Scoil Breaker Challenge


Minister for Education Norma Foley

This afternoon.




Cabinet agrees range of tighter public health measures (RTE)

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7 thoughts on “Scoil Breaker Challenge

  1. ReproBertie

    Also announced:
    – non essential construction ends at 6pm Friday
    – click and collect for non-essential retail must be replaced by delivery
    – after Saturday, when the travel ban is lifted, travellers arriving in Ireland from Britain or South Africa must be able to show a negative test result

  2. delacaravanio

    Norma Foley has been on a three day week since she got the job as minister.

    Great to have Fianna Fail back, in fairness.

  3. Just Sayin

    Fianna Fail will do so much damage to the economy that it won’t matter what Policies Sinn Fein foist on us next time round.

  4. eoin

    Isn’t the CDC in the US now considering no longer using the PCR test due to false positives? Do the powers that be want chaos? Why are they ignoring the science on all this and engaging in pure self destruction? Great Rest anyone?

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