‘I Misspoke’


This afternoon.


Speaking to The Echo today, the Taoiseach clarified:

“I misspoke yesterday in the Dáil and made a mistake in terms of how I articulated it.

Essentially I was making the point that the shareholders…themselves weren’t bailed out.

But obviously the banks, there was a huge rescue package for the banks, of course there was we know that, in terms of both protecting depositors and protecting bond holders,” he said.

Exclusive: Taoiseach says he ‘misspoke’ about bank bailout ‘in the heat of battle’ (Echo)

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22 thoughts on “‘I Misspoke’

  1. Walter Ego

    He was stubborn and too arrogant to back down yesterday. He knew he was wrong and tried to double down on the bullpoo, he had to be shamed into admitting he was wrong.

  2. scottser

    ‘and now i would like to offer deputy boyd-barret a sincere apology and i have applied to have the dail record reflect this error. furthermore i would ask that cian, britboxty and rob g rein in their biased nonsense and give the gigster his dues’.

  3. Toby

    Man makes mistake. All the “kind” people who scream “compassion” at every turn, try to punish the person who made the mistake. Hypocrites.

    1. Anonomanom

      It wasn’t a mistake, it was a “putting you back in your box” aimed at RBB that went wrong. If he was geuinely trying to explain the bailout and miss spoke that different but he wasn’t.

    2. Gavin

      Mistake…would you take a run and jump, he lied and would have stood by it only he was forced into correcting it. Even if it was a mistake, any fool would realise they made it before finishing the sentence, so why not correct then

  4. bisted

    …so Leo was explaining that the bank shareholders were not all running dogs of capitalism and their money was only resting on the stock exchange?

  5. Jonner

    the arrogance of this twit

    unfortunately there are only a few willing to his job that would do it any better

    1. benblack

      Cancer comes after mature reflection.

      Mature reflection may be an actual cause of cancer.

      Government warning.

      Citation missing.

  6. Morning George

    drinking game. Every time Mehole says ‘in terms of’.if you hadn’t noticed he say’s it all the f’ing time.

    1. Barry the Hatchet

      This seems to be a go-to phrase now for people who want to sound intelligent but most definitely are not.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      is he though?

      I thought there was a bit of a condescending tone – “he got it wrong… but he’s not the sharpest after all”

  7. GiggidyGoo

    A bit of catching up to do in the Taoiseach Correcting The Dail Record however. FG Taoisigh holds that I think.

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