Arms And The Man


Army medics are being prepped to join the ‘national jabs emergency team’

This afternoon.

An ally in the war against rogue microbes.

Turning bayonets into syringes.

Grenades into gurnies.

Killing machines into life savers.

You get the picture.

Via The Irish Mirror

The army is currently having its medics trained-in to become part of the healthcare team that delivers the jabs.

Negotiations are at an “advanced” stage for existing testing centres, such as Croke Park, Punchestown racecourse and the Aviva Stadium to become mass vaccination centres.

They are already on standby for any logistical emergencies that arise, but negotiations have taken place between the HSE and the Defence Forces Chief of Staff, Mark Mellett, for the army to play a more active role….


Army being prepped to help vaccinate the public in mass rollout plan (Irish Mirror)


Ireland is in line to receive an additional 3.3 million doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine after the European Union extended its contract with the pharmaceutical companies.

This morning European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said the deal was extended with a view to the European Union purchasing an extra 300 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Ms von der Leyen said delivery of the extra doses would start in the second quarter of this year…

Ireland to receive additional 3.3m Covid-19 vaccine doses under EU deal (RTÉ)


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59 thoughts on “Arms And The Man

      1. Brother Barnabas

        biggest logistical challenge in the history of the state

        so involve the state organisation with the biggest logistical capabilities

        would be bonkers not to

  1. Tony

    What’s with the gulping Bodge?

    Are we to be forcibly vaccinated at gunpoint by the brainwashed and jackbooted drones of the state?

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Fake vaccine for a fake virus innit. Bill Gates and Soros want to track and/or control you.

  2. Jdawgs

    Fantastic. They helped sort out the old people going to the Pope in the Park really well. Same thing, just a vaccine instead of holy water :)

  3. V aka Frilly Keane

    Is it worth asking the question why St Bricin’s Military Hospital wasn’t co-opted into the Pandemic bed buying along with the Private Hospital Beds deal?
    + Citywest

    Priorities mebbe

    1. Cian

      An inspection of St Bricin’s military hospital in Dublin, which has up to 100 idle beds, has found it would not be suitable for public patients without significant investment.

      Earlier this week, after Minister for Defence Willie O’Dea said he would make it available to the health service, it was hoped it might be used to ease pressure on other Dublin hospitals, particularly their A&E units.

      A team from the Health Service Executive (HSE), as well as representatives of the nearby Mater Hospital, inspected St Bricin’s on Monday.

      A spokesman for Minister for Health Mary Harney said the team’s assessment was awaited.

      However, it is understood from informed sources that St Bricin’s would not be suitable for use as a public hospital, or even as a stepdown facility for elderly patients, without significant resources being pumped into it.

        1. Cian

          No, the “earlier this week” meant “earlier this week”:

          Earlier this week […] it was hoped it might be used to ease pressure on other Dublin hospitals, particularly their A&E units.

          The Citiwest facility was designed and built to provide 1,000 beds.
          A thousand beds!

          St Bricin’s has 100 beds.
          A hundred beds.

          1. ( ̄_, ̄ ) AKA Frilly Keane

            Citywest is a Hotel, Golf Club and Conference Centre
            And not a good one at that

            Staffed and Maintained by Hotel workers, most of them agency

            St Bricins is a State owned, managed, medical and surgical, fully functioning, and maintained to that standard of care facility
            With Medical Staff already on the State payroll

            are you really attempting to compare like with like here Cian
            ’cause like

            if 100 beds in a fully purposed available Hospital wasn’t worth it
            But a venue that hosts Irish Dancing Feiseanna + a chipper van was
            (Plus a beds only cash in advance deal in the Privates)

            then explain why less than 20 ICU beds was considered plenty, and all that was needed be added onto the number available this time last year in the HSE

            or are you about to admit that in the last 15 years the Dept of Defence has let St Bricin’s capacity as a Hospital lapse into unsuitable status – that it was let fall into such a state that a Conference Hall out in Rathcoole was better
            Jesus, those Army lads would want to be careful in case they get injured like
            Is that why one of their Doctors ran for the Dail and is now voting with the Government? Deputy Berry Independent btw

            reminder everyone, since Willie O’Dea said that
            The Ministers that let that deterioration happen were
            Up to GE 2011 – Brian Cowen temping, then Tony Killeen then Eamon O’Cuiv for a month and a bit
            Then Alan Shatter
            Then Enda Kenny – temping again
            Then Simon Coveney
            Then Enda again
            Then Leo Varadkar
            and then Simon C again

            So coming up on ten years – Fine Gael let St Bricin’s standards slip so badly that Citywest ranked higher as a tempory medical facility

            Well Holy :::K

          2. Cian

            V, you’re an number person aren’t you?

            Look at these numbers:1,000 & 100

            one of these is big; one is small.

            In April they decided they needed a big number of extra beds.

            A small number would not be enough.

            Look at St Bricin’s.

            St Bricin’s is small.

            Look at Citiwest.

            Citiwest is big.

            St Bricin’s is too small.

            Citiwest is what we need.

          3. ( ̄_, ̄ ) AKA Frilly Keane

            Hey t’was a hundred beds we already had, staffed, and were already paid for and are paying for
            but Governement Gurus decided to throw money into converting a conference centre, get pictures taken

            there are 100 people on trollies now
            that would take one of those beds in Bricins

            and I’m pretty sure there have been plenty people on Trollies in the last 12 months that would have done the same

            This reminds me of the Dept of Defence selling off Army Barracks
            established properties, already serviced and with residential units, to the private developers
            It never occured to transfer them “inter company” like even at book value to the Dept of Environment for subsequent release to the Local Authorites

            Not enough grifty gravey for the lads I suppose

            Anyway folks
            with all this over the last year, screening and electives cancelled, millions by millions going into the private healthcare and hotel sector, for beds. just beds.
            millions more going into non vetted suppliers for complex and minimum standard required medical equipment & supplies in a highly regulated sector

            a fully equipped, suited and booted Hospital, capable of a whole range of surgical and non surgical treatment and care
            all paid for and maintained
            was left idle

            a 100 beds, with full manpower compliment, left idle

    2. JJ

      Have you been inside St Bricin’s lately? It is in a disgraceful state of repair – only a few steps above derelict. It is old, cold, draughty, dusty and largely closed. There is no longer an x-ray facility. No surgery facility. They operate a rudimentary out-patient service, a pharmacy and a dentist (who can only make referrals to civilian dentists due to the aforementioned lack of an x-ray facility).
      Since the comments from O’Dea no improvements have been made. The place is being left to rot.
      The staff, however, are exceptional, as is so often the case. The DOD continues to disgrace them and the DF at large.

  4. ReproBertie

    I saw on the news yesterday where a Westmeath company can build a combined testing and vaccination centre in just 3 days. With the extra doses ordered and the weekly shipments coming in we should see a ramping up of the program in the coming weeks.

    1. george

      The vaccine is an injection in the arm, I don’t think we need to build a special centre to do it.

  5. frank

    Surely only the over 65s need to be immunised. They account for 15% of the population. Thats 75,000 doses or 150000 if you have to have 2 doses. Why do we need 3million plus doses?
    Does the vaccine immunise you from catching the cold virus or does it stop you spreading the cold virus?

    1. george

      Your maths is badly off. 15% of 4.9million would be 735,000 so that would be 1.47m doses.

      But there are actually 1million people with underlying conditions that make them particularly vulnerable to covid-19 so that would be 2 millions doses.

      Healthcare workers with no underlying conditions are also at risk. There are 70,000 people working in hospital alone. so that takes us up to 2,14m doses just to deal with those most at risk.

      However, it is not acceptable for the to allow the virus to continue to circulate in the community so we must aim to administer approx 6.8m doses to achieve herd immunity.

      1. frank

        Looks like I dropped a zero alright George.
        What underlying conditions do those 1million people have that make them particularly vulnerable?

        Does the vaccine immunise you from catching the cold virus or does it stop you spreading the cold virus?

          1. frank

            Does the vaccine immunise you from catching the cold virus or does it stop you spreading the cold virus?

        1. Qwerty123

          This vaccine if for a different disease, so no is the answer. There are thousands of virus borne illnesses this vaccine doesn’t cover.

          I don’t know if you heard, but the corona virus is the main priority these days.

          There are so many underlying conditions, from Asthma to heart ailments to mention here also.

          But keep asking these nonsensical questions though, what’s the harm?

          1. frank

            Qwerty123 why are you chiming in when you can’t answer the question either?
            Is there a list of these ‘underlying conditions’? After nearly 12 months of ‘compromised’ people dying you’d imagine there would be a fairly comprehensive list.
            I’ll go again:
            Does the vaccine immunise you from catching the cold virus or does it stop you spreading the cold virus?

          2. ReproBertie

            There is a list. It was published months ago and idiots like you tried to downplay the pandemic by using it to claim that the underlying conditions had killed those that died.

            Do you think you’re being clever by constantly referring to the “cold virus”?

          3. Frank

            where is that list that was published months ago?

            I’m not down playing anything. I’m just calling it what it is. A cold. I can appreciate from your less than courteous tone that you don’t like the virus being reduced to what it is but that is entirely a problem you need to examine yourself and your hysterical narrative.

            I’ll rephrase from you Bertie dear.
            Does the vaccine immunise you from catching the deadly virus or does it stop the transmission of the deadly virus?

            Daisy. I should be the very last person on the list for vaccination. I had Covid 19 all the way back in March. I’m a very powerful, strong and virile man in the prime of my life. And I’ve lived with cancer for the last 4 years so not only do I know how to wash my hands and wear a mask I know what a genuine crisis is rather than this tripe.

          4. ReproBertie

            The common cold is caused by a coronavirus and so are SARS, MERS, and COVID19.

            They are caused by the same type of virus but not the same virus.

            I understand that information is probably a bit too advanced for you.

            How do you feel about kittens?

          5. ReproBertie

            “where is that list that was published months ago?”
            Try google or the HSE website.

            “Does the vaccine immunise you from catching the deadly virus or does it stop the transmission of the deadly virus?”

        2. Daisy Chainsaw

          I get the feeling with you Frank, that it wouldn’t matter what conditions were listed, you wouldn’t accept them.

          Will you be taking the vaccine when it’s offered to you?

          1. millie bobby brownie

            The army will be holding the unwilling down and vaccinating them in the eyes, according to youtube.

          2. millie bobby brownie

            In Ireland, we don’t have a British army.

            Now, Northern Ireland… That’s a different story.

          3. millie bobby brownie

            And they would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for those pesky glass eyeballs of yours Micko!

        3. George

          No shame, just keep prattling on with your gibberish despite being shown to be completely wrong and ignorant.

          I’m not indulging this “common cold” waffle.

          If you want to know about underlying conditions look it up. You’ve had 10 months.

  6. ce

    Could speed things up even more now if we gave all the soldiers dart guns with the vaccine and just let them get on with it

  7. Joe

    Excellent news, if FFFGGP who have blood on their hands for destroying the health service and failing to follow nphet advice, don’t get the ball rolling faster on vaccines they will be hammered even more at election time.

  8. SopwithSnipe

    The last time an army medic gave me a jab he had a terrible tremor in his hand which left me bleeding like a stuck pig.

    Note: This was not in Ireland.

  9. Skeptik

    For every person doing the vaccination, you need a veritable army of associated personnel – see what I did there?
    People to take names, direct traffic, check booking registers, log people vaccinated, issue certs, book follow up shot appointments, etc. etc. All of these can be done by almost anyone, why not the army?

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