Minister of Agriculture Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Charlie McConalogue was spotted Sheridan’s Cheesemongers, Anne Street, Dublin 2

This morning.


A spokesman for Mr McConalogue said he had followed all public health guidelines after his return from Brussels where he was on Government business last week.

The Donegal TD was spotted on South Anne Street, just off Grafton Street, Dublin, about lunchtime on Tuesday in the queue at Sheridans Cheesemongers…

Asked about the appropriateness of the minister shopping in Dublin on Tuesday afternoon, the spokesman said: “He followed the rules, he followed the guidelines, he was doing his confirmatory test a few days later and he was not required to restrict his movements in that time.

“There is no impropriety here and he was wearing a mask at all times yesterday [Tuesday].”

Minister who tested positive for Covid after shopping trip ‘followed all rules’ (RTÉ)


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25 thoughts on “Edam Fool

  1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    a friend of mine used to work there however I was just on a trip back for a wedding and I wasn’t yet aware of the fact,
    so imagine my surprise she told me she was writing a book about ” jesus ” ,
    I’ll admit to giving beer a little distance because I thought she’s gone mental until a friend put me straight. a book about Cheeses :)…sorry A !

  2. GiggidyGoo

    What is it with FF Agriculture Ministers? No idea of common sense. This is the third one this year.
    Plus, any cabinet colleagues he was in contact with since his return – have they been out and about performing public stunts?
    He couldn’t give edam about anyone else but himself obviously.

  3. Dr.Fart

    hold on, so was he waiting for his test results, and nipped out for a bit of essential high end cheese? Whatever about people losing their jobs over golfgate and RTE people getting hassled for their photo ops, surely.. SURELY if you’re awaiting a test, and go mixing about in public, you absolutely should lose your job?? surely! he more than likely literally spread the virus. what a horrible selfish person. ideal TD for FF so.

  4. Mary Brennan

    Why shouldn’t he buy cheese and people shouldn’t be made to feel guilty ,this virus is around every corner ,on every street .the question we should be asking where did this come from bat my eye .

  5. steve white

    as Holohan keeps saying just because you allowed to do something by the regulations doesn’t mean you should.

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