‘Unfounded And Incorrect’


Joanne Hayes (right) and her sister Kathleen leaving the Kerry Babies Tribunal at Dublin Castle in 1985

This afternoon.

The Four Courts, Dublin

Solicitors for Joanne Hayes – Patrick Mann and Bernadette Cronin- make a statement following the issue of an apology and compensation from the State to Ms Hayes for her treatment during the Kerry Babies case.

It was part of a case brought by Ms Hayes, her sister Kathleen and brothers Michael and Edmund following their arrest by the Gardai in May 1984.

Via Irish Times:

Ms Hayes will receive €1.5 million, while her three siblings will each get €300,000.

Ms Hayes’ daughter, Ms McGuckin, who was a toddler at the time of the scandal, is to get a reported €100,000.

…As part of the settlement the family also secured declarations from the court that all findings or wrongdoing made against them by the Tribunal into the case were, that took place in late 1984- early 1985 were unfounded and incorrect.

The court also made a declaration that their questioning, arrest, charge and prosecution on dates between April and October 1984 were unfounded and in breach of their constitutional rights.

Kerry babies: Suffering and stress of ordeal finally behind us – Joanne Hayes (Irish Times)

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Eamopnn Farrell and Sam Boal/RollingNews

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36 thoughts on “‘Unfounded And Incorrect’

  1. anolderman

    I remember the savagery of the time – the whispers & the disgust. I forecast that in another 40 years we will look back at out times today and shake our heads. I wont be alive but history repeats as if on a pulse.

  2. ( ̄_, ̄ ) AKA Frilly Keane

    Cheap at one 10th of the price

    this is what they do
    when they’ve spend all their denys
    they delay and delay and delay
    and the longer the procrastination
    the cheaper it gets

    Every single Irish Citizen should be ashamed at how cheap this Country got away with how they Treated Joanne Hayes and her family

    If Joanne is happy, then who am I to tell her not to be

    But Jesus Christ t’night
    It could be anyone of us next

    my thoughts aren’t included in the Kerry Babies on Broadsheet

    but here for anyone who thinks I’m only a blowin on this https://www.broadsheet.ie/2018/02/09/i-expect-you-to-keep-us-honest/

  3. Lilly

    Let’s hope that buffoon Gerry O’Carroll is squirming today, as well as those who encouraged his wittering at the Heddald.

  4. Bebe

    Makes my blood boil – thirty six years to get an apology and redress from
    State who placed a young single mother and her family on trial with no evidence to support claims, the entire case even without DNA was seriously flawed and the ones making wild allegations must have known it; she was questioned in a certain way because she was a woman – I recall the questioning over days in witness box. Truly sick. Today solicitors referred to the support Joanne received in her own close knit community of Kerry and from people throughout the country. I feel for her family members who passed away during those years without hearing the state apology or receiving redress. Truly vindicated and wholly innocent this is what can happen when the powerful reign and rule with an iron fist secured in a Catholic glove. Sending best wishes to Joanne and family.

  5. benblack

    I don’t want to be excessively contrarian – and I know she has no biological connection to the baby on the beach – but she did do something quite weird.

    She did bury her still-born child on her farm – not a normal thing to do under any circumstances.

    I don’t know, maybe that sort of thing was the norm back in the day.

    1. johnnythree

      Maybe she was deeply traumatised, like you know, having your first baby without medical help in a country that was still standing still emotionally. I don’t think you are being contrarian just very misguided.

      1. benblack


        To the local cemetery, funeral and natural grieving.

        I believe she gave birth in Tralee hospital, so the ‘without medical help’ point is moot.

        1. ( ̄_, ̄ ) AKA Frilly Keane

          The less mention of how the ‘General there in Kerry conducted themselves here, on the Kerry Babies Case, the better

          because if I get thinking about it
          and then talking about it

          I’ll be accused of inciting hatred – a ‘uck knows where that end up looking like

          But I’ve been getting a smell of some vile self interests here the last while
          and I know they are capable of anything

          btw the folks be careful of colour card type user names

          Sheep in Wolves etc etc Organised Opposition stuff

          1. benblack


            Colour card type: beware of the green.

            Dyed Green Wool.

            Just trying to make sense of your post.

        2. johnnythree

          @benblack. No. The baby was born at home. Hence the non registration etc. She didn’t have access to medical care. Read the notes.

          1. benblack

            Hi johnnythree.

            I actually deleted that post after a little bit of searching. I’m no expert on these matters, obviously.

            This post is now there without any possibility of retraction.

            Hope someone is pleased with themselves.

            A recycle bin.

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      As the baby was unbaptised, there wouldn’t have been a “christian” burial – Ireland in the 1980s was closer to the 1880s when it came to dogma.. Maybe knowing this, Joanne and her family saw this as the best option for themselves.

  6. eamonn

    Those were dark days, respect to Joanne and her family. They were badly put upon. I can’t imagine their stress, pain + suffering throughout their ordeal.
    I hope they get solace from the apology etc,

  7. Kate

    Solicitors -barristers will have made more dirty money out of this tragic case than this payout to the Hayes family. Justice in Ireland eh.

      1. Harry

        I think the true villains in this are the Gardai aided and supported by various FF/FG supposed ministers for Justice and their civil servant lackeys.
        Vile how women were and are continuing to be mis-treated in this country. One has only to look at how badly the GP minister is handling the Tuam baby home scandal to see that little has changed.

        1. millie bobby brownie

          That’s very true Harry. It breaks my heart when I think of how women were treated by society, by men, by the institutions of this country, even by other women, and within the last 30 or so years.

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