One Curfew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest


As Covid cases continue to rise in France, the French government introduced a curfew that varies in different areas. For some regions the curfew begins at 8pm, but in recent days certain parts of the country are under curfew from as early as 6pm….


Level 5 restrictions: 10 other lockdown measures that could be considered as Covid cases skyrocket (


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49 thoughts on “One Curfew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

    1. george

      Exactly, now this is what you call fake news. Why are Broadsheet giving attention to this rubbish from Niall Boiled-Face.

  1. bdoyle

    Is Niall Boylan implying here that the PCR test is unreliable, propagating the conspiracy theory that it is actually picking up the flu virus and calling it covid. How does this man have airtime?

    1. E'Matty

      It is unreliable. Did an important person tell you they had debunked that “conspiracy theory”?

  2. Chevy Chase

    I love when people bring up the point about Covid knowing how to not infect people after a certain time and or in a certain place. It’s so accurate and doesn’t miss the point at all.

    1. millie bobby brownie

      Now YOU can listen to the high quality *BONG* of our state broadcaster and stare contemplatively into the distance.

  3. Centerest dad

    And another thing, the government sets a “speed limit” of 120kph on motorways, as if collisions don’t happen at 119kph and below!!!
    Thanks Niall Boylan, top mind

  4. Formerly Known As

    In Melbourne, we had a curfew from 9pm to 5pm for a while. It was to reduce the movement of people. Like most restrictions, they reduce the likelihood of transmitting the virus. Some are arbitrary but achieve that goal. Before the curfew, many young people were having parties, etc. The curfew made it easier to police these things. We got from 700 cases to 60 days with no cases. The key thing is to quarantine all people arriving from outside. Ireland should do that.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      NI border is the complication there

      cant see Arlene agreeing to isolate the island – she’d being imagining conspiracies and plots ahoy

      1. Dan

        Well clearly there are a lot less flights arriving in Belfast, so it would reduce numbers; and there’s a relatively simple way to stop northern residents/visitors traveling: have checkpoints on the main roads. You won’t be able to stop everyone of course, but that’s not the point – of course, even bringing up the idea of checkpoints seems to cause many to have a panic attack – much easier to blame Arlene for everything, instead of taking matters into our own hands.

  5. Redundant Proofreaders Society

    Why did the government construct and communicate five levels of ‘living with COVID’ yet continuously modify each with add-ons and various bells and whistles? Now they’ve run out of levels. A bit of research into pandemic history and crisis public communications would have helped. Create 10 levels, hover midway = better for morale.

        1. Haroo

          Sorry, we were waiting for level 10 for that?
          *kicks Mrs Quinn’s empty skull under the table*

    1. Paulus

      They could have followed the example of Android’s iterations and used names with a common theme;
      the animal kingdom for instance:

      Level Mouse…the lowest level, all the way to Level Lion, the most severe.

      This would have allowed for extra intermediary levels as the need arose:
      A small step would be from Level Deer to Level Gazelle for example.
      A level which looked like it might stretch on for a while – Level Giraffe.

      I’ve over-thought this haven’t I?

  6. Dr.Fart

    bring on a curfew. so everything, shut everything down. ignore people complaining they cant go to the gym or the pub, suck it up, babies. this thing is bigger than your want. and so are peoples lives. anyone breaking guidelines or promoting it like boylan often does, should be heavily fined and locked up. let him do his rubbish radio show from there.

    1. Haroo

      I appreciate the sentiment and motivation but extremes one way or the other are bad.

      I would not like a precedent set that you can shut down people’s right to question things or voice an opinion. That’s a bit too Deutschland 1930’s or USSR for me.

      I think Irish people would reach acute levels of bitchiness if we could not release and moan. Also, think of Joe Duffy’s gainful employment if there was no whinging allowed

      1. Dr.Fart

        hahaha. I hear ya! the right to moan can remain. But I’d favour extremely strict “army on the streets” level lockdown for about a month. Ya have to rule by the stupidest person. And a 30 second around any part of Dublin City last month would show you that the bar is very low. Sometimes you have to do things for them. The second lockdown had more freedom, and people took every inch and more. To get people to do things en masse is almost impossible. So do it for them. Sure, people will complain and say its facism or whatever. But they won’t be infecting their family at their grans funeral who they killed.

        1. E'Matty

          You’re a bit of a natural authoritarian it would be appear. History is replete with your kind. Every authoritarian regime presents an imagined or exaggerated threat to the public and demand they hand over their liberty to save themselves from the fabricated threat. You’re like the Germans who believed they really needed to clamp down on those pesky Jews who they were told threatened German society. People like you will likely fully endorse a system of identifying and blacklisting those who refuse vaccination, despite the fact the argument for a healthy person under 55 getting the vaccine simply isn’t there.

          “But they won’t be infecting their family at their grans funeral who they killed.” snigger, good Jesus, you’ve lost it completely…

          1. E'Matty

            @Cian “#ItIsOnlyTheFlu” – exactly, spot on Cian. For anyone under 55-60 with no underlying conditions this virus is actually far LESS dangerous than the annual flu. If you are elderly and already dying of one of the big five annual killers, this virus may accelerate your inevitable demise and appears to present more of a danger to you than the annual flu.

            This is an old persons disease with little danger for the general healthy populace. Though this fact seems to have been completely missed by many who are positively losing their sheet over this pathetic virus.

          2. BlackDove

            You clearly haven’t read anything about (or believe there is such thing as) post covid syndrome or long covid

          3. E'Matty

            @BlackDove – If the argument for lockdowns and the destruction of the domestic economy and seismic changes to our society is that some people suffer shortness of breath and fatigue for the months after having Covid19, we really have turned into a flock of pathetic frightened sheep. The abject failure to protect the elderly and vulnerable whilst inflicting untold damage on our entire society and economy is an historic failure.

            99.7% survival rate. 95% of deaths already suffering from one of the big five annual killers. Just 5% of those who died admitted to ICU (meaning Covid which is treatable was not the primary cause of death), 93% of deaths over 65. Median age of death 84 (avg life expectancy Ireland male 81, female 83).

            As long as people continue to act like this moderately dangerous virus is the black plague, we will never be leaving restrictions. People think we’re near the end. This is only the beginning.

    2. E'Matty

      Don’t be ridiculous. Some people are actually still working and rely on the evenings to get out for fresh air and exercise. Most of the population are not at risk of harm from this moderate virus which is really only dangerous if you’re over 80 and on your deathbed. Most “cases” are in hospitals and care homes, the most PPE applied sections of the community. What will a curfew do to reduce those numbers? Nothing. By keeping the healthy population locked up without adequate exercise and fresh air, naturally their immune systems will suffer. It’s like the imbeciles who stayed indoors during the summer completely missing the immune system benefits of natural sunlight and exercise. Stop getting all excited over a virus that poses little danger to the vast majority. Stop becoming hysterical over case numbers (a useless stat being bandied around as if it’s hugely signifcant) and the usual rise in elderly deaths we see every Winter and particularly heading into January each year. This is an irrational and illogical media induced hysteria.

      Can you tell us what it is that has you so petrified and panicking that you want to hand over even more freedoms and rights to “save you” from this half assed virus? “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”. It seems the idiot class would give over every right if they were told it would increase their safety even marginally. Is there any freedom or right you wouldn’t give up if you thought it might reduce the chance of covid infection?

      1. Dr.Fart

        there’s wards in south London full of children and healthy 20-30 year olds with the new strain which is spreading rapidly. As for the regular strain which you don’t deem a problem, literally the entire world disagrees through evidence. You might care about the 1.5 million people who died, but I’m glad someone does. If you were 70 would you like someone telling you you life doesnt matter? Do jumping jacks in your garden or with the window open for a month, you selfish tosser.

        1. Johnny

          They stopped sending ambulances in NY about to in LA,it’s a pandemic people are gonna die yeah dead,I really don’t get the score card game,yes yes old sick people are dying and will continue to.
          Now how is it best for rest us get on with living….they all gonna die whether it’s this year or next,sorry but why should I sit indoors for a year to extend by a few months some oul one or oul lad who smoked, drank and ate like a pig.

          1. Dr.Fart

            biiiiiig sweeping generalisations there on who dies from covid. 1.5 milling old slobs on their death beds, according to you. I’m not even going to bother correcting you, I don’t even think YOU think it’s true, I think people say what your saying as a way to ease their own fears about it. “well im young it won’t get me, and sure ive lived healthy, I won’t be punished for that, its just last old people, yea, thats right, they deserve it, and I deserve to do what I want.”

            also its not just death, theres many people who will have long term damage from having contracted covid.

            this pandemic is bigger than you and your desire to do what you want. so suck it up and stop being so incredibly weak and fragile about it.

          2. Johnny

            What’s the deal then with the oldies,they get what six months maybe a year for every year you stay locked up like a filthy animal,fook that.
            Get on with living allow the old and sick get on with their dying.

          3. Dr.Fart

            if I had the choice between you living, and an old smoky drunk who had a year left, id pick the old smoky drunk. but its not my choice! and its not urs either. you’re also lumping in people with underlying conditions. so if someone you deem to be life worthy, young, healthy, goes running or whatever, has a lung condition they were born with, if they die.. is that “so what?” as well?

          4. johnny

            of course its my choice Doc,so your old fat smoky drunk gets few more months wheezing sucking resources out the system,a old dying burden on society,and i get locked up like a filthy animal,with less than 10% body fat.
            i get its yeah its sad the old people dying,but covid is simply an accelerant,lets try focusing on the living and how we get back normnal,too much focus on almost dead fat oul wons.

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