‘Their PE Uniform Was Not Being Worn Properly’


Presentation College Carlow Principal Ray Murray (above) said nothing “inappropriate, wrong or uncomfortable” was said to female students in a school assembly 

This morning.

RTE Radio One’s Morning Ireland.

Principal of Presentation College Carlow Ray Murray denied claims that girls at the school were told to stop wearing leggings or tight tracksuit bottoms as they ‘distracted male staff.

Via RTÉ:

Mr Murray said that the school’s uniform regulations “had not changed at all”, despite reports to the contrary, and he said that he is “bemused and annoyed” about some “scandalous comments” on social media, which he said were damaging to staff.

Mr Murray explained that he and other members of staff had noticed that on PE days when the students can wear PE gear that students, particularly the girls, were not following the school regulations and “it was becoming more of a fashion show” than anything else.

It was decided to hold assemblies to give students “a reminder of what the full school regulations about uniform are”.

He said the boys were not spoken to as the issue was primarily with the girls and he defended this decision, saying space was limited and also that the teaching staff did not want to embarrass the girls.

He said their PE uniform was not being worn properly, particularly instead of tracksuits some were wearing “a variety of garments, particularly leggings”.

He said no remark was made about teachers being uncomfortable with what the girls were wearing and that the notion that it was said that “girls cannot wear leggings because…” was wrong.

“If a wrong message came through, obviously we do not want that to happen and I have an open-door policy for talking to the kids”, he said.

Carlow school principal refutes claims over PE gear (RTÉ)

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50 thoughts on “‘Their PE Uniform Was Not Being Worn Properly’

  1. Toby

    The blood was up yesterday in the rush to condemn…. Seems like we are all looking for a target and what better than a male teacher in Carlow.

    Amazing how much coverage the media gave it without getting the other side of the story.. Reputations dragged through the mud. The story was simply too much to resist.

    1. Conski

      yep, folk are very frustrated and can see people lashing out over everything and nothing.
      This thing was handled poorly. Simple modest clothing appropriate for school please.

    2. gallantman

      With zero fact-checking the P.E. teacher was essentially branded a paedo across the national airwaves based on a “pupils were told” second hand account. No journalistic standards applied at all. Really appalling stuff.

        1. Janet, dreams of a steamed clootie

          whoever said it wasn’t thinking much about how it would make any male member of staff feel or look

          1. ReproBertie

            The report yesterday was that it was the wearing of leggings after PE so nothing to do with the PE teacher, was my point.

        2. AlexG

          Reports on Newstalk said they were not allowed to wear leggings at PE as it was very distracting to male teachers. It’s petty close to pointing the finger at the PE teacher.

      1. Lilly

        I love how the classroom power dynamic has come full circle. Not so long ago, teachers saw themselves as Demi Gods and many were abusive. Now they can’t say boo without all hell breaking loose.

  2. ce

    Let the rage and comment-section-binary-opposition-position-taking begin…

    I reckon there will be more that 100 comments for this today, anybody reckon more than 150?

    1. Janet, dreams of a steamed clootie

      while I detest leggings and agree no grown ass woman should wear them outside of the gym or the house,
      I once had an exe who told me my running shorts were too short, my running leggings you guessed it too tight,
      how could poor helpless men in the street control themselves, it wasn’t fair on my trainer etc etc, it’s bullshit to be told to dress in a way less comfortable for sport because of the male gaze,
      I love the sight of a male runner in short shorts, I have yet to jump one and I don’t oggle teenage boys on the way back from GAA training or think they should be wearing something less ” sexual ” because I can tell the difference.

      1. ReproBertie

        Exactly so Janet. The emphasis should be on educating males, not be on dictating what females should or should not wear. “Those leggings are too tight” is one small step away from “she was asking for it dressing like that”.

        1. Janet, dreams of a steamed clootie

          funny you should say that the final straw was when I got harassed by of gang of late teens waiting for him outside of a Cinema, his reaction, well ” look at what you’re wearing ” ( a pencil skirt and long sleeve shirt and heels.. coming from work, dirty stop out what ? ) , needless to say never saw the movie.
          France has a big problem in certain neighborhoods of female censorship of clothing, even in Paris itself there’s no way your one Emily would be walking around in that mini. If you do dress in a feminine or in any way sexual way you better be ready for the attention I don’t think that’s the message we want in this country.

    2. millie

      I love my leggings. You can pry them from my cold dead hands.

      Comfy and easy to throw on for a walk or in the evening. Not to be worn all day everyday, mind you.

  3. Wilhelm

    Why wouldn’t a girl be allowed to wear leggings to PE?! Comfortable, designed for working out… Those baggy nylon tracksuits are a thing of the 90s. You’d be sweating like a pig in a slaughterhouse in those. There’s such a huge drop off in Over 12 girls doing sports, if they want to wear goddam leggings, let them. Keep the kids fit and happy.

      1. Toby

        I heard that report and was shocked at how flimsy it was. The reporter was giving us her view on the 21st century and body shaming and how this was inappropriate no matter what the excuse was.

        Thats media today, yellow pack reporters peddling outrage instead of news. the real journos have gone to work in politics proving how disgusting, hypocritical and vacuous the whole media landscape is becoming.

  4. Lilly

    When I was a schoolgirl, we wore regulation PE shorts for sports. After running about, often outside in the cold, we were quite happy to change back to our school pinafores rather than parade mottled blue legs around the corridors.

    1. Janet, dreams of a steamed clootie

      I wrote a note in first year ” Janet will not be doing PE until further notice” there was no further notice and I got lots of homework done over the years nice and snug by the radiator ( I’m not a team player and I hate playing basketball and football :) )

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      We not only had to wear shorts, but a short skirt over them (for fear someone might see something!) and the ugliest kneesocks ever seen on this Earth. I wasn’t allowed partake one week because I didn’t have said ugly kneesocks and wore my ordinary socks.

      What women and girls wear has been policed since the dawn of time and I can’t believe in the 21st century, men are still happy to be branded as uncontrollable rapists at the merest hint of bare skin on a woman or girl.

      If what a woman or girl is wearing makes you uncomfortable when you look at them, rather than raping them, simply try not looking at them.

      1. Janet, dreams of a steamed clootie

        I remember we had navy knickers in girls brigade so they matched the tunic so you didn’t get too much of a flash of knicker during the marching and whatnot

      2. Toby

        @Daisy – We are not happy to be branded as uncontrollable rapists, but your post does little to alter that perception. So thanks for the vote of confidence.

  5. Tarfton Clax

    In my all boys school in the 80’s our PE Teacher made the boys run around him in circles till he was…. excited to say the least. I got a note to say that I didn’t have to do PE for two years due to Glandular fever. The PE teacher and another heavily mustachioed teacher left during the Summer to play soccer for a team in San Francisco and never came back. Much to none of our surprise.

    ah the innocence of it all……

  6. Harry

    The reactive mob shouting “paedos!” yesterday is indicative of why it is becoming harder to attract men to the teaching profession.

    1. Janet, dreams of a steamed clootie

      one of the things you are taught as a female leader in girl guides or girls brigade is to never be alone with a girl, never in a car, your house, the guide hall if parents are late to pick them up, you had better stand in the rain and above all never to think it couldn’t happen to me.

      1. ReproBertie

        That’s standard training for anyone dealing with kids now. Never be in a one on one situation with them. Always have a witness. I take it to mean my kids have a better chance of being safe rather that it suggesting anything about me when I’m coaching.

        1. AlexG

          It also means that it is really difficult to get volunteers for many organizations that have done a huge amount to help kids and remove them from danger such as barnardos.

          1. ReproBertie

            If the only reason people aren’t volunteering is because they can’t be alone with children do you really want them volunteering?

      2. Redundant Proofreaders Society

        That would be the Child Protection for the Youth Work Sector Act, passed in May 2003. It applies to both genders; youth workers and children.

  7. ian-oh

    Well I said on a previous thread that it was dumb thing to say (what was reportedly said to the students) so stupidly commented based on a headline – dumb thing for ME to say.

    Happy to be wrong on this occasion.

  8. v AKA Frilly Keane

    This has gotten ridiculous

    Parents are getting screwed by the price of the entire school kit and uniform
    which most schools insist are purchased from them or from a supplier in agreement with them

    Leggings ffs
    has it come to this?

    So what, if the leggings being worn are part of the required School Uniform then that’s that asaic
    The parents have already paid well over the odds for the same garment

    And its the Parents that are responsible for their Child’s uniform and attire etc
    and its the Parents now that should be very concerned about ‘distracted’ teachers
    and the cause is a pair of leggings they were forced to pay over the odds for

    Next time I see a lad, in those athletic cissy tights,
    whether he’s running or at club training
    or whatever,
    I’ll be reminded of this

    And don’t be surprised if I remind everyone else too

  9. Mike Baldwin

    I find leggings pretty sexy when worn by someone trim and fit. It’s like a lady’s skirt has fallen off and she’s walking about in her tights.

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