Though The Heavens Fall


Chief Justice Frank Clarke (left) and Supreme Court Justice Seámus Woulfe


This afternoon.

Didn’t see that one coming.

Efforts to impeach Supreme Court judge Seamus Woulfe ‘likely to fail’ (Brian Mahon, The Times)




Good grief.


All correspondence.

*adjusts wig*

18 thoughts on “Though The Heavens Fall

  1. Johnny

    …put a pic up of a yank supreme court judge and see how many comments,always amazes me the lack interest in judicial appointments in Irl-its completely and totally corrupt.

    1. Barry the Hatchet

      I agree that the appointments process here is a farce. But the difference between Ireland the US is that, once Judges are appointed here, they do tend to act with genuine independence rather than in the nakedly partisan manner we see in the US. So although the system is not acceptable, it’s less of an obvious problem.

      1. Johnny

        funny you should say that:)
        -Alito Jr. told the Federalist Society on Thursday night that the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in previously “unimaginable” restrictions on individual liberty..

        “We have never before seen restrictions as severe, extensive and prolonged as those experienced for most of 2020″

        this sealed his and the courts fate, after which, because his partisan stance it will now get expanded, he will now forever be remembered as a hack, if at all.

        speech here.

  2. daveo

    i wonder what Clarksy’s motivations are. denham gave woulfe a get out of jail free card.
    the government cant do anything.
    Its well known that clarksy wants him gone. so he has voiced his protests So not sure why he is pushing it?

    not sure how it brings the SC into disrepute. anything that woulfe rules on that relates to this area would be in disrepute. imagine woulfe giving judgment on separation of powers, or anything pandemic related.

  3. Joe

    Why would Woulfe resign? All he has to do is point at the despicable behaviour of rotisserie taoiseach Leo The Leaker and how his dishonourable position was supported by Mehole Martin and grovelling Greenwash lickspittle Eamon Ryan and company

    1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

      Perhaps because Judgement is in his job title.
      We do permit a degree of error in politics. Malfeasance, less so, but at least we have our say every few years.
      A judge stays till they’re 70.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        I must say that I’m extremely disappointed in Helen McEntee. She handled herself relatively well during the Brexit negotiations. I could even overlook her being in FG (and that for me would be hard) since she was elected as she came across as someone that had more than party interests at heart.
        Her performance since being made Justice Minister has left me dumbfounded, and she’s shown herself to not be worthy of such high office. She hasn’t done the office of Justice Minister any good.

          1. V aka Frilly Keane


            I’d say Regina has Alan Farrell rattled alright

            But not the Minister for Justice
            Far from it I’d say

            Incidentally, I am disappointed that Helen let the oul’ fellas in there get to her
            With this appointment

            If she finds her balls
            She should let it slip over the Sunday talk-abouts
            How disgusted she is with the arrogance of Shameless Woulfe, the lack of respect for his colleagues
            And his insistence of bringing the AGs office and now the Supreme Court into disrepute
            That he’ll never have the regard and trust of the Minister for Justice
            ’cause that’s what Is be doing

          1. V aka Frilly Keane

            Not within the Dept tho’

            One of the most senior none Political appointments in the Dept of Finance told me she was smarter and sharper than anyone involved in the Brexit Brief then

            And she’s all work
            No Politicking or pandering for PR / Coverage
            Or for time with leadership

            Third party info, but I know this lad and he’s no fool

  4. Lilly

    I saw that coming alright after reading the Colm Keena piece I posted in De Papers earlier. It could be just bluff, Clarke & Co upping the ante. It could be Clarke’s bruised ego, having gone out on a limb yet failed to see the Woulfe off. I seriously doubt anyone will resign.

    ‘Another barrister, again speaking off the record, speculated that if Mr Justice Woulfe did not resign, there was a possibility others in the court might resign in protest, given that the Chief Justice had asked Mr Justice Woulfe to go, and the judge had refused to do so.’

  5. John F

    Do you are are honestly think that the man cares!?
    He will resign with a generous golden handshake and a massive pension for the rest of his days. The whole matter will quickly disappear from the public consciousness.
    On the larger issue of Clifton the public really need to know who Brian Haye’s special guests were and need to pay attention to the cosy relationship between politicians, special interest groups, the judiciary and the media. The government know that Woulfe is burned, however, by keeping public discourse focused on this, they are hoping to avoid other more difficult questions and eventually that the Hall golfgate incident will fizzle out.

  6. Kate

    Phil didn’t bring luck to Adare Manor where he apparently golfed on route to Clifton golf gate. The billionaire JP has furlonged 300 staff, and now takeaway service available.
    4 fish and chips takeout will cost you 88 euros.
    Bon Appetit !

  7. Kate

    Phil’s golf outing at Adare Manor on route to Golfgate would suggest it was a warm up to the main event! Billionaire JP has now furlonged 300 staff .
    Takeaway now available from the Manor and fish & chips for a family of four would set you back 88 euros.

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