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From top: Dublin Airport at Christmas; Professor Luke O’Neill

This morning.


Biochemistry professor at Trinity College Professor Luke O’Neill has told Claire Byrne on RTÉ Radio One that people can have ‘a very quick hug‘ outside ‘as it’s Christmas’.

Prof O’Neill said that children should “hug their grandparents briefly outdoors, while wearing a mask”.

He said “sadly the less time the better” is the best way to reduce the risk of passing on the virus to older people.

Don’t pass the gravy boat,” Prof O’Neill advised.

Thanks, Luke.


Via Irish Examiner:

The Government is to allow people to visit their family members on Christmas Day — but hugging their relations will not be permitted.

After the three party leaders in Government met on Monday night ahead of a key Cabinet meeting today, the Irish Examiner understands that while level 3 restrictions will apply in the main, the Government will permit “unfettered” movement across the country to allow families to come together.

All retail, gyms, and hairdressers will be able to open from next week, while a decision on restaurants and other pubs is likely to be made at a later date, possibly the following week.

Restaurants say that they have been told by the Government that daily cases have to be in the 200s for their reopening to be viable.

Strict warnings about keeping gatherings in homes safe will form a central part of the messaging to be rolled out later this week.

These will include ensuring no physical contact with family members not in your immediate family, and that rooms remain well ventilated throughout.

No hugging but government to dismantle travel restrictions for Christmas (Irish Examiner)

RollingNews/Claire Byrne Live

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Last night.

The VMA Awards.

If it encourages young people to muzzle, it’ll be worth all the autotuned, transhuman gyrating.



This evening.

Compulsory maskage?

To the bikes!

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Slow Byrne





This afternoon.

Fade Street, Dublin 2.

RTÉ’s Will Goodbody tweetz:

Previously open plan, this is what the radical alterations made by the Market Bar in Dublin to enable it to reopen today look like. Individual booths for all customer groups. Capacity has more or less halved as a result, but it still needs the same number of staff.

Market Bar