US President Donald Trump issued 15 pardons last night including ones to four former government contractors who were convicted in a 2007 massacre in Iraq

The prisons erupted with glee
At Donald’s crook-pardoning spree
As a big mob of traitors
Who worked for dictators
Will now get to go home scot free

John Moynes


…John writes:

And that’s the last limerick of the year. Have a happy Christmas and I’ll be back in January…

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7 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. eoin

    Now do one about Californias governor releasing 1900 rapists, murderers and even a terrorist due to covid concerns and the sheriffs refusing to comply.

    1. Nigel

      Now do infection rates in prisons, the prisons for profit privatisation of the carceral system, the school to prison pipeline, the war on drugs, the three strikes sentencing rule, the over-policing of black neighbourhoods, and excessivley long sentences for non-violent drug offences.

      1. scottser

        There is a prisoner from Nantucket
        Forced to make stuff like spades and buckets
        Because of his habit
        He’ll likely be stabbed, it
        Really is time to say ‘fuck it’

        Thanks for the limericks John
        Merry solstice and a happy new orbit

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