Yule May Like This


Mary Coughlan – Family Life

Now this is something special.

National treasure Mary Coughlan conjures a deeply felt cover of The Blue Nile‘s heartbreaking Christmas ballad Family Life from her new album Life Stories.

Mary says:

“The track ‘Family Life’ is deeply personal to me, I think it will resonate with people this Christmas in particular.”

Ain’t that the truth.

And here‘s the original version.

Nick says: Happy Christmas, Mary.

Life Stories

3 thoughts on “Yule May Like This

  1. bisted

    …been a long time fan of Mary’s but the last two small gigs have been by far the best…she seems to be getting better…she seemed to enjoy singing as much as we enjoyed listening…

  2. Paulus

    I’d say that when Mary sees the National Treasure comment her response will begin with:
    “Ah would ya ever…..”

    (Even though she is of course).

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