?

            Yup- Sounds kinda like a religion to me.

  1. diddy

    are same lane allowed sell pints out the window under level 5? and who’s responsibility is it when these punters need a slash?

    1. Fergalito

      I care not for your system of slash and poo relief, I am a free man and will wee and poo where I like. Your fascist laws cannot demand I use a “toilet” and in doing so impinging on my liberty and birth right for indiscriminate defoulment…

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