The Hugs Don’t Work They Just Make It Worse


From top: Dublin Airport at Christmas; Professor Luke O’Neill

This morning.


Biochemistry professor at Trinity College Professor Luke O’Neill has told Claire Byrne on RTÉ Radio One that people can have ‘a very quick hug‘ outside ‘as it’s Christmas’.

Prof O’Neill said that children should “hug their grandparents briefly outdoors, while wearing a mask”.

He said “sadly the less time the better” is the best way to reduce the risk of passing on the virus to older people.

Don’t pass the gravy boat,” Prof O’Neill advised.

Thanks, Luke.


Via Irish Examiner:

The Government is to allow people to visit their family members on Christmas Day — but hugging their relations will not be permitted.

After the three party leaders in Government met on Monday night ahead of a key Cabinet meeting today, the Irish Examiner understands that while level 3 restrictions will apply in the main, the Government will permit “unfettered” movement across the country to allow families to come together.

All retail, gyms, and hairdressers will be able to open from next week, while a decision on restaurants and other pubs is likely to be made at a later date, possibly the following week.

Restaurants say that they have been told by the Government that daily cases have to be in the 200s for their reopening to be viable.

Strict warnings about keeping gatherings in homes safe will form a central part of the messaging to be rolled out later this week.

These will include ensuring no physical contact with family members not in your immediate family, and that rooms remain well ventilated throughout.

No hugging but government to dismantle travel restrictions for Christmas (Irish Examiner)

RollingNews/Claire Byrne Live

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27 thoughts on “The Hugs Don’t Work They Just Make It Worse

  1. Redundant Proofreaders Society

    Will those embraces feed back positively into the ‘WORRY INDEX’?

    Honestly, this is the funniest country to live in. It has more of an island mentality than a post-colonial one.

    Spoke with a colleague in Mumbai yesterday, who was hopeful that Indian cases were reduced from 80K to 50k per day. He had lost two members of his wider family. While the vaccine development was positive, he more or less hinted that so-called Western societies of the US and Europe will receive the jab(s) a good six months before India.

  2. frank

    I know how you can hug your loved ones….
    Stop watching the news.
    I know how you can enjoy Christmas….
    Stop watching the news.
    I know how you can stop worrying about Covid 19….
    Stop watching the news.

    The vaccine was there all the time. Right in front of our eyes…
    Stop watching the news.
    Moz, take it away…

  3. george

    It is a public health guideline not a law. There is a real risk of thousands of infections being seeded on Christmas day and many more over the Christmas period. It also likely there will be a trolley crisis in January.

    1. John Davis

      Who cares, nobody is dying, influenza is gone and there is no overcrowding in our hospitals for the first time in years.

      1. george

        Who cares? There is currently not an over crowding problem due to covid-19 related restrictions. If that changes then everyone with a brain will care especially people admitted to overcrowded hospitals; their families; and the healthcare workers trying to deal with the mess.

        This isn’t imaginary it has already happened elsewhere.

    2. Johnnythree

      Yes but what are people to do? Not see anyone? For how long? They don’t even know what measures work or don’t work. MM talking yesterday about ‘alcohol’ being the thing that causes clusters of cases. Tony H talking about car parks being ‘full’ – like so what? The car parks are not full BTW. But these half truths being sent out there. People get sick of it.

      1. george

        We do know what measures work, minimising social contacts including not hugging people from outside your household is a fairly simple one.

        Try reading the news the odd time, there are number of vaccines expected to begin distribution soon. In the meantime try to grow up and not contribute to hospitals becoming overwhelmed in January because that’s much worse than having a limited social for a while.

  4. Johnnythree

    If only they had massive increases in funding to use to solve the health crisis and a competent Govt and health minister.

  5. gallantman

    You say, Luke O’Neill Biochemistry Professor at Trinity College… Montrose might be more accurate.

        1. millie

          Yes. A great plank would do nicely. Best make sure people don’t mistake it as a statue for Pat Kenny mind you.

    1. george

      We’ve had it since March. It’s called social distancing. 2-3 weeks before Belgium’s covid-19 cases increased out of control the government there advised people that it was ok to hug 5 people from outside your household each month.

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