The Government is considering fines of less than €300 for people gathering outside to drink alcohol, under proposals going to Cabinet

Our betters in government think
That meeting outdoors for a drink
Of beer or of wine
Should result in a fine
So pay up or you’ll go to the clink

John Moynes


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8 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

      1. Hank

        Told who? You think if a government try to ban people gathering outside with the threat of fines for doing so, that people won’t rebel against that?
        Do you think they shouldn’t rebel against that and, if so, why?
        Also, why do you think people shouldn’t be allowed to gather outside?
        Can’t wait for you to enlighten me..

        1. Toby

          Rebel all you like. But why would you think that your knowledge or advice trumps that of scientists, doctors, epidemiologists all over the world when they tell you that gathering in crowds adds to the spreading of a virus that kills?

          I cant wait for you to enlighten me.

  1. frank

    Why is the assumption being made that the people drinking on the street are then spreading the virus to the vulnerable groups?
    Everyone of those individuals could be going home afterwards and self isolating for the required 14 days. Making the assumption otherwise is some kind of societal profiling, thought crime or future crime – take your pick. Is that what NPHET are doing now?

    Also drinking in groups is to be discouraged so drinking alone is to be encouraged??

  2. v AKA Frilly Keane

    look it

    as soon as they tot up all the flexi hours the DoH HSE and n’ the other public sector NEPHET members have accrued
    and they discover that they may not be allowed carry them over into next year
    or that their role by contract, has a cap on max allowed

    This will be over
    1st Jan, exactly as last January
    Only 30 billion more in debt
    10% of the SME sector in Liquidation
    the HSE as effed as it ever was only 1,000,000 more on waiting lists
    And GPs will refuse Medical Cards until their COVID payments are completed

    but more importantly -what will Tubs broadcast without Luke o Neill
    or the RTE news teams without NEPHET

    Still no accounts for YE 2019 btw

  3. Nigel

    Has anyone checked up on meat-packing factories, direct provision centres or care homes lately? What about employers insisting employees who can work from home come in to offices? Hanging around outside drinking looks bad, but experience so far has shown that open-air gatherings aren’t that risky.

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