Meanwhile, At The Four Courts


This afternoon.

Dublin 1.

Gemma O’Doherty and John Waters with their supporters, arriving outside the Four Courts before they filed papers in their ongoing effort to obtain a High Court hearing into the constitutionality of laws introduced in response to the rona.

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32 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At The Four Courts

  1. ReproBertie

    I wonder if they have figured out which part of the constitution they think it breaches. Last time out they seemed to believe the judge would tell them.

    1. Scundered

      How on earth can that lady get through daily life with all the extra baggage she must be dragging, with her tendency to argue with absolutely everyone? It’s like she’s determined to live the worst life she can

  2. ian-oh

    Why on earth has that Dee one not been arrested already – shouting and screaming in the foyer of a criminal court with no mask on?

    Although sources who are fairly ropey have told me that they are letting her carry on and they intending hitting her and 5Gem with a rather large charge sheet.

    1. Charlie

      Dee shouts & screams her head off outside the GPO every weekend (and on occasional weekdays). It’s almost worth the visit just to hear her mangle the English language and watch the scrotes nodding and roaring approval.

  3. Liam Deliverance

    RUN JOHN!, while you still have the chance, somewhere overseas preferably, but run, before it’s too late!

  4. Barry the Hatchet

    Oh my goodness I didn’t realise there was a transcript. What a delight! That’s my Friday night sorted.

  5. Ger

    Yet banning religious services is unconstitutional, and the judge who was supposed to hear the case has postponed it until lockdown is lifted.

    I’m no fan of O’Doherty, but this government has most certainly introduced legislation that is illegal.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      They’re not banned, religious buildings are closed for the same reason shops and pubs are. Like enjoying a few drinks at home, people who want to can listen to masses and services broadcast every day. If you really really need to go to a church to get your faith fix, you can always tag along to a funeral.

      1. SOQ

        What a nasty thing to say- churches are nothing like shops and pubs- because of their scale they can easily maintain a social distance. As for funerals- you clearly haven’t been to many lately or you would know that they are family only.

        Banning religious services IS unconstitutional

          1. SOQ

            Amazing the upfront hatred some people have for religions like it is a liberal trait- it is not- it is the excact opposite.

            There is no reason for churches and services to be closed- none.

  6. Kolmo

    I wish I had the money and the spare time to be lashing low-on-detail misfit crank nonsense to the high- court, its like really expensive and time-consuming trolling. It’ll be tossed out like the previous batch of mortifying indignity.
    What has the multiple trí-colours got to do with anything they are saying?

  7. Cui Bono?

    I think she’s controlled opposition.

    I’ve zero proof. It’s just my instincts.

    She just doesn’t come across as genuine and she does a great job discrediting legitimate concerns and truths.

  8. scottser

    I’m waiting on a court date myself and there’s no chance it’ll be heard even next year. I’m told that even criminal trials scheduled for this year are being put back until 2022.
    This tosh should be right at the back of the queue.

  9. Kate

    I admire them for their efforts in studying the Constitution and for taking this High Court action.
    Look at Vicki Phelan. Catherine Corless, Maurice mc Cabe, Bill Mayer, Lucia o Farrell., among numerous others . All “non” stories, “nothing to see here” but due to tenacity, sheer grit at great personal cost ,people are aware of shocking shortcomings in government . A caretaker goverment with 3 TD’s who lost their seats on board introducting lockdown sucks.

  10. Karl

    Quote from the 1st transcript:

    MS O’DOHERTY: So you are suggesting that Covid 19 is a threat to our life, it has
    clearly been shown it is not. The average age of death is up in the high 80s.
    JUDGE: Sorry, Ms O’Doherty, Ms O’Doherty —
    MS O’DOHERTY: These are people who are dying anyway —

    Again: MS O’DOHERTY: These are people who are dying anyway —

    Cold hearted wench

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