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This afternoon.



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32 thoughts on “Suppress Gang

      1. Bort

        Share link from RTE covering the people trapped in the Eurospar in Hartstown or the Gardai having missiles thrown at then in Blanch.

        1. ReproBertie

          For it to be supressed it would have to be known and intentionally kept out of the media.

          Is that the case? Do you even know how it is calculated?

  1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    asylum seekers deported over Christmas and during pandemic despite government assertions that they would not be …but hey wack on the christian call to prayer

    1. Andrew

      Anyone deported has come to the end of a very lengthy process. If you are saying due process has not been followed that’s a different matter.
      Deportation is rarer than you might think.

      1. millie bobby brownie

        That’s a fair point i suppose.

        However if the government have deported asylum seekers during the pandemic, despite their promises and assurances that they would not do so then its just another case of empty promises and lies from the establishment.

  2. Shitferbrains

    I would have thought that the failure of the 4th to quiz Leo about his non-performance as Min of Defence would have raised an eyebrow or three. But there again Phoenix and Village belong to the sneering Left so presumably they’re not interested in anything beyond the tired old brown envelope syndrome.

  3. ( ̄_, ̄ ) AKA Frilly Keane

    Besides RTÉ not being able to publish their 2019 accounts yet?

    Well, there’s the real deficit at YE 2020
    And the general news cycles & flimsy hacks saying Income Tax receipts were stable
    Which is actually impossible to tell just days after the turn of 31.12.2020

    Year Ending 2020 Income Tax isn’t returned yet, even PAYE can’t have been fully tabulated and returned

    I’ll use myself as an eg, I would always have mine in by month end January to get Witholding Tax repaid
    But I can push it to later on into the year if I like

    So how do they know what Sole Traders YE2020 IT is?

    I doubted -19 billion since I first heard btw
    but its worth remembering that most Departments and their spin offs would have got their 2020 allocations before the General Election – so they could coast
    Plus the emergency top ups like in Health
    and in Social Welfare

    One thing for sure is its going to be bigger deficit when 2021 is done

    Another story not getting air I reckon is The Housing Agency
    The Housing Agency since Eoghan Murphy had some rule changes, particularly in the Mortgage to Rent chapter, that followed up with some tidy helpful changes to Private Equity Special Purpose Vehicle Funds
    Some of the older more established local Voluntary Housing Assocs are stepping back from acquiring properties in their own bailiwicks
    (Prices too high for differential rent to support the mortgage even at 40% of Market Value btw)

    what if a REIT or a REIT type entity had to step in an take one over to avoid liquidation?
    or what if a REIT decided at their next Board Meeting not to accept HAP anymore?
    Large Incorporated Industrial level Private Sector Landlords and Special Equity Funds are getting more and more control over Social Housing, and its nearly too late.

    Those rule changes facilitated by Eoghan Murphy and now supported with additional protections for the Special Purpose Funds, smells like another Bank Bailout, while putting property assets into the private sector hands with NO real oversight. Particularly on protecting the previous owner(s)
    There’s a story there for sure

  4. Morning George

    What would you do with information that related to a (married) TD having an affair with a civil servant? Hypothetically speaking.

      1. Morning George

        I won’t name names.It’s not the type of thing Village are interested in,but it’s far from gossip.It’s very very juicy though.

    1. Lilly

      I’d blackmail them both of course.

      Seriously though, how is that in the public interest? The Sindo might run with it, Seeetie 2.0.

  5. Tarfton Clax

    Unless the alleged T.D. and the Civil Servant are members of the international “Save marriage Campaign” and are guilty of mega Hypocrisy as well as infidelity then it’s pub gossip and tittle-tattle. (God I miss Pub Gossip and tittle tattle)

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