Mother, Do You Think They’ll Like The Song?


Mother – We Will Dance Again

Buzz O’Neill Maxwell writes:

Our lovely pals at Mother [old school club night located at Lost Lane, Dublin. for disco loving queer folk and their friends] made this… there is something in my eye ( not the vaccine :)

Words: Cormac Cashman; music: Daithí; videographer: Joe McGovern and narration by Shaun Dunne.

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26 thoughts on “Mother, Do You Think They’ll Like The Song?

  1. Birdie

    I bought the auld jumper “we will dance again” from them out of support but also a physical stamp of my happy memories of what they do.

    Absolutely love that club night but I can’t see me dancing in a club again as I now too am a mother so I’ll have to wait another 18 odd years till I get to club land

        1. Birdie

          Lads I’ve two (3 year old & 7 month old) but thank you for the congrats, doesn’t fell celebratory when I’m constantly wiping arses. How are you handling it Janet?

          1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            I miss running ….a lot and stinky cheese and red wine plus the usual discomforts of pregnancy…I’m not one of those people who enjoy the process. However I have to say I am doing pretty well all things considered, one upside of no commute so thank my lucky stars and touch wood ;) Looking forward to meeting herself, starting to get excited :)

          2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            I thought it was hilarious :)
            March all going to plan, due on our anniversary which is quite the coincidence,
            hopefully won’t need to put in a sun roof before hand .

          3. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            I thought my arse wiping days were long behind me ! Careful 18 years from now the refound dancing doesn’t get you back to square one again lol !

          4. Birdie


            Ah it’s all very exciting for you, enjoy it. You’ll get back running (with a buggy!)

            Just indulge yourself and time should all about slowing down and just enjoying the process.

          5. millie bobby brownie

            Little girls are brilliant! Loads of fun. Just very different to boys. As I am discovering with my little fella.

          6. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            So used to boys, so straight forward ! Sure a change is as good as a rest !

          7. millie bobby brownie

            How did you find giving birth during lockdown, Birdie?

            Also, belated congratulations to you!

          8. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            I’d like to know too, if that’s not too nosy, I’m relatively freaked about it

          9. millie bobby brownie

            Are you in the Rotunda by any chance? I didn’t find it too bad in there at all.

            I had a c-section because of my medical history, so I was booked in for a particular morning. They actually give you a time to be there so you’re not waiting around in town all day. On the morning of, I went in and was brought up to the ward and checked over. My partner stayed in the car. I was waiting only an hour or so after being admitted before being brought down to theatre. My partner was called to come in at that point. It was pretty normal after that.

            After the baby was born, we got about an hour together and then I was brought back up to the ward and himself had to leave. He was allowed back in that evening for visiting hours, 5-7pm. That’s weekdays. On the weekends it’s longer.

            Tbh, I found the fact that only partners are allowed in to visit actually very nice. It’s lovely and quiet on the wards during the day and you have loads of time to get to know baby. Obviously that was just my experience, but I hope this helps xx

          10. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            That does help ! Yeah gone semi private Rotunda ( born there myself ) Plan on a hotel room for a few nights for himself so it’s easier to pop in when allowed or if I show up too early, that’s good to know about c section too as it’s a strong possibility, I have to say I haven’t had to wait for any of the appointments so far, in and out, the only thing I had to wait for was babies blood group test in main hospital and they couldn’t apologise enough.
            Thanks for putting mind at ease a bit :)

          11. ReproBertie

            That’s not hugely different to my Rotunda experience back in the pre-Covid days Millie. There was a vomiting bug going around so visitors, other than partners, weren’t allowed. I sat on my own in a little cubicle while Mrs. Bertie had a C section. Then I was handed the little one and left alone with her until the anaesthetic wore off and we all moved to the ward. We were semiprivate and they weren’t too pushed about me sticking to the visiting hours which is probably the biggest change this time around.

  2. SOQ

    There is a lot of DJ’s who claim to know their stuff- meaning late 80’s early 90’s house- but IMO Rocky T is the biz- he really DOES know his stuff.

    Best wishes to all at Mother and hang on in there- CU soon. o/*

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