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  1. Toby

    Hard to imagine anyone getting too excited about a package from Canada. Moose mousse? Bear Jellies? Virtue Signals?

  2. eoin

    There are some weird anomalies with parcel post. I’ve been trying to post a package to Cyprus for months but it’s not accepting anything from Ireland…like we’re all riddled with the pox or something? No mention on the An Post site either.

    1. Charger Salmons

      I have tracked two consignments recently that simply disappeared once they reached Ireland.
      Trying to deal with the An Post goons is well nigh impossible.

      1. Toby

        Maybe they hate racist, mysoginist bigots? I love their Green letterboxes though. We painted them that way after we sent the Brits packing.

  3. Maski

    I had similar from a German company just the other day. As below.

    unfortunately we have to inform you that we had to cancel your order. We received the information from the shipping company, that due to Covid-19 related restrictions, they are not able to deliver to your country at present. We will refund the total amount of your order back to your account. We apologize for any inconvenience, but this is a decision from the shipping company.

    1. Nialler

      I’ve had a package sit in a DHL international distribution centre in Germany for over a week now, the part supplier has said it’s just a normal delay after me paying over €30 for premium delivery. DHL are saying it’ll be passed on to An Post when it arrives in Ireland which is confusing as I can understand why DHL aren’t doing it direct. I know An Post have said they’ve a huge backlog on packages I wonder is this why they’re not taking anything more for the moment.

  4. goldenbrown

    they’re all under major and unique pressure but I’m gonna tell you now the An Post parcel delivery network has all but collapsed

    various factors but additionally they failed to beef up enough for the unprecedented (but surely very predictable) incoming onslaught and the wheels are just starting to come off….you’re gonna hear a lot more in the coming days about this

    AddressPal included

    steer clear if you want something this side of 2021 and check if AP are anywhere involved in the pipework between the retailer and your doorstep

    you have been warned!

      1. goldenbrown

        well at least I think the retailer community has copped onto this by now and are informing customers

        in my own household, last week I shopped local for one of the main gifts this year in an effort to support local – a camera from a well known Dublin shop…I was advised to come in and collect due to potential delivery issues

        even tho I had a suspicion already due to work related happenings it was nevertheless a bit of a surprise for something so local

        in a work context I’ve had major delay landing items from Germany and the US

        just anecdotal but DHL seems to me to be the only ones operating smoothly/normally at present

        1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

          Even at the best of times La Poste is riddled with thieves, packages never arrive or come with holes in the side and contents missing, for this reason I have long taken to sending with private companies, same approach if I send to India or Nepal, regular post you can kiss it goodbye.

    1. Brian Quinn

      Im beginning to see this too, I have an order from Decathalon thats lost in the ether for almost 2 weeks. Adresspal took over to months to deliver during the summer.

  5. andrias

    Was advised to deliver a parcel by hand to Belfast, as going through an Post they could not guarantee delivery this side of xmas.

  6. Baz

    An Post are incompetent from the top down to the management level above the post delivery agent.
    They have lost a package I sent and have yet to respond to an email of November 5th!
    I spoke by phone on November 5th and during that call I was advised that my package was in their facility. I stated that I would rather retrieve it but they said that would not be possible as they did not know where it was!

    No phone call returned and email not responded to since November 5th
    An Post are beyond dysfunction

  7. John Davis

    An Post has been terrible for years, their staff are entitled unsackable clowns who have zero pride in their work.

    DPD Parcel Wizard and Parcel Motel have both shut up shop due to Brexit so An Post is getting slammed.

    No way their workforce will step up to the plate.

  8. Jimmy TwoShoes

    Never mind yizzer Canada’s and Germanys… I sent a package from Dublin to Monaghan last Monday the 30th and paid extra for Express Post as the person behind the counter said it would arrive the next day…. December 7th it hadnt even left the post office. Only today its been sent to the Dublin sorting centre!

  9. Cian

    Our local An Post distribution was hit by Covid and the staff were all off for about a week.
    No cover was available so the post just backed up.

    Since then they have done Trojan work to clear the backlog – thought some are still weak from the ‘rona.

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